Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God dished up on PS Vita this month


Hey PlayStation Blog. Long time, Happy New Year and all that jazz! Today I wanted to turn up the heat on our new roguelike RPG Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God for PlayStation Vita, due on PlayStation Store on 19th February, and in physical stores from 21st February.

Sorcery Saga tells the story of Pupuru and her quest to save her favourite curry restaurant from the big, bad curry chain that’s just moved into town. In order to do so, Pupuru and her always-hungry friend, Kuu, must travel to find ingredients to make the legendary curry. Along the way, Pupuru and Kuu meet many fascinating but completely bonkers folk. I personally guarantee the dialogue you have with these people will have you rolling around in stitches.


What the heck is a roguelike?!
As Pupuru, you’ll enter a dungeon and travel on a grid-like system. Attacks are turn-based, but what makes Sorcery Saga truly challenging RPG is its roguelike attributes. Meaning, if you descend into a dungeon, you lose all your items and levels. Oh, I nearly forgot, don’t be fooled by the cute monsters that resemble food ingredients — all I’ll say is don’t play with you food!

Fortunately, there are loads of ways to avoid getting put on the chopping board. You can power up by rustling up a plate of curry in the dungeon or have your trusted sidekick Kuu help out (just make sure Kuu has eaten first – you’ve been warned!).

Make your own curry!
Curry not only offers the backdrop for Sorcery Saga’s wacky storyline, it’s actually quite helpful while in dungeons. If players are able to acquire certain ingredients, Pupuru can make her own curry, which will give her temporary power-ups to battle particularly tough baddies. For instance, Dragon Curry is an incredibly spicy curry, which will have Pupuru breathing fire!

The Curry System is a great way for players to learn more about the huge choice of customisation options. There is also a vast array of equipment, costumes and items for players to get hold of and enhance, in order to become stronger. Yes, the experience can be punishing at times, but the overall feeling of reward when you succeed far outshines the short-lived sting of failure.

With a name like Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God this game will surely be the hottest title on the PlayStation Vita in February! Enjoy!

Sorcery Saga Vita 3D Packshot

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Wondering will these guys end up getting a copyright claim against them from King for using the term “Saga” in the title?

infernalmonkey1 06 February, 2014 @ 12:09

Kind of really wish Rising Star would have announced this release date a bit sooner than just two weeks before it’s due to launch. I ended up importing the US version because there’d been no updates on the Euro release in ages. :P Oh well.

Hope it does well for you guys! You’ve definitely put together a better looking box art than Aksys did. It’s a great roguelike. Cute characters, amazing music, tough as nails.

Looks great. Any info on digital pricing?

Thanks for physical release, good to see publishers who don’t crap on EU customers.

+1 for physical release gratitude. This wasn’t really on my radar but now I don’t have to import it I will pick it up!



Does this feature Dual Audio or only Japanese with English sub?

@7 The game is only Japnese with english subtitles.

Thank you Rising Star for doing a proper job publishing this with a physical release unlike *some* companies.

This is my kind of game, will definately be picking this up.

supersmith2500 06 February, 2014 @ 13:34

I love Rising Star and NIS America (and yes Namco, you too) for publishing retail games for Europe. It’s so much better without getting it digital only.

I’ve just this minute made my physical copy pre-order.

I’ll echo the previous comments on thanking you Rising Star for enabling me to purchase a physical copy of the game, nice job!

Yay! This announcement made my day! Will definitely pre-order the game and again thanks for the amazing Rising Star staff for the physical release and the localisation.

P.S. The box art looks AMAZING!


You mean “if you DIE or get DEFEATED in a dungeon, you lose all your items and levels”, right? It’s too cruel to lose everything just by entering (“DESCENDING”) into a dungeon before any battle even starts. That’s not what roguelike is about.

crimsonidol-de 06 February, 2014 @ 14:55

Great boxart!
And nice surprise about the physical version. Thought it would only come to the PSN.

i want you guys at rising stars to know that i will get this eventually. it’s not possible now because february and march are insanely filled with releases but eventually i will get there.

thank you for bringing us the game.

nice another title too look forward 2. but i am wondering one thing is the DLC locked with DRM cause that was the case with the U.S DLC if there is gonna be any DLC.


Sweet. I’ve had my eye on this game for a while. I really want to get that ‘Hot and Spicy, Everything Nicey’ limited Edition with the bib and the Kuu-rry plate and spoon. But from the looks of this, I’m guessing we’re not getting that.

P.S. No Australian retailers have listings for this game. Same thing with Tecmo Koei’s Toukiden: The Age of Demons, which is supposed to be out next week. Really strange.

Thank you for bringing more great games to the PS Vita. I hope to buy this soon.

What made Rising Star pick up this game, out of all the localizations they could’ve chosen?

No that I’m complaining. Glad you’re deciding to release it physically in Europe.

Nice to see this game get localized. Bought the U.S. version before Christmas and love it :) will definitely buy a PAL version too, to support you guys.

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