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Everything was in perfect balance on PlayStation Blog this week. On the AAA side, we had a tantalising new Thief PS4 trailer. Elsewhere, we had a fistful of great indie announcements (including updates on Velocity 2X, Gunslugs, Outlast and Frozen Synapse Tactics). And if classic Japanese gaming is more your scene? We had you covered there too, with posts on Drakengard 3, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havog and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva.

And on top of all that, there was news of a new PS4 headset coming soon, a bumper set of discounts on PlayStation Store and a busy week of new releases. Check out the highlights below.

Top 5 most read PlayStation Blog posts this week:

  1. New wireless stereo headset for PlayStation 4 revealed, PS4 system update 1.60 detailed
  2. February PlayStation Store sale kicks off today – save on GT6, Knack, Tearaway, more
  3. PlayStation Store update: Outlast, Dustforce, Surge Deluxe lead the way
  4. Outlast brings “true horror” to PS4 and PS Plus tomorrow
  5. Behind the scenes with the people of PlayStation

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Top three most RTed @PlayStationEU Tweets this week:



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Hey Fred,

Where are some ps4 digital pre-orders(Infamous:SS, Thief, MGS:Ground Zeros..) ?

On USA/SCEA store they already have some preorders available. For example you get Infamous SS upgraded to limited edition for pre-ordereing on PSN store.

Is Europe&SCEE getting the same deals ?


    Fred Dutton 10 February, 2014 @ 9:34 am    

    Digital PS4 pre-orders are coming to EU in the next month or two. We’ll keep you posted on a firm date.

Any hints on surprise ps4 demo coming this tuesday/wednesday 🙂

Dying Light developer is teasing something !


Hi guys,

I’ve seen TxK is getting a release in US next week.. is there any new on a EU release? Been waiting for info on this after the blog reveal but haven’t seen anything until last week with the US having the game in an offer.



What do Tweeters eat for Breakfast? ‘Tweet’a’bix’ 😀 (Sorry) 😉

+ Good week. Looking forward to the next(hopefully bigger) ‘PS4 system update’ soon:P

+ I was thinking the other day(dangerous i know) 😀 is it possible for
SONY to make an APP that could act like a ‘Remote Control’ for the PS4 for when you use your PS4 to play Blu-rays & DVD’s? If not a real Remote Control would be cool for the PS4.

Hexahedronaut 9 February, 2014 @ 10:36 am   5

Hey Fred got a few questions again. We’ll I guess if anyone can answer my first question I’d be grateful.

1. I don’t normally pre order digitally but I did for dark souls 2, lots of different versions in my download list, which one do I select to auto download?

2. Is there any word on a dark souls 2 demo?? 😉

3. What the heck happened to Luftrausers?

4. When are you doing a behind the scenes?


    Fred Dutton 10 February, 2014 @ 9:15 am    

    1. I’ll confess to ignorance here, but will investigate
    2. I don’t believe Namco has announced one. If one is coming we’ll let you know asap
    3. Still coming! Soon hopefully!
    4. Gosh, no current plans for that – I prefer to keep the spotlight pointed elsewhere 😉

evilwitch83 9 February, 2014 @ 10:37 am   6

Why did our ps3 plus games get cut to 2 while SCEA kept all 3 of them. I am still waiting for an answer.

Hexahedronaut 9 February, 2014 @ 10:41 am   7

Ah damn I forgot sorry.

5. Is there an ETA on the patch to let turtle beach px4 users use Bluetooth to chat?

Thanks Fred


Will you guys be releasing “farcry the wild expedition” bundle on the store (releases 14th feb)? and/or will you be releasing farcry classic separately?

Thanks 🙂


Great week guys, with Drakengard 3, Sorcery Saga, Hatsune Miku, Velocity 2X & Frozen Synapse Tactics on the way, you’re going to make me a poorer guy with a larger backlog. Some great things announced.

Quick question Fred – is Aaron Webber going to be back to answer a few comments on the Hatsune Miku post? At the end he said “As always, we’ll be out and about responding to your notes below”, and there were a good few questions raised about price, DLC and localising other things. Would be good to hear if he has any answers.


Hi Fred this week has probably been the best so far for this year for me!
Great sales, good new releases and just a lot of positive energy for the PlayStation brand in general!
Really looking forward to Toukiden and DanganRonpa next week and Thief at the end of the month.

Lunastra78 9 February, 2014 @ 12:58 pm   11

I’m considering buying some games in the February Price Cuts sale.

Is there a chance of any of those games being PS Plus freebies next month? I’d like to avoid buying something right before I can have it for free, if possible… 🙂


My highlight of the week was The SCEE Brand Managers naughty little tweet about Titanfall.

“Nah we might have to wait another year or so but I’ve got a good feeling it’ll come to PS4.”

It was deleted quickly but a good sign all the same.

ScooterMix 9 February, 2014 @ 1:16 pm   13

fred I think you should do the store and reply to people because it better than jadward since didn’t reply to many people and because I think you reply to everyone when you can.

It feels like store getting worst and usa still getting better there have been no new demos for ps4 since launch but its been good week on store but feels need to get better with old games as well.

    Fred Dutton 10 February, 2014 @ 9:19 am    

    Sorry for the lack of responses in the Store post last week. We had an internal office event on Wednesday and Thursday and Jawad was away from his desk. Back to normal this week.

ScooterMix 9 February, 2014 @ 1:35 pm   14

what week on store with more saint row 3 dlcs and Ace comeback beta since game was very poor game from Namco and more trail demos and more ok psn games but Outlast beats them all since very great game.

PlayStation games news that deep down found out free to play and learn that been delay also learn there new ninja game for ps4 also headset and ps4 update for it. Also rumours for FF14 and KH3 might be out 214 also Disney games get layoffs as well.

fifa world cup not coming to ps4 since for ps3 and new duke nukem game for ps4 and Sony had layoffs and ps3 didn’t sell well at xmas and ps4 did and I learnt that MGS5 2 hour demo since rip off game and 1886 has no online. also dragon age 3 new artwork was shown also testing Dying light so there is there going to be demo .

Project2insanity 9 February, 2014 @ 1:52 pm   15

@Lucreto; I was interested in Titanfall until finding out it is another FPS. Unless I’m mistaken, the initial teaser didn’t showcase gameplay at all and it did look impressive. Since then, I haven’t seen anything particularly new being brought to the table (unless I’ve missed some major announcement about gameplay…) which I feel the oversaturated FPS market needs. Does remind me of Section 8, though, so that ain’t a bad thing. It’ll undoubtedly be a competent shooter but I fear that’s all.



I have no interest in it either I just use it to annoy fanboys thinking it is the second coming and it is all belongs to microsoft.

I would not get hundreds of hours out of it but with Infamous and Final Fantasy X HD they will last me months.

European_Gamer 9 February, 2014 @ 3:24 pm   17

Hey Fred, how many people is visiting the every day and every week?

    Fred Dutton 10 February, 2014 @ 9:20 am    

    Lots! Alas, I’m afraid I can’t release those figures though. Why do you ask?

Project2insanity 9 February, 2014 @ 4:49 pm   18

@Lucreto; I bet that really does wind them up. I also noticed quite a few mentions that potential sequels will likely be multiplatform.

Infamous should be really something. The first one took a second playthrough for me to really appreciate the story. It really hit me when I started hammering into the side missions, really fleshed the story out. I doubted the sequel would be any good (story-wise) after the way the first ended- didn’t see much reason to continue. Clearly, the franchise has kept surprising me (or maybe I’m just slow…) and I hope Second Son does the same despite me having no doubts it’ll rock.

dark_angel69 9 February, 2014 @ 6:13 pm   19

Hey Fred

Is that Behind the scenes with the people of PlayStation a new post every Saturday? Tbh I prefered the older post we got that started last year when we talked about what games we played, booked read and movies watched. Will it be returning?

Which week could we be expecting the next PS+ games listed? I have a few games I’d like to pass onto Chris but will wait until then.

Any plans on having a Soul Sacrifice Delta post soon? Have questions about this. One of them being do you know if the story is like continue on or is it the same game and story with improvements?

Need news about Destiny and The Order 1886 soon. 🙁 Don’t like the wait. Feels like forever! Oh and Uncharted 4 too!!!

I’m in desperate need for some Vita games also for travel to work as I’ve only two days a week now for gaming at home. 🙁 Also need the Final Fantasy x/x-2 HD news cos I don’t even know if I should get the PS3 or Vita version. (PS3 for better sound and more comfort or Vita for the bus)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Get plenty of gaming done before Monday!!

    Fred Dutton 10 February, 2014 @ 9:23 am    

    – Yes, that’s a new regular post – for the next few weeks at least. No plans to bring back the playlistp ost, but never say never.
    – That’s TBC I’m afraid. A couple of week’s time?
    – SSD – nothing to confirm today.
    – Destiny and The Order news – not too long to wait!
    – Been a cracking year for Vita so far IMO. Have you tried OlliOlli, Dustforce or Surge Deluxe? And TxK this week…

SGTSTEELFACE 9 February, 2014 @ 6:39 pm   20

Hey Fred I must be a real pain by this point!

But is there any progress on the whole one month situation?

    Fred Dutton 10 February, 2014 @ 9:23 am    

    I’ll pick that up this morning, sorry to keep you waiting for a proper response


Why has playstation now been delayed for the eu until 2015?
I have better Internet connection than most yanks and fibre optic broadband is available to most people in the uk. Surely something like this should be looked at one country at a time. Annoyed at the ps4s potential is taking so long to be extracted. The wait for decent games is way too long and gaikai integration hardly mentioned for the eu. simple stuff like the play/resume option is yet to have a mention.

    Fred Dutton 10 February, 2014 @ 9:24 am    

    We haven’t confirmed EU launch details for PS Now yet. We’ll have more information in the coming months.

FjernsynForMig 9 February, 2014 @ 7:47 pm   22

(Repost since I didn’t get a response on last week’s “This week on PlayStation Blog”)

Dear Fred Dutton,

I bought a brand new PS Vita around 3 December and linked it to my account immediately. Thus, I am entitled to a month of PS Plus for free (for details, please refer to the blog post by Mayumi Donovan on 15 November entitled “Buy a PS Vita, get one month of PlayStation Plus at no extra cost”).

However, I (and many others, judging by blog comments and forum posts) have never received a voucher. I’ve tried emailing support, but never got a reply. Therefore, I tried calling support (and got charged around £1 for the conversation – very unreasonable to have to pay to get a gift that was promised you), but I still haven’t received my voucher.

Since you helped the user “jimbob12345678″ (see comment #11 on your blog post “PS blog recap” from 12 January) get a voucher, I was hoping you could help me out as well.

Knowing that I would be able to get a month of PS Plus for free affected my decision to purchase the Vita, so I very much hope that Sony will honor their end of the deal and give me what I am entitled to.

ExpressYourself2 9 February, 2014 @ 9:22 pm   23

Hi :
im ps+ subscriber , i was very exited when i heard that outlast its coming for ps4 ,, but but the shocking news its not for middle east !?? why ?

i live in middle and i cant even find in the store to buy it .
the ps+ cost more than any other area and it have fewer games
all the world having outlast and we have sound shape!!
whats the difference ? is it coming later ?


Lunastra78 9 February, 2014 @ 9:45 pm   24


Likely because of censorship in your country. Germany, Australia and many middle eastern countries seem to be much stricter in that regard.

So I don’t think you’ll be able to buy it normally. One option might be to make yourself a US PSN account, and order PS Plus subscription cards or PSN Network Cards with money on them from the US.

Not sure where you can order them from but I’m sure you’ll find something with a little googling. 🙂

JediKnight246 9 February, 2014 @ 9:50 pm   25

Hi, would it be possible to look into an issue with the Store? There seems to be a problem with the Cerberus Pack DLC for Mass Effect 2.

It should be a free download but it says “Not available for purchase” and when I click the Tell me more button it says it’s because “You do not own Mass Effect 2” when I do. Other people have been experiencing this on EA’s support forums as well.

solarwind12 9 February, 2014 @ 9:54 pm   26

I finally got contacted regarding my issue on Friday, nice guy called but only to say no, I cannot have the tenner refunded, I purchased the game at the ‘wrong price, or time’ so tough, basically, well that’s the jist of what was read to me as decided by the ‘very top’ his words, I thought the email with the reasons read to me would be arriving soon after phone call, but no, so I emailed a request to have it forwarded, but no reply, while I was on phone i reminded the support guy that Chris had replied to me on 8th Jan (January sale update) telling me the game should of been 34.99 and cust services should refund me, he spoke to his manager but Still stuck to the decision, hmm, as it is just a tenner I want to forget it, only it was a tenner from a loved one ie, in a Christmas card for my Christmas box, so I don’t think I can just leave it, I mean this happened on Christmas morning, I know all that goodwill to all is just a distant memory now, but still.. Will decide how to proceed when I can read this decision, If cust services actually forward it, they will won’t they Fred?, i even give the guy option to just offer a spare code etc, no joy there either. Maybe Chris will help?, hoping so.

supersmith2500 9 February, 2014 @ 10:06 pm   27

I wonder if were getting PS Plus news next week.


Any suggestion about Eu release date?


* for the wireless headset

Yasir_Said 10 February, 2014 @ 3:52 am   30

@ Raduga (number 3) – TxK release date in EU

– Same week as US, I tweeted Jeff Minter and he replied yesterday.

Very much looking forward to it.

I’m also eagerly awaiting Luftrausers, really can’t wait for it.

JonnyFoxtrot5 10 February, 2014 @ 11:56 am   31

Hey Fred, really appreciate that you’re replying to comments! Keep up the good work 🙂

Any news on the Wireless Headset 2.0? Was meant to be released today but I can’t find a single retailer in the UK that’s actually selling it? Whereas the US has already been selling headsets to customers a couple of days ago.


@Fred Dutton
Please look into TWD Season 2 Seaon Pass availability issue in Russia, cos I bought it thru demo’s menu. So this is obviously a problem on your side not publisher’s.

MoMo-Snip-01 10 February, 2014 @ 2:45 pm   33

Hi there,
I just wanted to ask why is there a price drop on time and eternity in psn store but not in eu store.
I waited for a price drop for this game since it started.
The game appears on the big in japan list, but no price drop is suggested.
Is there any price drop concerning this game in the next month(s)?