Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition ventures onto PS4 this week

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is often declared a passion project at Crystal Dynamics, and in my opinion it shows. Lara’s next-gen debut united three studios – leads from Crystal, longtime partner Nixxes, and Sleeping DogsUnited Front Games – to usher Tomb Raider into a new generation of gaming.

Definitive Edition pairs the vision and artistry of the original release with technological improvements that allowed for a truly definitive experience, and one that only hints at what the future holds for Lara.

We’re really eager to get Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition into your hands, or the hands of your friends if they’ve yet to venture to Yamatai. Below you’ll find a few words from the team thanking you for your support, and for spreading the word about Lara’s first journey on next-gen.

“Thanks in advance everyone! Enjoy the improved Lara!”
Mike Abahazy, Senior Technical Artist

“I just wanted to say thanks to all the TR fans out there – old and new! It was great fun working on the Definitive Edition. We worked our hearts out to deliver the best experience possible. We hope you like it!”
Kam Yu, Principal Artist

“We’re excited to have the game in everyone’s hands – whether it’s your first trip to Yamatai or a return visit, enjoy!”
Chris Johnston, Associate Brand Manager

“I’m especially proud of the cross collaboration between United Front Games, Nixxes and Crystal to bring you the best possible version of Tomb Raider game to Gen4 consoles. Enjoy!”
Brian Horton, Senior Art Director

“Hello Tomb Raiders!!! This Definitive Edition is from all of us to all of you! We wouldn’t be here living the dream, and making great games without your faith, support, and passion for all things Lara! Those lucky ones with early copies have a blast playing this weekend!”
Scot Amos, Executive Producer

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Looks good. Although I’ve completed the game on PC I am still tempted by the new update. Is this out tomorrow or will we have to wait until Friday? And any idea on price for PSN yet?

I am sorry but the extra tweaks from ps3 version doesn’t warrant me buying it again. Don’t see the economic value in it. Sorry but its my opinion.

Yeah, OK. Price?

Is this even available on PSN?

Managed to snag a descent offer on this so I’ll playing it this week.

On the topic of united front it will be amazing if the new sleeping dogs game uses this updated engine on ps4 when it launches ;)


Tomb Raider: Definitely-won’t-buy-it-at-full-price Edition


What is the price for this? The Tomb Raider Digital Edition for ps3 is 30 E so i think 40 E is a fair price and i would get even though i bought day one in 2013. If it’s more than 40 E i’m going for the artbook edition instead.


too bad is too expensive 40 quid….should be 20-25 max, especially for those who already payed ps3.

If you own the digital you should just be able to upgrade it to ps4 version for a fraction of the price, that would make me buy it again otherwise it is a rehashed copy of a game that did not look bad in the first place

So is this coming todagers or what? Checked the PSN store like ten times today, and nothing. I dont care about the price, i just wanna play it. Now.

already have ps3 disc, and will by it also.
@Luecifer, 59.99


No one owns the digital version of this on PS3 as its a totally different edition. Thats like asking for a free bump to the CE of FFXIV purely as u own the standard edit. The price tag justifies the extra work put into this. If you’re too poor to afford it then stay away. But don’t expect a handout.


If only this came to the PSVita……

Like a lot of others I already finished it on PS3 but I expect this game will be on PLUS at some point this year.

transpondster 28 January, 2014 @ 20:44

Ok, I’m still annoyed by online trophies, trophies will be the same, aren’t they? -_-


Already had it on PS3 but picked it up on PC for a fiver at Xmas time from Square Enix of all places and for that fiver it also came with Just Cause 2, Hitman Blood Money and Dungeon Siege 3!!

The games worth every penny but couldn’t warrant spending another £30-£40 to see what this adds to the PC version ran on a high end system.

Also hope this isn’t the start of a new trend at Square Enix or within the gaming industry i.e. Deus Ex, Deus Ex HR, Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider Definitive. DLC, season and online passes are bad enough, now different versions of your own games – nah, I’ll pass. ;)


Don’t be mug and buy this game at release. £19.99 with two weeks for sure

A reheated game? No thanks. The hair of Lara is not worth it. Unless you can make us an offer we can’t refuse.

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