Hands-on with inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4

Find out how Sucker Punch’s super-powered open-world actioner plays

Delsin Rowe strolls down a shadowy length of docks with ample confidence. Caches of illegal drugs have been hidden among the houseboats moored there, which is a disagreeable notion to our super-powered, rough-around-the-edges hero.

But with eye-searing neon and seething smoke at his disposal, Delsin has little to fear from the drug peddlers peppering him with gunfire. Bullets ricochet off the flashing neon light around his head as he flinches — they’re more an annoyance than a danger. As he leaps into the air to greet his enemies, powers flaring to life, he can destroy them or subdue them. And that’s up to the player.


Choice has always played a vital role in the inFAMOUS series, and inFAMOUS Second Son is no exception. Amidst all the open-world action that developer Sucker Punch has set in its own Seattle, Delsin can enter combat as a careful hero or a ruthless force. These methods of play not only affect how each battle scene is approached, but how Delsin’s powers manifest themselves.

Smoke and neon, the two powers Sucker Punch has revealed so far, can cater to either play style. Players unconcerned with the lives of civilians can wreak havoc without fear, weaponising the environment to destroy enemy APCs, or plunging into the ground to unleash devastating shockwaves that don’t differentiate between enemy DUP agents and innocent bystanders.


But Second Son also empowers heroic players in this digital playground. Players can modify Delsin’s basic neon blast with a slow-motion aim that highlights an enemy’s leg, tangling them in glowing binds. Subdued, they’re no longer a threat to Delsin, but they needn’t lose their lives to his super-human barrage.

When Delsin gets in close to stunned enemies, small prompts on screen allow players to choose between executing and subduing their targets. With one button press, Delsin can vaporize an enemy soldier in a flash of glittering light, or leave him struggling on the ground with a battered ego.

Like past inFAMOUS games, these choices dramatically alter the way players perceive each scene. Crowded tunnels teeming with civilians may be a challenging test of patience and skill, or a gleeful shooting gallery. Regardless of a player’s preference, Delsin’s powers encourage both styles of play. Even traversal skills like the smoke-fuelled dash can be turned into a lethal attack or an exercise in restraint.


But the choices presented to Delsin don’t all erupt in the heat of combat. When he catches up with the hot-headed Conduit known as Fetch, Delsin can take her under his wing and redeem her, or encourage her violent tendencies and corrupt her. These choices not only alter the course of the narrative, but change the mission sets presented to players afterwards.

With so much power at his fingertips, Delsin can save a lot of lives in inFAMOUS Second Son… or he can leave a long trail of bodies. Ultimately, that choice is up to the player when Second Son launches for PS4 on 21st March.


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Looks great and all but where are all the humans? Screenshots that have been released are often quite empty. Seattle is a pretty big city and you would think quite a few people would live in it.

Just like past infamous titles I’ll be playing both ways anyway.

Cant wait for this! Its going to be the reason to own a ps4!!!

This game would be a great choice of game to newcomers of the PS4. I hope it will have good reviews when the game is on sale and is one of the big blockbuster sellers of 2014!

As others have said this is the reason I’m an early adopter of the ps4.

A hands-on without a video is a waste of time imo.

xXCandyMan342Xx 12 February, 2014 @ 16:23

I can’t wait to play this next month it’s looking really good :D


@seldinhio – your opinion counts for nothing, iMo.


really looking forward to this game its the reason i got a ps4,would be nice if we could pre order the game on the ps4 store like the us ps4 owners can but then again scea seam to get everything


Already pre-ordered since last year Can’t Wait :D


For those people who keep asking about the number of Playstation Plus games being reduced. Save your breath because you are just wasting your time and will never get a reply. You will just be ignored like all the others who have been asking since last year.

The best option for them to take notice is to hit them in the wallet and don’t renew Plus. Regardless of how Sony try to paint a rosy picture they are in dire a financial situation. The end of this financial year estimated to post another 1.1 billion dollars loss and then there is all the billions in dept from many years of huge losses.


Can’t wait for this game!! Already have it pre-ordered. Will be playing this before Final Fantasy x/x-2 HD cos this is a must have!!

Ryan clements! Miss you buddy!
Can’t wait for this game though, it’s what my ps4 has been waiting for!

Cannot wait for that glorious platinum! Thanks for the write up Clements, beyond!



Wait what? Why would anyone want the amount of playstation plus games to be reduced?

I applaud Sony and Sucker for the notion of keeping this and a few upcoming major exclusives single-player only. I am going to try to the best of my ability to support Second Son at launch even though I don’t own a PS4 yet. The UK collector’s edition being exclusive to GAME is a bummer though. I mean £79.99, come on!


I’m really looking forward to the soundtrack. It’s such a bummer that it’s not in the Collector’s Edition.. :(

My KILLER-App for PS4!!! But I don’t have time for a PS4 now :\
Have a huge backlog on my PS3 still.


infamous : second son in ps vita !!??

b_r_u_n_i_t_o_u 15 February, 2014 @ 06:35

does it bother you to publish a LINK for pre-order !?

can not wait !!!

Can’t wait for infamous second son

I cant wait to play it already paid for my special edition copy


awsome couldn’t wait


I absolutely cannot wait for this game to come out, March is so close, yet so far. My clock is ticking to slowly, the calendar is just sitting there staring at me, hurry up lol, me wants neon!

Looks really cool , only just got my PS4 never played an Infamous game before, can’t wait for this!

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