Music Unlimited update: £3 for 3 months of music offer ends today

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It’s the last chance for our PlayStation fans to get the hottest music deal available. Over 25 million tracks, available on all of your favourite devices, from PlayStation to mobile, PC to TV. Take your music underground with Offline mode. Listen in the highest quality streamed audio. Keep the music playing when you’re abroad, and listen to expertly selected playlists, PS4 channels, game soundtracks and more. All for just €3 for 3 months*. Offer ends today!

Now in PlayStation Home – The Music Unlimited Club
Over the past year, Music Unlimited has hosted some of the most exciting events in PlayStation Home. We’ve brought you parties in Pacha with exclusive David Guetta footage, as well as hedonistic partying with Hed Kandi on Barasti Beach and Es Paradis, each with slick mini games and cool giveaways.

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The community has long been asking for a permanent music space PlayStation Home, which is why we’ve created the incredible Music Unlimited Club. Get down on the dance floor to unique floor fillers; get yourself a trendy looking Roadie Jacket which grants you a VIP backstage pass. Redeem awesome new awards like the Music Unlimited Drumkit, Music Unlimited Ice Machine and Outdoor Fireworks. Check it out now!

Want 30 days of FREE music?
Not a member? Not a problem. Sign up here for your free 30 day trial here or download the Music Unlimited app, and listen to millions of songs with no ads on all your favourite devices.

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* €3 for 3 offer closes 23:59pm on 31st January. Valid to all users except for current subscribers and trialists. Full terms and conditions .

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Yep, my trial expired yesterday, would have paid £3 for this. Unfortunately, sony auto renewed my sub costing me £10.

I know it says subs will continue unless cancelled, but this seems a little unfair. No email, telling it will/has happened.

Not worth £10 a month, buggy iOS app, playback freezing on PS4 (still), poor catalog. Overall, not a patch on Spotify.

Sony may have got £10 out of me for this, but it’ll cost them in the long run, as I won’t spend another penny on Music Very Limited.



I humoured Sony after the lack of MP3 support and true custom soundtracks when I tested out Music Unlimited with my PS4, but my god something needs to change if it’s to go anywhere. For a service that you’re really trying to get off the ground, it is absolutely shocking how badly it runs on every platform it’s on.

Crumptastic_86 31 January, 2014 @ 13:17

Playback on PS4 seems to have been improved…I got through a couple of albums without crashing last night. However the app itself is painfully slow and kept crashing.

My main issue, aside from the above, is the lack of visibility the music library gets. Aside from the “picks” (which aren’t updated regularly) you have to manually search for albums…I would rather have a better way of navigating rather than a cold search….even listing artist by genre would help.

I really wanted to sign this, but after what i saw what SME was doing on youtube, i really don’t want to support it.

I used the service for a year when it was available for discount.
I thought I’d sign up for this 3 month trial.
It requires a credit card which I removed after Sony last got hacked.

No option to pay without a recurring subscription or a credit card and I’m not biting.

The service would need to vastly improve before it would be worth full price anyway.

I’ve bought this 3 month pass to give Music Unlimited another go but, I’ll be honest, I still intend to cancel it before the subscription renews simply because £10 per month is too much.

I’d bought it if it didn’t require a credit card! :/

I received my PS4 this week and was keen to start using Music Unlimited. I currently use Rdio and have subscribed to their premium service – very much like the premium Music Unlimited service. I was all signed up and ready to pay the £9.99 per month and then realised that the apple apps are not compatible with my older ios devices. Rdio, Deezer and Spotify all have a compatible app for ios 4.2, albeit not as full-functioning as the later versions. Is there an equivalent for these older devices?

If there is no equivalent app, I’ll have to stick to Rdio.


Do you have plans any time soon the music and movies unlimited to be available to other countries from EU like Bulgaria for example i really like to have them both on my console!!!!!!

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