Gran Turismo 6 updated today: New cars, birthday bonuses, Red Bull X Challenge, more


Hello Gran Turismo fans. I am very happy to share with you news of another really exciting game update to hopefully enrich your Gran Turismo gaming fun.

The new update is now live and includes the following content and features:

Red Bull X Challenge – 2nd Part
The 2nd half of the “Red Bull X Challenge” has been added to the Career Mode. In these new challenges, learn how to drive an authentic Formula car directly from the world champion, Sebastian Vettel.

Release of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Racing Series
An alternative version of the “Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo”, released on December 2013 as the first Vision Gran Turismo car, is now available. It is possible to obtain the car by participating in the new Seasonal Event, available only for a limited time.


Release of the Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Concept
The “Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Concept”, a car displayed at the 2013 SEMA show as a part of the collaboration between the Corvette development team and Gran Turismo, is now available in the Dealership in-game. It is also possible to obtain the car by participating in the new Seasonal Event, available only for a limited time.


Birthday log-in bonus
An in-game car from a year near your year of birth will be sent as a gift when you log in to PSN. The gift car will be distributed within 1 week from your birthday*.

Remove Ghost Replay feature added
A Remove Ghost Replay button has been added to the Arcade Mode Time Trial and Free Run Quick Menu. You can display this feature by scrolling the right of the menu. This will allow you to remove ghost data that includes unintentional shortcuts.

Prize information added to Seasonal Events
It is now possible to see what prizes are awarded in the Seasonal Events. This information is displayed on the right side of the Seasonal Events entry screen.

Check the video below to see the Red Bull X2014 in action and then head over to for more information on 1.04.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes on PlayStation Blog for more incoming news on Gran Turismo 6.

*The information is taken from the player’s SEN account used.

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JohanLiebert88 28 January, 2014 @ 21:48

[ I’m testing my new account ;) ]


These updates are amazing guys and the free content is well appreciated. A big thanks to the Gran Turismo Team. ^_^

please save me my life . non of sites of please. psn .

MegaTurtleRex 29 January, 2014 @ 08:58

Love u Polyphony Digital.


I just wanted to say thank you :)


“please save me my life . non of sites of please. psn .”

U Wot Guvnor?

RustyTachikoma 29 January, 2014 @ 09:52

It would be nice if SCE actually acknoleges the WIDESPREAD ISSUES thIS game has with older PS3 models. For example, I don’t know anyone with a 60GB PS3 who doesn’t have the console shut-down within 5-20 minutes of play time. I would notmally think this is a hardware issue, but GT6 is the ONE game that has this sort of behaviour.
Don’t believe me? Then please check your own official forums.

I have this game since launch and I have yet to play it in any meaningful way, and I refuse to buy a new PS3 just for one game. I guess I’ll just stick with GT5 even when the servers go off-line. Might as well sell my copy of GT6 since I’m not able to play it anyway…

Love these updates GT6 is well and truly keeping me off my PS4, Still looks awesome on PS3 next to these next gen games i can only imagine what GT7 will look and play like.

Looks like Polyphony prefers new content with every update rather than fixing major bugs. Thanks for the new stuff but… why so soon?
You can literally complete the red bull challenges in a bunch of hours!

After that? After that you just race with 15 years old sounds and no clutch/H-pattern gear stick on a G27 while driving standard cars. Not to mention the temporary freeze when someone is entering/exiting the track in an online lobby!

Seriously, prioritize bug fixes/improvements over new content!
I don’t give a damn if there are new vehicles/tracks every month or so in the game when the game ITSELF has so many bugs that is irritating.

PLEASE take a look at this bug report list and try to address them.


Any chance we’ll get to see a Vita GT someday?


£19.99 @ GAME today, knew there was a reason I held off buying this (aside from it seemingly being launched as a WIP). ;)

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