5 things you need to know about Helldivers

New screens for the epic top-down squad shooter out soon on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Hey there, Johan from Arrowhead here. I’m excited to give you an update on how HELLDIVERS is coming along since our announcement at Gamescom in August. For those of you who haven’t seen much of the game – HELLDIVERS is a top down, twin stick shooter set in a dystopian world, coming to PS4, PS3 and PS Vita this year.

As a part of an elite fighting force ‘THE HELLDIVERS’, you battle for humanity against three formidable alien races, protecting the inhabitants of Super Earth from the ugly realities of intergalactic warfare. But how did this ugly war begin? Hmm…

1. An intergalactic campaign
HELLDIVERS is all about team work. The entire community wages an intergalactic war played out over four to six weeks (we are still tweaking the exact time frame), every victory and every defeat impacts the war which can be either won or lost, depending on the efforts of you – the community.

Whether you’re cooperating with your two to four person squad or fighting steadfastly alone, you choose the mission that matches your capabilities. Rise through the ranks and earn new weapons and perks or save entire planets for that most valuable asset: the Stratagems.

HELLDIVERS Ship_1392378689

2. Say hello to the Cyborg
Up to this point, we’ve showed you one of the enemy races in the game: the Bugs. In addition to the Bugs, Super Earth is also at war with the socio-feudal Cyborg Nation, a race of bionically augmented separatists that once were part of the Super Earth federation, but now have declared their sovereignty. The Cyborg’s heavy armour and projectile weaponry presents the HELLDIVERS with a very different tactical challenge, where the “fire and manoeuvre” doctrine is of essence.

HELLDIVERS Snow Turret Defend_1392378697

3. Cold as ice
At Gamescom, we showed you the desert environment, and today, we’re unveiling the second environment – ice. Not only do you need to band together to fight the alien races, you need to stay on your toes to tackle the dynamic environments that dictate your fighting techniques. Beware, if you wander from the solid rock to the deep powder, your squad will need to trudge through the snow, slowing you down and rendering retreat impossible.

HELLDIVERS Snow Tank Fire_1392378695

4. Strategise with strategems
Probably the most essential part of the game (aside from your comrades) are strategems. Each player selects their load-out prior to the mission, containing up to four support strategems of their choosing. Called in by the player, stratagems are key to deciding the outcome of battle, a few of my current favourites are automated the defence turrets, napalm, heavy artillery for busting tanks and jump packs. One thing with HELLDIVERS that never seems to get old is the bickering and strategic talks when selecting the stratagem composition with your team.

5. Yes, there are mechs!
To tackle some of the unforgiving environments and challenging foes, HELLDIVERS have a fleet of advanced vehicles – the most frequently deployed is a mechanical armoured biped that wreaks absolute havoc. The standard mech is equipped with a Gatling gun and a grenade launcher pod.

HELLDIVERS Snow Mech v Tank_1392378692

Remember, all of the weapons in Helldivers are very powerful to counter the tough alien races that mankind faces, as such almost all weapons can tear a man in half. In the heat of battle, nobody is safe.

Watch out for HELLDIVERS, available for PS3, PS Vita and – running in beautiful 1080p and 60 fps – PS4, later this year.

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This sounds amazing!!! Can’t wait to see more :D

When it out!? Day 1 for me!

Is it a downloadable PSN game or is it a full priced game?

First i heard on this, think it is a psn game?, are you letting xbla have it as well, just hope the price is agreeable, the trial keeps my interest and that will be another for me.. Also a eta would be nice, hope everything goes smooth for you’s up to release.

theo_andravida 19 February, 2014 @ 16:31

Reeeeaaallly looking forward to this game! :)
When is it releasing?
Also , do you know its price?
Thanks on any reply!


Since it’s available cross-playstation-platofrm, will it be cross-buy? Or cross-play? Would be cool to play alongside a friend using the Vita and PS3.

Still looking forward to this either way XD

when this was first announced you guys told us that it was cross play and cross buy is this still the case ? or did you change your mind ?

This looks … absolutely awesome. Can’t believe I haven’t heard of this one before, but it’s on my watch list now. Just a couple of questions though which may make or break it for me:

– How fast does this play – is it non-stop manic twitch gaming, or can you play it at a more tactical speed to suit your own style of play.
– I play almost exclusively on my commute on Vita, where there’s no Internet, and I absolutely despise online or multiplayer gameplay anyway – if you’re playing alone, does the AI control the rest of the squad, and are there any missions that you really NEED to have multiplayer friends to beat? Can this be played as a 100% solo offline campaign game, or are you required to take part in the community aspect by design?

BLUE_GANGSTA_10 19 February, 2014 @ 23:50

Will it be free to PS+ subscribers?

I am ready to dive into Hell.

Looking very forward to this… day one purchase for me. Any sign of a beta?

LieutenantFatman 21 February, 2014 @ 05:52

Looks fantastic, I played this at Eurogamer and loved it.


Cool, looking great. There are some sweet looking retro-like games and gameplay coming out for PS4 that are making me very excited now! Thankfully it’s not all about FPS :)) Will be keeping my eye on this one….

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