Outlast brings “true horror” to PS4 and PS Plus tomorrow


Hello gamers! I’m Philippe Morin, one of the co-founders of Red Barrels. Our first game, Outlast, is coming to PlayStation 4 this week, and I’m excited to share that those of you who are PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download it at no additional cost.

Outlast itself is a survival-horror game created by a team of 11 people with one common goal: to scare the *bleep* out of you.

Here’s the story so far…

In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, the facility was recently re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation. Taking advantage of the Asylum’s history and remote location, they’ve been operating in strict secrecy. That is, they were until the reporter arrived.

Acting on a tip from an anonymous source, independent journalist Miles Upshur has broken into the facility, and what he is about to discover inside will walk a terrifying line between science and religion, nature and something entirely other. Trapped with nightmares old and new, his only hope of escape will lie with the terrible truth at the heart of Mount Massive.

Outlast on PS4

So, in short, you’re a journalist who’s found himself in a very wrong place at the very wrong time. You can’t hope to defend yourself against the mutated patients of the asylum, so you have to sneak, run, and hide… or die. We’ve done our best to create a memorable roller-coaster ride, one that entertains, scares, and leaves you craving more.

In fact, one of the most fun things about watching players make their way through Outlast has been watching the terrified looks on their faces, so we decided to step things up a notch. Newly added on PlayStation 4 is a difficulty level we call “insane.” If you feel brave enough to pick this mode, you’ll have very low health, very few batteries, no checkpoints, and no chance to save your game. It’s do or die. Survive or start again.

So here it is – turn off the lights, crank up the sound, and hold tight to your controller, because true horror is coming straight to your console tomorrow.

We can’t help if you end up needing new underwear, but if you’ve got any comments or questions please post them below or poke us on Twitter or Facebook. We hope you enjoy the game!

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Can’t wait to pick that up tomorrow! :)

Any idea if the game runs 1080/60 or 30fps?

So……..do you guys fancy flipping that switch a day early?

Looking forward to it, although no chance to save your progress on Insane mode means that presumably it will be a fairly short game.

We should have the same day as US to be fair, Sigh…

What about saudi arabia you said it will be not coming to our store !? Whats the replacement ?

jamie-sixtyfour 04 February, 2014 @ 16:29

Eep! This is not my kind of thing at all. I’ll be sticking to Lego Marvel Superheroes thank you very much.

They said it runs at 1080p / 60fps


Your replacement game will be Sound Shapes.

it runs at 1080p 60fps

So can’t wait for this.

I’m really looking forward to this game tomorrow. Can’t wait

captain_crash199 04 February, 2014 @ 16:50

I’m well up for a bit of survival horror and this sounds fun. Just need to pick up a pair of asbestos underpants now :-)

@ Somapix

The lack of a platinum trophy would also suggest that the game is fairly small / short.
Looking at HLTB, the average completion time is around 5 hours.


“You can’t hope to defend yourself against the mutated patients of the asylum, so you have to sneak, run, and hide… or die.”

So does that mean this game has no weapons or combat system? That has actually just made this a whole lot more interesting as I was previously dismissing it as just another flickering light, jumpy shooter.

TerrorOfDeath86 04 February, 2014 @ 17:11

We are getting Sound Shapes as a PS4 game. Good job scamming us SCEE.

no MiklSP there is no combat at all, get caught get killed


So you automatically assume that Sound Shapes is a bad game? Don’t judge until you’ve tried it.

Blame your country’s classification laws, not Sony.

TerrorOfDeath86 04 February, 2014 @ 17:33

@MaxDiehard I got a Platinum in Sound Shapes, I got it last year.
I’m just angry that they gave us a PS3 game instead of a proper PS4 title like you guys :(


Looking forward to this, but PLEASE fix Pinball Arcade Discount pack. Its frustrating that due to buying just one Pro pack it blocks me from buying the PS4 discount.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow you’re only a day a way! I have been excited for this since it was announced as a plus title at E3!

Phillipe, Can you confirm that the add-on content, Whistleblower, is coming to PS4


I thought this was a ps4 console exclusive , comments you’ve made recently suggest it’s coming to xbox one?? It’s no problem, just something I wanted to ask, I’ll be playing this Friday …….(when I have company lol) looks amazing!.


It released September last year on Steam. No plans to bring it to Xbox.

FULIATIKA_FIFA 04 February, 2014 @ 19:38

Anybody know what time it is tommorow, i mean when do it come out so you can download it?


Be honest people, how many of yas are going to play this in the morning cos it’s too scary to play in the dark alone?

I want!
I want Now!
Cant wait for this had absolutely no interest in dont starve, this however will be great for playing during this games drought when i want a scare and a laugh with friends on my ps4,

THE_SHOOTER_BOY_ 04 February, 2014 @ 20:49

I wanted this game so hard. But Sony not releasing it on Bahrain. …….

Sounds like a horroe version of jungle run :/

read the review on ign,they say it’s pretty good,but is the uk store getting this or not? cant play it if it’s not there? if it’s not then maybe we’ll get it in the future? if it is,then i’ll be giving it a go,and will i need new undercrackers,lol.


Blame your country’s certification regulations, not Sony.


Of course it’s coming to the UK, we get to download it tomorrow.

Smoggie12252013 04 February, 2014 @ 21:41

I shall be downloading Outlast tomorrow love my horror games F.E.A.R. my all time favorite horror game

TerrorOfDeath86 04 February, 2014 @ 21:45

@MaxDieHard It’s not our country’s regulations fault, its the publisher’s. We have Saints Row 3 and 4 (AND God of War) on the Saudi store even though they contain strong sexual and violent content.

I love Sony as much as you do but not releasing Outlast here is not their fault, but they chose the alternative title poorly and thats on them.

Doki-Doki, Knack and others games would’ve been better than a PS3 port.

“you’ll have very low health, very few batteries, no checkpoints, and no chance to save your game. It’s do or die. Survive or start again.”

that sounds like a challenge, bring it on :)


Ooo horror I absolutely love it. Was a fan of outlast ever since it released seen a few playthroughs but wouldn’t mind playing it myself on a ps4 especially. For a group of 11 people to make such an amazing looking game deserves praise

This game is irritatingly too overrated…

It’s got more Shock-scares and scripted scares than any other game this generation, and yet it seems to be the ‘Call of Duty’ of horror games, always mentioned as a ‘scary game’. No, if you want a scary game, you play the horror games made by people who can actually scare you, look at all of Markipliers’ videos of games he’s played that AREN’T Outlast that do a better job

SCP Containment Breach does better on its own, yet is not even spoken about as much as Outlast, and I’ll never know why. Maybe ‘pretty visuals’ and media hype.

Bring it on!!

Its the 5th here in NZ still no outlast._any idea when it is dropping?

Ok i take my previous comment back._it may be the 5th here and halfway through the day already but this forum telling me it is still the 4th in wherever this site is made._

The wait continues

It’s the 5th and outlast isn’t on the store. I thought the maintenance of PS Store before mid night was to add Outlast


The store updates between 3pm – 6pm GMT.

Based on what MaxDiehard mentioned we wont see it in Australia until very early tomorrow morning which is normally when new content is available.

Approx 2am to 5am

No Outlast 2nite :-(

It 1.30pm, and i still dont see it?
Has it been added to the store yet?
Would love to have it ready to play as soon as i get home from work .

AM mate, store always updates on a Thursday in the AM. Won’t be there for you tonight unfortunately but tomorrow you can jump knee deep into it!

Weird, the official Australian ps4 site says OUTLAST on the 5th of feb

Guess we just gotto wait til the store updates.
The was something about Sony was waiting for the Ratings to go through or something but they didn’t update any info thereafter i don’t think on the situation but someone said it had been rated, so… AU should be good. Hopefully. Bloody better be……. (rambling) Been hanging for this title and need something fresh on me Playstation 4, i’m actually getting bored with it (don’t take wrong way, i love it) and need some more games on my machine since it’s limited atm in areas (games, features, support) But that’s Launch machines for ya,lol :(

It was released 4th in US so the change over should of occurred last 1am (which is why its 5th here) so cant understand why its not up……same thing happened last month with Dont Starve which took almost a week to get updated

quite stink people streaming gameplay already but still nothing._


This and SOMA are the games I’m most looking forward to…
Took a day of from work tomorrow just so I can play this tonight.


Still no Outlast here in NZ… and it’s 9:00pm on the 5th. Don’t tell me we won’t get it till the next update…. ;(

what’s the reason why Outlast won’t come to Saudi Arabia PSN?

btw, for those who won’t get Outlast for PS4, check out the “February updates on PS+”, it already mentions what will be the replacement for Outlast.

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