Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us now available free

Go behind the scenes and see how Naughty Dog crafted its masterpiece

By now you’ve played The Last of Us and likely have learned more about Ellie’s backstory in The Last of Us: Left Behind. Maybe you’ve been wondering how we got Joel’s beard to look so good or why Ellie acts like she does? We’re pleased to say that Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us can provide you with some answers and that it’s now available to watch for free.

See above for the full, 90 minute, in-depth look at the making of The Last of Us throughout its development. We partnered with Area 5 to produce the video and it’s a thoughtful afterword to the game itself.

If YouTube watching isn’t your thing, we’re working on additional ways for you to view Grounded in its entirety so be on the lookout for those announcements.

If you haven’t purchased The Last of Us, The Last of Us: Left Behind or our Season Pass yet it’s best to do so before you dive into watching Grounded. As for our season pass holders, we’ll be adding even more value to your season pass in the coming weeks.

Be sure to check out Grounded and see how the game that’s won over 230 Game of Year awards, The Last of Us, was made.


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Thank you for making it available for us to watch in Europe! I was hoping to watch it ever since it became available on Amazon in the US (only).

Well worth paying for the Season Pass for just this a few months ago, amazing documentary for an amazing game.

Good on you Sony for making it available to everyone, I really enjoyed this Documentary when I watched it.

Always a pleasure to see Naughty Dog doing what they do best.


Love watching Behind The Scenes stuff. I wish more devs did this. Not gonna watch it now though. I’ll watch it when I get home from work late tonight, everyone in bed, means I give this my full attention. Of course, something like this simply needs to be watched in HD on a big screen, which is why I love Youtube on PS3. Be nice if this was on Netflix though.

Great insight in the best developer in the world working on the best game ever and besides Quantic Dreams the main reason I own a PS3.

This is just as amazing as the game itself. Thank you, Sony and ND!


The Last of Us, Best Game Ever Made ! I am playing it for the second time now and it’s still exciting !

This kinda makes my Season Pass less valuable, leaving only the one single player DLC as something of real value (map packs should really be free for a game with microtransactions in it). They talk about “adding value” to season passes – I’m sure it will be only MP stuff, which is useless to people who prefer SP experience. Lesson learned, I guess – never buy season passes in the future as some stuff will be available outside of it later.

Still, the documentary is very good and surely worth watching.

Wasn’t this meant to be exclusive to the Season Pass?
Only reason I paid the couple of quid extra over just the SP DLC.
Wouldn’t have bothered if I knew it would end up on YouTube.


Glad to see this up on YouTube. Loved the game and the newly released story DLC.

This was a really interesting documentary; is there anything equivalent for the Uncharted series?

Just played through Left Behind yesterday evening, best 3h of gaming in a long time! I don’t really understand how Naughty Dog will top this but I’m sure they will =)
Oh, and thanks for the behind the scenes video, will watch it tonight.

No captions? :/

This is great! I’ll watch it today after work. I really love watching all sorts of making of’s or developer diaries. Thanks ND for this and Sony for posting such videos more often these days!

Gah I literally bought the Season Pass like 30 minutes before this was announced so that I could get the documentary. Kinda devalued my purcahse which I was bummed about. Still great documentary though!


Well, this was incredible to watch. Almost as amazing as the game itself.

Worst season pass ever. Thank you ND — NOT.

Still worth it but now I know too not to buy any Season Passes again. You won’t miss a lot anyways when the Season Pass is on sale half year later after the release.

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