New The Order: 1886 trailer unveiled

Plus, Ready at Dawn discusses its vision of neo-Victorian London

In The Order: 1886, we present our neo Victorian London; an alternate version of history centred around an age old war, where mystery and technological advances take centre stage. This conflict pitted mankind against half-breeds in a battle for survival and has been fought over centuries. This became the catalyst for the noblest warriors of their time to come together in an alliance, to form an Order who bravely battled to hold the line for hundreds of years.

Through the centuries, their vigil has kept humanity safe and the war at bay while The Order’s members remained hidden behind history and legend. But everything changes with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. The tide of war shifts as the Knights finally bring the battle to the half-breeds with the help of new weaponry.


 A glimpse of the Thermite Rifle, a key weapon in the Order’s arsenal

But with progress comes civil unrest and rebellion, by the very people they have sworn to protect. Oppressed by what they perceive to be a dictatorship, the Rebellion rises out of the streets of Whitechapel and quickly prove themselves a dangerous foe, taking up arms against the Monarchy and The Order.


Concept art of Rebels

The Order now lives in a world where they must face and fight their fellow man while protecting their kind from the half-breeds. In The Order: 1886, you will be confronted by a diverse group of adversaries and use your weaponry against different factions.

We recently shared a first look at gameplay with journalists that illustrates the rebel uprising. That coverage is hitting websites and blogs today so be sure to check it out. Everyone here at Ready At Dawn is hard at work on the game – it’s been great to see all the excitement and we promise to share more soon!


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Even better videos including gameplay and a kind of branching QTEs:

Cant wait…..But first Infamous SS….Release date for The Order 1886 at E3…Ps4 looking great in 2014

Wasn’t on my radar before.

Now it is.

Мне понравилось!!!!

From what I’ve seen it’s a very nice looking third person cover shooter with a nice twist on QE.
But the aesthetics are constantly very grim. Will it lighten up somewhere in the game, will we be able to free roam and will the game take you out of the city.
Looking forward to much more information because I still not “feel” the game…

looking very good.

Loved ready at dawns games on PSP so I’m sure I’ll love this game on ps4, keep up the good work guys.

Was expecting at least a peak at gameplay and was dissapointed by there being none.

I like the concept but until I see dome actually gameplay there’s not much to get excited about, the dark sorcerer already showed how good the graphics on ps4 can be and this did nothing to heighten that

Bring it on!

@hayzink – There’s some gameplay footage over at Eurogamer ( – looks beautiful.

I am also a bit baffled. When they pre-announced an incoming new trailer, I asked if it would include gameplay scenes.

Now we have first gameplay scenes out there, but all that Playstation shows is another CGI story trailer. People flood Twitter with requests for gameplay – no reaction. I included 2 YT links in a comment, but that remains in moderation.

Is there something problematic with those existing videos, so that you don’t want to show what your customers are asking for?
Really, especially if you raise the expectations with a previous announcement, you should also try to deliver.

Cooll. Looking forward to

alice_push_lara2 18 February, 2014 @ 14:17

The Order: 1886’s Mixed Signals
We’ve finally seen it with our own eyes.
—- by Colin Moriarty February 18, 2014 (

my expectation for this game is high, hope it wouldnt let me down

makes me glad i chose Ps4 looks stunning

The trailer was cool but…..I’m tired of trailers without gameplay that don’t show us the game but a bit of the story :( I want a REAL trailer

Ohhh my god this looks sweet.

Tobbe__Karlsson 18 February, 2014 @ 16:20

havent seen the trailer. im not sure if i wanna watch it, not that it sucks! i know it rules. I just dont wanna watch it, like save all the “graphics”, the way it plays, looks, voices

Looks & sounds AMAZING :P
+ If anyone wants to see bits of real ‘Gameplay’ goto – ‘PlayStation Access’ on YouTube & watch the Video ‘The Order 1886 – New PS4 Gameplay & Info’ one, GOD it looks AMAZING! :P :P :P

This went OFF my radar when I found out it was not 4 player co-op. I have way more than enough single player games already. I also have plenty of online ‘versus’ shooters.

All I’m looking for now is a GREAT PS4 co-op game or two that play something like Left 4 Dead, or even RE:ORC, where you battle your way through the levels and there’s some point to it. NOT another lame co-op ‘horde’ mode like Gears/L4D survival/CoD/etc…

Someday… ;)

The graphics looks amazing, the setting is perfect, weapons are great, but the gameplay… I’m worried about the gameplay. When I first heard the concept, I immedaitely tought a lineair game like Uncharted, just with more grand maps. This is next-gen: I want different routes where different difficulty could happen like one hard stealthier, one uncharted like, and one grand battlefront. That was my vision of this game, but that gameplay video rather reminded me of Final Fantasy XIII… in a bad way: boring gameplay = boring game. But they have 8 months till release, the other videos surely will show more of my vision. I really really want to love this game…

Already pre-ordered when I heard it was a single player action game.

What a terrible trailer, especially considering it was announced a day in advance. I’m looking forward to the game, but not having the courage to include gameplay footage is worrying, to say the least.

European_Gamer 18 February, 2014 @ 17:50

Is this the only gameplay trailer?


The game looks great!! It’s about time ya write on the blog. So how soon is the wait for more news? :D

Game looks wonderful. It’s just too bad that it doesn’t support co-op (don’t care about other multiplayer modes), especially after watching the hands on video at Eurogamer. The gameplay looks more than suitable to support co-op.


Art style is unbelievable, you guys definitely should release big fancy standalone art book


Wow ! I can’t wait to play it. :)


This’ my 2nd most anticipated game for this year after Destiny, i hope they reveal more at the next E3…

I think I will wait until the next trailer of this game. It looks interesting but not sure if it will be a good or a bad game for the PS4.


that hand was damn creepy with those cracking noises

Amazing i can’t wait for more gameplay i m sure will see insane action


This looks way better than I thought it would. The animations are beautiful and for once, the cover system actually looks quick and dynamic. Combat variety looks great too, going from third person shooting into some kind of fistfight. I was probably gonna get this for being more original than the average release but the gameplay looks better than expected too. I’m sold.


@UKParallax I think they should keep those apart, gameplay should get its own trailers. I hate it when they add gameplay to an actual trailer. This trailer is alright IMO, great voice over (as opposed to those stupid sentences you get in between footage, like in many trailers) and a little look into the world and characters.


CostaPablo This is a REAL trailer, what you’re referring to is a gameplay trailer -_- So silly that people always want to just see gameplay, I love trailers like this. The only real epic gameplay’ish trailer I’ve ever seen was that of God of war 3. You’re gonna eventually play the game anyway so gameplay trailers become completely useless at that point. Real trailers like these are worth rewatching once in a while.


Oh, damn good! :)


Looking forward to it, cant wait!



Amazing i can’t wait for more gameplay. :)

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