GOAAAAAAL! Super League Football coming soon to Zen Pinball 2!

Super League Football_ZenFC

The competition is heating up on PSN! We’re combining the world’s most popular sport with our passion for pinball. Soon you’ll be able to choose your favorite football club on our next table; Super League Football Pinball!

You’ll side with your favourite clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F., A.C. Milan, Juventus, and A.S. Roma as they square off to dominate league play in a new pinball experience.

The table will be themed in brilliant style, including images of the clubs biggest stars, team mascots, chants and theme songs – a totally authentic football experience. Scores will tally to each club’s global leaderboard, providing an overall rank for each club in the league on a global scale on each platform. As you lead your team through league play, you’ll be able to earn trophies and accolades which will be placed in each club’s trophy room.

Super League Football_ArsenalSuper League Football_Barcelona

To be honest, I didn’t know who Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo were before we started working with these clubs, but Zen lead me through a crash course on some of the best players and I must say, these guys have talent! Whether you’re a sports fan or not, there is no argument that these guys are truly amazing athletes.

Don’t have a favourite club? Join Team Zen! We need your help if we’re going to take on the best of the best on the Super League Football table. We want those trophies in the Zen trophy room – I know you pinball wizards have the skill, now you can help us score some major points! Don the Zen FC colors and get ready to score lots of GOOOAAAALS!

Super League Football_JuventusSuper League Football_Liverpool

I’m sure it’s no surprise, but we play a lot of pinball around here, and World Cup Soccer (Midway 1994), is one of our all-time favorites. We’ve always wanted to pay homage to this real-life pinball table, and here we are, just about to share it with the world.

We are not 100% sure when Super League Football will release, but it will be soon! The game will release as DLC for Zen Pinball 2 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Cross Buy info is still getting worked out and we’ll let you know once the dust has settled.

That just about sums up the Super League Football table – but now we need your input! Is your favorite club missing from our roster? Let us know who you root the loudest for and you might see them in the game someday as well!

Super League Football_MilanSuper League Football_Real_Madrid

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Day one purchase.


Bobby Loertscher 28 January, 2014 @ 16:15

Thanks for your support! :D


Coventry city needs adding to your roster

Sounds & looks COOL;) Just got the Star Wars 2nd Table pack yesterday & it is BRILLIANT :P (sorry for the delay in buying it but there has been to much to play these last few months on the PS3,PS4 & PSVita)
+ Can the Star Wars Tables have their own icon(to start the game) on the PS4 like on the PS3? Only because i like the Star Wars icon on the PS3 & it would look COOL on the PS4’s main screen :D

I don’t care for soccer and if I would I probably wouldn’t care for these themes.
I think the theme for these tables is a fail and because of the players they will look soon dated.
Still waiting for a nice discount on the old tables and I would love to see all of them migrate to the PS4.


I know it’s not an important question but why is Aspas on the LFC table instead of Suarez?
What ever the reason I’m tempted to buy these tables, they look pretty good.
Keep up the good work guys

Going to buy this 100% as in my eyes Zen can do no wrong with its tables I buy them all because they all rock :)

Bobby Loertscher 28 January, 2014 @ 16:18

Aww thank you! I really appreciate your support :)

Hello, I’m posting this here, because the Zen Pinball 2 forum closed after a month. I need Bobby’s help!

My PS3 stopped working because my family left it on for hours paused on Netflix. They felt bad and bought me a PS4.

I have Zen Pinball. I never downloaded Zen Pinball 2. But I purchased the Avengers and World War Hulk and most of the other tables. I went online and “purchased” the PS3 ZP2 yesterday for free. Is there any way to get the PSN to think I downloaded Zen Pinball 2 onto my PS3? Because then I should be able to unlock those boards for free on my PS4.

Thanks for the help!



Bobby Loertscher 28 January, 2014 @ 16:14

Hi Mike! Email us – support at zenstudios dot com :)

A new Zen Pinball table coming up! Always a reason for eager anticipation, and this looks to be no exception!

As we’re getting Suarez, will there be a special ‘ear biting’ move? Really looking forward to all the trickery you’re going to pull off for this one.

When you’re looking to add teams to the roster, you might want to include 1-2 teams from all over Europe (and Brazil?) to it. For instance, The Netherlands has AFC Ajax. Belgium has Club Brugge, and Germany has Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund.

Just to give you some examples, of course…

Looking forward to the final product!

Want to see NFL tables and do something about the backgrounds on almost all tables os like 2-3 that is good rest is to light or to much gfx thats does it hard to see the ball…


That’s a great idea, just a shame that if they added 2 teams from Scotland rangers would no doubt not make the cut due to current issues :(

Not really a good theme for a table, at least for me it don’t have my team so I got no interest in it, don’t want to play on a table themed for other teams. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Sale on old tables please.


Good point KD. It’s either great with /your/ team, or pointless without.

I’m sure Zen wouldn’t find it too difficult to add many, many teams from whichever league.

+1 for the old tables sale. Surely we’re due another Star Wars.


Never played a pinball game before but this looks sweet! Just downloaded Zen Pinball 2 with the PvZ table, very cool!

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