New Thief PS4 trailer – everything you need to know


It’s a wrap! After litres of coffee and buckets of sweat, I’m thrilled to be able to scream it from the rooftops: THIEF IS DONE!! That’s right – THIEF HAS GONE GOLD and will be available later this month. To find out everything you need to know about the game we’ve created a new 101 trailer to get you all excited.

Thief really brings to life the fantasy of being the ultimate Master Thief: planning a heist and infiltrating your target, avoiding all the security measures in your way, grabbing the most precious loots and escaping without getting caught.

I’m particularly proud of all the efforts the team has made to honor the history of the franchise while remaining connected to the gamers of today. This is something that our studio Eidos-Montréal achieved first with our previous game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Fans of the original Thief will be relieved to find the ingredients that made it one of the most respected franchises in the industry. The game doesn’t take gamers for idiots, it’s far from easy, and you can complete it without killing a single enemy or even being seen.


But it is not only designed with long-time fans of the series in mind. A new generation of gamers will also have a chance to discover why Thief, one of the founding fathers of the stealth genre is so well-loved, to explore the rich lore of The City and to experiment with a different style of gameplay that emphasises thoughtfulness and patience as well as skills and reflexes.

We respect players. I know it sounds like empty pandering, but we really do take it to heart. We’ve given you a huge amount of options to customise your experience to enable you to play exactly as you prefer.


You want the most complete immersion possible? We let you remove any clutter from the screen: the interface, the reticle, any visual indicator that isn’t part of the game world.

You want the most extreme stealth challenge? No problem, try the Iron Man mode which results in Game Over if you die – whether it’s at the beginning of the game or in the very last mission after hours of play! And the reverse is true for players who mostly want to enjoy the story, who can take advantage of different options to help them through the game.

The development team has given their best to ensure this Thief is worthy of its legendary predecessors. We’re huge fans of the original games in the series and the new game is a genuine reflection of the passion and talent of a truly dedicated team, and we cannot wait to share it with you all on later this month when you get to play the game on 28th February across Europe and PAL territories.


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Great news guys and well done. I’ve had this game on pre-order since E3, can’t wait to get my mitts on it :)

Great news guys, well done i’ve had this game on pre-order since E3 and can’t wait to get my mitts on it :)

Oops sorry for double post !

How come videos no longer seem to work on iOS devices? It’s been that way for a few months now.

Just screen shots and a blank space, as usual, where the video should be. I’m off, once again, to watch it on the U.S blog where They support ipad users.

Great news can’t wait for release day!
Is there an embargo on reviews?
Just wondered, I’m getting it anyway and have already paid it off.

@4 I may be wrong as I did not check how it was called before, but it could be because they are calling YouTube via src=”// without the http: at the start.

Its a completely valid way to do so if that IS the cause its the iOS browser at fault for not parsing the uri correctly.

PACSHAKURAMARU 04 February, 2014 @ 14:54

Este Juego Tiene Buena Pinta Abra Que Esperar Hasta que Salga

More importantly, why is the Pinball Arcade Discount STILL broken?

SONY FAIL i own a ps4 , how do i watch the trailer ? I dont have a pc and i gave my ps3 away , it says missing plug in ?.. On a sony site? Really? YouTube is the same , so i cant watch this

@deadrest just type in the PS4 browser.


Wow the trailer looks amazing!! It makes me want it! My only worry tho is that when I played Dishonored I had such a massive headache from it each time I played it. Was a great game and I enjoyed the things it could do but wow what a headache I got from it and that was just from the story. Didn’t enjoy the story much either.

So my question is, What’s this story like compared to Dishonored? I worry this game could give me such a headache too as they look kind of similar (with this one looking nicer. ;) hehe) so I’m not sure if it’s really for me or not due to that. Perhaps a demo can help make up my mind

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