Introducing Bound by Flame, a new RPG for PS3 and PS4

Epic dark fantasy promises nuanced combat, deep customisation and massive monsters

Hello PlayStation Blog readers! This is Walid, producer at Spiders Studio. I’m very proud to tell you about Spiders’ latest game and our first RPG for PS4, Bound by Flame. We’re planning to release our latest baby in Q2 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Today, we chose to unveil an overview trailer to show you some of the most important features of the game:

After watching this trailer we can dig a little deeper into what Bound by Flame is all about! Bound by Flame is an action/RPG set in a dark fantasy universe. In this world, evil wizards, the 7 Icelords, have taken over the world, raising an army of undead and wiping all the livings. Your character is named Vulcan (you’ll be able to choose between a man and a female and customise your appearance), a mercenary and an explosives expert – a very unlucky one I might add – who has been possessed by a very powerful fire demon. I won’t go into details on how that happens; you’ll have to play to find out yourself!

Working on Bound by Flame has been a blast! I mean, this is dark fantasy right? Truckloads of big, ugly monsters, all sorts of magic and some of the meanest badass bosses you’ve ever seen!


In Bound by Flame, you better be prepared before charge into a fight. Wait, no, scratch that! You’d better not charge into a fight; sneak instead, booby trap the place or fireball the hobblers to pieces. That’s what I’d recommend… well, that’s how I would do it anyway, but I guess that’s because I’m a chicken. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an infiltration game, it’s just that we’ve made the fights hard and demanding. It’s no walk in the park.

If you still insist on going hand-to-hand with your enemies, you might want to pick a massive weapon for an efficient skull bashing. I personally favour the hammer, because it is heavy and it smashes shields like glass. Bound by Flame has this concept of breaking attacks, you can break an enemy’s attack if you have enough breaking power or he can break yours if you don’t have enough breaking resistance. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that a hammer packs a lot of power. You might also enjoy waving an axe around or just chopping slices out of your foes with a sword.

I said that I liked hammers, but I also like the other combat stances, and especially the two daggers fighting style. It’s a high speed, high DPS fighting style perfectly suited for my advanced hit and run techniques (especially the running part). Did I mention that you can dodge in this fighting style? If you get the timing right you can turn your character into a blur that’s impossible to hit. The two daggers are a little less efficient against some heavier enemies though, but when I stumble on one of these guys, I just switch back to my hammer, simple and easy.

Anyhow, no matter my fighting style, I never forget to light my weapon on fire for a nice undead BBQ.


We at Spiders put a lot of time and effort into giving you guys a challenging and fine-tuned gameplay experience. With variety in mind, we developed different fighting styles as well as an in-depth equipment upgrade and customisation system; all of your equipment from sword to boots can be upgraded through crafting as long as you gather enough ingredients.

We really wanted you guys to feel like you could build the armor and the weapons you want to wear and use! Also, keep in mind that upgrading is not for looks only and each of the customisations you’ll make will directly impact your characteristics and dramatically influence combats’ outcome.

You can expect resistance on the way; every enemy has its own specific attacks; even the basic ones can be a hassle, some can resist physical damages while other resists magical damages, and are poisonous or just plain evil.

We like our monsters big and somewhat fluffy. Dark fantasy is so much fun to work with; the first thing we asked ourselves when the production began was “How can we make big monsters?” and then we went on and did some very big and ugly ones.

We also threw some companions into the mix so you wouldn’t feel alone in the fight, and after the fight. Keep an eye on them, don’t let them fall victim to the enemy blades. You might even score some romances with some of them! J


Anyhow gang! I really hope you’ll enjoy playing BBF as much as we enjoyed making it, enjoy the overview trailer!

Oh … and by the way, do not hesitate to visit the official website or Spiders Devblog for more info, and the official Facebook page to stay tuned with all the news about the game. I’ll stop by sometimes to answer some comments, so if you have any question, just ask it!

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Looks nice, I really like the design of some of the monsters also got a bit of a dragon’s dogma vibe from it in places.

Is this going to be a physical retail title or digital?

Gives me a Dragon Age – Origin feeling for the design, but a nice Dragon’s Dogma action twist, I hope i can romance the cute witch as a lady Vulcan.

Looks interesting. I’ll most likely play it as I’m an RPG whore.

wow. this looks really good. Love rpg’s and this seems to be day 1 on my ps4

Looks promising ;)

Looks really good!
It gives me a Kingdoms of Amalur vibe! But it seems more “realistic” and less cartoony…seems like a great RPG

Hey. Looks really good. Can’t wait for some ps4 fantasy RPG action.
Is it open world or linear? And is their any multiplayer elements?

This is certainly on my PS4 radar now. I’ve got a lack of decent games minus Lego Move and Thief coming up, and i’m a sucker for a good RPG.

Looks like a PS Home game.


First I though something like Infamous (Hero vs Demon), but now I think something like Dragon Age, which means a must buy for me.

Looks super sweet. Will keep an eye on this game.

Gotta get it

Gotta get it!!! Topshelf fosho


That commentary was… legendary…ily ridiculous. xD
The game looks really promising though, looking forward to seeing this hit both platforms!

The voice of the guy in the trailer reminds me of a car seller, look at this customizable armor , romance u’r party, deadly enemies like any of that hasn’t been done before, nothing new here.


Yeah the trailer is not doing the game any justice. Voice over is poor and so is the script.

Nontheless looking forward to this. Looks like a bunch of fun.

A combination of Borderlands and Kingdom of Amalur which looks playable. Might actually give it a look.

As mentioned by other users, the trailer is horrible. Had to watch it on mute past the 30th second. You should have gone for the Borderlands style trailer, with bulletpoints intervening between highlights and some good battle music on the background, something from Two Steps from Hell perhaps.

looks interesting , cant wait for more info :)

Great news, always exited to see new games coming out for PS4. Most likely will buy this game .. I LOVE SP rpg games and the PS4 lacks those right now XD @ the PSblog guys .. wow the redesign is kinda confusing, I’ll probably get used to it soon though. I liked the 5 points system, but I kinda understand why you changed it to like and dislike .. still, would prefer giving a score though .. (that said, I’m pretty sure 99.9% of all people either gave a 5 or a 1 and nothing in between LOL so it’s not that different)

Always exited to see new games for PS4, esp since I love SP RPG’s.

lol .. sorry for the double post guys, the first one gave an error I thought it did not go trough.


Yay! Bring on the RPGs! I’m hoping that the PS4 rocks the RPGs like the PS2 did. I do hope that the fighting isn’t too insanely difficult though. I’m one of those crazy people that will play an RPG for the story as much as the game play.


Looks interesting although the ingame animations (and controls and combat?) look like they could use some work, looks kind of stiff at this point.

Look Nice.


Hmm. So far the trailer only showed some grinding/farming features and little RPG elements.
Let’s hope this will not be another Diablo clone.

ChameleonVector 15 February, 2014 @ 15:51

Looks pretty awesome.. Why can’t games like this come out with co-op? I’d do almost anything to run around in an open world RPG with 1-3 friends tagging along (or me tagging along with them). :(

Im sold! This together with The witcher 3, Shadow of mordor, Infamous 3, Dragon Age 3 and Lords of the fallen will keep me busy the whole year. We love open world Rpgs sony, please give us mooooore!!!!!

Well it looks fine and it gives me that Dragon Age vibe,so that means maybe I will purchase it if the game is at least a 6/10 score game on metacritic.I mean i somehow enjoyed their last game Mars Log Wars so we shall see

If price correct = instant buy ( 59,99€ )

Also i want to nowh if story ends the game ends ore you are abel to play infinity like in sandbox .

I to lokking into dragon age – whitcher 3

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