Ethan: Meteor Hunter announced for PS Vita, gets a PS3 demo and price cut

Ethan PS Vita

Hey guys! You’ve asked for it, and it’s happening! I’m happy to announce that Ethan: Meteor Hunter, often described as “when Super Meat Boy meets Braid” and released in October on PlayStation 3 and PC, will arrive on PlayStation Vita very soon! We will announce a definitive release date soon, but expect it this spring!

Can’t remember what Ethan: Meteor Hunter is about? Let me refresh your memory. You can freeze time and manipulate the world with dynamic use of physics allowing endless possibilities: overcome challenging platforms and tricky puzzles the way YOU want.

Nothing is scripted, levels can be solved in multiple ways. You’ll die repeatedly but you’ll enjoy it – master the one-hit kill gameplay and feel like a hero when you succeed!

The game features leaderboards (shared between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita), 50 levels within three different worlds, secret bonuses and challenging trophies!

You will also be able to use the touch screen as it just made sense with the freeze-time feature to move objects around:

And you can use the Rear Touch Pad to rotate objects when holding R:

We also keep the PlayStation 3 controls, so there are many ways to play!

Can’t wait to give it try? Well, we are also releasing a PlayStation 3 demo of Ethan: Meteor Hunter this week, to give you a taste of the challenge that awaits. What’s more, the full PS3 game is 50% off this week for PS Plus members, and 30% off for everybody. And YES, the PS Vita title will be cross-buy with the PlayStation 3 one. So that’s a PS Vita game at 50% off to try right now!

Many more gamers will enjoy the tough challenge of Ethan: Meteor Hunter, awarded “Best Digital Game of 2013” by! Polish people have great taste.

To keep up to date follow us on Twitter @SeavenStudio and keep an eye out on our website for latest news!

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The things I would do to get that PSVita DEV KIT :)


Huh, I’ve never heard about this game before, maybe I should pick this up when it comes to PS Vita

I’ll be interested in giving this a go on the Vita for sure.

I’ll definitely give this demo a spin, and quite possibly buy the game too! Hurrah for cross-buy!


Great News for my Vita!

Hey! I remember asking for this to come to Vita! Looks like a great port.

I think it’s worth a try, maybe I’ll spend the €’s I still had…

waiting for tomorrow update, if there are not any other plus discounts… maybe I’ll make a pre-order ;-)

Anyway… we are still hungry for AAA anouncements…

Got this for $0.50 at Xmas time whatever that converts to in pence, haven’t had the chance to play it yet but have heard nothnig but good things.

Didn’t hear the one about it being Super Meat Boy meets Braid however. :)

Hi Olivier,

I downloaded the PS3 version when it launched on PSN so will I still be able to download the vita version for free when its launched ?

Thanks for the vita support :)


Yes of course! Once you own the game on PS3, you’ll have the Vita version for free anytime :)

Keep it coming to PSVITA.

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