New Dying Light PS4 trailer debuts

Techland releases new details on its stunning zombie survival experience

Hello, everyone! I’m Tymon Smektala, the producer of Dying LightTechland’s latest first-person, action survival-horror game coming this year. I’d like to use this opportunity to tell you more about Dying Light and its Humanity trailer that we released today.

Let’s start with a simple statement: we’ve gotten accustomed to mindless zombie killing, right? Movies, TV series, books, and of course games – no matter what the medium, zombies became the cannon fodder of our times. After all, no one should bat an eye at taking down thousands of already dead, walking corpses. Or should they? In Dying Light, we make things a little bit more complicated.

With our latest Humanity trailer, we wanted to present a deeper vision of what a zombie epidemic would mean for humankind. “Epidemic” being the crucial word here. Mutating into a zombie is a result of infection, not some kind of a supernatural transformation, but simply a disease, just like flu, pneumonia, or SARS.

This realisation helped us create one of the most outstanding features of Dying Light: its setting. A quarantined city just several weeks after the outbreak.

It’s an intriguing locale that shows the horrible reality of living in the quarantine zone infested with the raging infected. “We were doctors, teachers, fathers, sons” – says the trailer’s narrator. People who just two months or so earlier had families, homes, and jobs, had to become scavengers and hunters in order to survive. Now their everyday routine consists of gathering supplies, repairing barricades, fighting for medicines – struggling to stay alive, to put it simply. In this world, things that we take for granted are in fact precious commodities.

When traversing the city of Harran, the player will encounter survivors in a variety of situations. You may find them hidden, trapped or surrounded by the infected in the most unlikely places, calling hopelessly for help. Your help. It’s up to you whether you’ll decide to come to their aid or not. Lending a helping hand, be it out of kind heart or want for reward, is always a risk, though. The grim reality of Harran doesn’t allow any safe choices.

“But so they were,” continues the narrator. In the quarantine zone, the line between the infected and the sane is very thin. The player should remember that not only the survivors were common people like you and me months earlier – so were the infected. Imagine that in order to stay alive, you could be forced to shoot your family doctor, chop a colleague from your office to pieces, or leave your best friend for certain death.

It’s either you or them. But you should never forget that they’re not walking corpses – they’re just infected, although as of yet there’s no cure for their illness. What would you do if there was one?

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Lifesavingairbag 11 February, 2014 @ 15:14

Ps app on iOS really needs a patch. You can’t view videos and it’s trial and error if you are trying to post a comment.

I bet it all works fine on Xperia’s tho!


Be a Zombie Mode sound interesting

I really hope this time Techland will deliver on their promises and not only deliver a nice trailer but also an intelligent, adult game with a deep story that matters and gameplay to support it. The game sure looks beautiful.

I hope they’ll make the test version available. Woul really love to try some gameplay before buying. Not repeating my misplaced Dead Island hype.

Because of the Batman: Arkham Origins controversy that started yesterday, I’ve decided to never buy a game again that is published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It’s a real shame, because I was really looking forward to playing Dying Light and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. But if you abandon your broken games because you want to release more overpriced DLC for it, well then you have lost me as a costumer.

Techland, next time, try to find a decent publisher that actually respects gamers !

Did you see they are also releasing Batman Blackgate on XBLA? Really annoying!

As for Dying Light, is it true there will be a PS4 demo this week?

Looks interesting. Waiting for it to arrive on PSN Demo to try it first. Best Wishes!

I heard that the analogue combat controls were removed from the game, i hope that’s not true but if so please put them back in they were great on Dead Island I would hate to see what looks like a great game be spoiled with boring dumbed down combat controls

@ ThugETH

Yeah I saw that aswell this morning, absolutely hilarious to be honest ! On monday they are in the middle of this HUGE media controversy, and then the next day they are like “Hey please buy this new game that is going to be released very soon !”

I’m guessing that the Warner Bros. PR/community team is going to get fired very soon lol

Cute-and-Fluffy1 11 February, 2014 @ 16:24

another round of zombie killing bring it on plus like the idea of the be a zombie mode

Please Tymon I want demo for PS4?

Im so excited for this game. So bad PS4 games release dates are mostly on the end of this year :/

Pretty annoying how trailers from youtube work on PS4, but youtube itself doesn’t.


February 11 will be the day of trial for all humanity. Save the date!

Oh right trailer about Humanity.

“Imagine that in order to stay alive, you could be forced to shoot your family doctor, chop a colleague from your office to pieces, or leave your best friend for certain death.”

there are several scenarios where I could chop my office colleagues to pieces without needing a zombie outbreak…

maybe you must choose another example XD

nfskingrlinworld 12 February, 2014 @ 10:37

wow best zombie game and i try to play game coming out it and i want play it so much mmmmmmm

Agree with some other comments. I too was taken in by techlands terrific trailer for dead island only to be very disappointed. Once bitten, twice shy springs to mind.

DarkEnglishStorm 15 February, 2014 @ 12:18

loved dead island was a different twist cant wait for this
hope they deliver on actual gameplay vt’s look gr8

Reaally looking forward to this!

Looks like a fun game, but…

Warner Bros just gave us a huge middle finger by refusing to fix the mess they made with Arkham Origins. I won’t be forgetting this and won’t be touching anything else they publish, since I know they won’t provide the financial backing for updates.

I hope other people will vote with their wallets on future releases, otherwise we’re just giving them a license to take our money and hand out broken junk.

My condolences to Techland, Warner Bros will probably blame the inevitable backlash on you.

rayna-monique 06 March, 2014 @ 14:19

getting it woop

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