Ace Combat Infinity open beta starts today

Hey there flying ace. Want to help shape the future of Ace Combat?

Today Namco Bandai is launching an open beta for its new Ace Combat game on PlayStation 3.

Whether you’re a seasoned ace with countless dogfight victories to your name, or a new recruit with fire in your belly and a hunger for the skies, there’s no end of fun to be had in Ace Combat Infinity.

It’s the first ever free-to-play game in the hit series and comes loaded with the top quality visuals and high speed thrills the series is renowned for, plus a brand new story and innovative multiplayer.

Namco Bandai would like to find out what you think, and tweak the game based on your feedback. This can be provided by completing the Beta Feedback Survey once you’ve tried it out.

You’ll earn your wings as a deadly flying ace in a series of edge-of-your-seat missions, then jump into the new Online Co-op Mission multiplayer mode to see who can inflict the most damage on the enemy.

Kick the tires and light the fires – the infinite blue battleground is waiting for you to show what you can do.

Download the beta now either by clicking here  or by visiting the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 3

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icecrasher_zero 04 February, 2014 @ 14:20

Yay! Thanks Namco Bandai!

please add an option of buying the game at a full price. The 1€ microtransaction demands after every 2 missions is horrible. Or having to wait 4 hours…

This seemed like an interesting game, until I read f2p. That moment the only thing I was interested in, was: How much gameplay do you get without paying or waiting? This blogpost sadly doesn’t mention that AT ALL, keeping us punters in the dark on what to expect.

Thankfully, Noisepurge was kind enough to answer this most important question for you, and because of his answer, I’m going to give this one a miss. Microtransactions or wait-times in a beta version of a f2p game?

No thanks.

Well I tried going to the link to download the game….Page not found. I don’t know if this is because I’m in Canada or what the reason is, but after seeing the comment that it costs money to play the missions I’m no longer interested in the game. This is unfortunate because I’ve finished most of the ace combat games multiple times. I love the series, I love the gameplay, but I refuse to be restricted by nickle and dime pay gates.

After Namco Bandai last Beta messing up my Trophies i will give this Beta a miss thanks :-/

Tried to download this, after 2 1/2 hours I canceled it at 32%! It’s a 2GB download,this is the PSN that Sony wants us pay £40 a year for to play online on the PS4.

Sony really, really has to get to grips it. It runs like the servers are hosted in my garage!


It is a f2p beta game after all, this is why they are asking for feedback, if enough people agree with what you are saying, Namco Bandai will take note.

I will give it a try

The last F2P game from Namco I played was Tekken Revolution and I enjoyed at least getting all the trophies and playing online so I’ll give this beta a go. Never played an Ace Combat game though.


I’m confused, where is the £1 transaction or wait for 4 hours?

I played 2 the only campaign missions available and an online co-op battle, after the online match I had an option to upgrade my weapons, also I saw stuff that could be purchased from the store.

Then the host left and lobby closed,

If you participate in the beta then Namco-Bandai will get your feedback. The game will be better because of it.


What about free add-ons like in US store?


I’ve played it yesterday and i love it .However im just wandering how this microtransaction thing will gonna work .pesonall i prefer to pay full price for it. I understand adding microtransactioms to a multiplayer there is some sense behind it . Iguess we just have to wait and see

ninjagaiden202 14 February, 2014 @ 04:38

My ace combat infinity want play
it will get to the the start screen i prss start say confirm twice and it just gose back to the home screen help me plz at

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