Surge Deluxe release date for PS Vita confirmed


Hello all! Dave from FuturLab here and I’m excited to announce that Surge Deluxe will be released on 5th February 2014 in the PAL region, exclusively for PS Vita! Check out the electrically charged gameplay trailer here:

Surge Deluxe features lightning fast match-three game play, and rewards those who can think strategically under pressure!

Since Surge was originally released on PlayStation Mobile we’ve had a ton of feedback, and Surge Deluxe on PS Vita is our response to that feedback. We’ve added unique shapes for each colour block so that colour blind people can compete on an even playing field, and we’ve added depth to the scoring system with new special block types that reward quick thinking and understanding of the game mechanics.


If you’d like to know more, please check out Surge Deluxe web page, and follow @FuturLab and @FuturLabQuality on Twitter!

That’s all for now. The online leaderboards await, I look forward to seeing you there on release day!

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THIS is the type of game most of us had to do without because PSMobile was only available in only a couple of countries. Thank you for bringing it to Vita as a genuine game!

And as Futurlab stands for pure quality, I’m absolutely sure this game rocks!

How come videos don’t seem to show up on iOS devices any more? This has been a problem for a few weeks now.

Am I the only one having these issues?


Same problem here, super annoying.


YES! Looking forward to this. Going to buy this so hard the sheer force of fingers completing the purchase on my Vita’s OLED screen will thrust the Earth 6 inches closer to the sun.

Thank you, Futurlab.

Great news, thanks Futurlab ;) Any idea on a price or is it too early to say ?


Same here, hope it can be fixed.

Really enjoyed Velocity so will keep an eye on this.

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