PlayStation Store charts, January: Minecraft’s reign continues

Call of Duty: Ghosts #1 on PS4, OlliOlli makes a splash on PS Vita

Time once again to look back and see which games dominated PlayStation Store in January. Once again, Minecraft was way out in front on PlayStation 3, with the rest of the top 10 largely made up of titles discounted in our recent January sale. On PS4, Call of Duty Ghosts clung to the top spot, with Need For Speed scaling the summit on PS Vita, aided by a seasonal price drop. It was a quiet month for new entries, but a shout-out is due for OlliOlli which debuted at number five on the PS Vita chart after just eight days on sale. And just as impressive, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition made nine on the PS4 list with just one day on sale.

See below for the full run-downs:

PlayStation 3:

1. Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition (1)
2. Crysis 3 (7)
3. Dead Space 3 (12)
4. Battlefield 3 (17)
5. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (8)
6. Need for Speed Most Wanted (19)
7. Mass Effect (13)
8. Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD (New)
9. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (15)
10. FIFA Street (RE)
11. Dragon Age II (RE)
12. Payday 2 (RE)
13. Far Cry 3 (RE)
14. Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel (20)
15. Crysis (RE)
16. Mirror’s Edge (RE)
17. EA SPORTS FIFA 14 (4)
18. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (RE)
19. DRIVER San Francisco (RE)
20. SSX (RE)


1. Call of Duty: Ghosts
2. Battlefield 4
3. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
5. NBA 2K14
6. Need for Speed Rivals
7. Trine 2: Complete Story
8. Flower
9. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
10. flOw

PS Vita:

1. Need for Speed Most Wanted (4)
2. Muramasa Rebirth (6)
3. Assassin’s Creed III Liberation (8)
4. OlliOlli (New)
5. Terraria (2)
6. LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita (RE)
7. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (New)
8. Jetpack Joyride (RE)
9. Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition (RE)
10. Farming Simulator (RE)

PS one and PS2 Classics:

1. Final Fantasy VII (6)
2. Final Fantasy IX (9)
3. Final Fantasy VIII (8)
4. Crash Bandicoot (1)
5. Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped (2)
6. Final Fantasy VI (RE)
7. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (3)
8. CTR: Crash Team Racing (4)
9. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (5)
10. Final Fantasy V (RE)

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Nice that those wonderful discounts for Ni No Kuni or EA titles resulted in great sales for them. I hope they are satisfied and that other games and publishers will follow. :)

More people should buy Olli Olli :)

The sales have had a big impact on the charts as expected.

On the subject of sales the last 2 months format of detailing all sale items at start of month and running 1 big sale is a winner in my eyes and I really hope this format is the norm going forward.

The last couple of months the sales have been extremely good ! I didn’t buy anything during the Christmas/New Year sale (I was interested in lots of games but my backlog was way too big at the time), but I’m definately going to buy some things in the February sale.
I think The Wolf Among Us will score very high on the chart next month because of the discount !

Olliolli is my new favourite game. The perfect handheld game and loving the daily grinds!

What does the (RE) and numbers mean?


(RE) stands for re-entry. The numbers are where the games charted last month.


I think it means Re Entry

jamie-sixtyfour 11 February, 2014 @ 19:19

I can’t wait for Minecraft: PS4 edition.

Loving the sales atm, even if I’ve only bought a few things. Seeing Ni No Kuni in the chart brings a smile to my face, its really such a great game.

Fred, a little off topic but I was wondering if you know anything about the issues people have been having with the new Firmware Update for PS3? I haven’t updated mine yet which means I can’t do any online stuff because I’m worried my PS3 is going to get stuck at 99% like what has happened to others.


Sorry but this list is awful. I know the sales distort the charts but there are barely any first party Sony 1st party titles in the charts and bar a select few the rest of the games are ancient. Excuse me for telling it how it is.


To be fair, January is always a slow month for new releases, and it’s traditionally a big month for sales and discounts on catalogue titles – hence why so many appear here. You’ll see more ‘new’ titles charting as the release schedule gets busier over the coming months, I’m sure.

Me and my brother have played through soooo many co-op games togheter and there has only been one I really didn’t like, and that one is Army of Two the devils cartel. The action is so non-stop that it gets old real quick.


Yeah, the sales have really improved lately. Haven’t purchased anything on sale in years and these last couple of sales I got Rain, Crysis 3, Payday 2 and Wolf among Us season pass. Better and more relevant selections and more worthy prices. Keep that up!

nfskingrlinworld 12 February, 2014 @ 11:38

not good sony i hate Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition (1) and i want Grand Theft Auto V be (1) and Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition (5) be better more!!!!! >:(


I am surprised tearaway is not up there on the charts, I guess people have finished the game.

great buth waiting minecraft ps4 edition ( i finding ps3 map size to littel )
+ starbound

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