New inFAMOUS: Second Son videos show blistering gameplay footage

Not long to go now until Delsin Rowe lands on PS4 – whet your appetite with this new clip

In just under a month from now we’ll launch one of the most anticipated games of the year – inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4. To fuel the growing excitement for the 21st March launch date, we’ve worked closely with Sucker Punch to create adrenaline-fueled gameplay spots that dive into the defiant attitude of the game, combining both music and industrial superpowers.

In Second Son you’ll play as Delsin Rowe, a superhuman being who decides that possessing spectacular powers is extraordinarily thrilling. He quickly learns the freedom that comes with mastering his abilities and we can’t wait for you to experience that exhilaration for yourself.

These spots highlight the game’s jaw-dropping visuals and give you the opportunity to revel in mastering Delsin’s power as you stand up to the oppressive Department of Unified Protection. Check them out and let us know what you think – the EU clip is above, and the US clip is below.

The wait is almost over. Prepare to enjoy your power when inFAMOUS Second Son launches on March 21st.

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Hi when r u coming out with the IGC content for March?

jamie-sixtyfour 24 February, 2014 @ 14:24

The game looks beautiful and a fantastic use of PS4’s next-gen power. I am concerned that Delsin will be a bit of an annoying character to play as.

I want to like the character and so far I’ve seen nothing which will make me like him personally. I hope as the story progresses he’ll grow up a bit. Having said all that I will be getting this. It looks amazing :)

PS+ will be announced thursday (last I heared). Fred said to keep in mind that there would be a ps+ rotation once a month. Not every 30 days.

Meaning, it could be the 22nd 1 month, but it can be the 27nd the next.

Thanks Left

This doesn’t really look like game play footage.

I won’t be buying a PS4 because we lost our 3rd PS3 game while SCEA kept all 3 of theirs and nobody is explaining why.

@leftmonocule…… I wouldn’t read to much into what the folks behind SEN-Europe say. For quite sometime now the update has been happening on the last wednesday of the month and the announcement regarding the updated content usually comes about the 13th of the month. I can’t remember the announcement ever being this late so acting like this is normal practice is a little daft. Id say things are getting a little tricky for the guys who have to procure content for the IGC which is totally understandable, things happen but i would love a little more honesty and a little less silence on these matters.



Really? Does to me.

Oh I agree, I was just passing on the answer we did get.

Personally I don’t mind this particular delay. I do mind the reduction in IGC games. I haven’t found a single answer to that complaint in the past month. And that complaint has been made so many times.

Do we know if we get the Cole’s Legacy DLC if we purchase it via PSN? I’d prefer to buy it on the PSN store but with no pre-order being offered I thought I’d ask.


Yeah, i didnt mean you anyway i mean SEN are daft acting like everything is normal. I think the reason for us losing a a PS3 game and not USA i think it has to do with difficulty in gathering titles, it has to be a little harder for the Europe team with all the regional issues, with the USA one game fits all but in Europe its a very mixed bag, take the UK who certifies almost everything but other parts of Europe are not so lucky so everyone loses out, apart from on some occasions replacements have been found.

Anyway, sorry to hijack this thread.

Cant wait for Second Son to arrive and give me a reason to dust of PS4! Crazy that i even have to say that, the ps4 needs content asap. Second Son can’t come soon enough.

I don’t understand why you guys are complaining about 1 less playstation 3 game per month. We get games from 2013 and not even the bad ones. I would rather see more of this and get a game less per month. But whatever, some people are not happy with anything…

On topic:
Day one buy! :D


They just need one guy to do it all. Just one employee who’s full time job is answering questions on the blog and social media. Hell, I’d take that job. He could hang around the office ask around whenever he needs to.

Ofcourse the main problem is that they don’t want to answer a lot of these questions. Which I’m sure is for very good reasons. But still can’t help to feel cross about it.

Thanks for the heads up. I was looking forward to this game but I just cancelled my pre order because I’m still not able to buy a PS4 and Sony isn’t telling me when a new shipment arrives.
Can’t wait to play it next year in Plus.
Now lets hope I can buy a PS4 before the next game I look forward to, The Witcher 3, arrives :-D

@Yishiru… I’m more than than happy dude but i’d be even happier if SEN would be a little more forth coming. I agree people do complain wayyy to much but if SEN addressed these things sooner or stopped ignoring people it would be a much happier time. The IGC is still very awesome but more information on changes etc would help settle things.

alice_push_lara2 24 February, 2014 @ 15:48

the best TV commercial I have seen was Bioshock Infinite’s, but this one looks cool as well, looking forward to the release


I mean, it’s not even one less game a month is it? Not all games get replaced….there’s been something like 25 vs 23 games added over the last 7 or 8 months USvsEU.

Everyone should be happy! ‘Free’ games and a nice little yellow icon on your avatar…what’s not to love:)

Looks good!


Still nothing about IGG. So many people have been asking for an update over the last 2 weeks and nobody with so much of little decency have bothered for a 10 secs to even answer the freaking question. This is getting annoying.


Hey everyone. I’ve answered a number of times both here and on Twitter that the announcement would be later this week. You’re correct – it is a little later than usual. From now on we’ll be revealing the next batch of games approximately a week before they enter the service.

Let’s stay on topic. If you have questions or comments that don’t relate to Infamous, post in yesterday’s weekly recap post, or hit me up on Twitter (@FredDutton). Thanks.

Oh no, they are announcing when we get 5 free games a few days later than you were expecting from a slightly ambiguous post which was trying to be helpful. Lets insult all of the people who work to give us 5 free games a month because of the great inconvenience which this has caused.


really looking forward to this game it was one of the reasons i got a ps4 :D ooooooooh 21st march why are you so far away


Dying to get this game!! I’m bored at the moment and in need of a new game. Currently waiting for this one to arrive on my door steps!! Will be playing it all weekend flat out! hehe.

Looks Good, cant wait for this to be on my shelf at home

Must admit, I rarely buy games on day 1, but this is a must for me, can’t wait for my pre-order to come. Now where’s that DeLorean?

I love everything about this game except one thing where the crap obviously hit the fan for inFAMOUS fans. PlayStation 4 only. ‘Nuff said.

May I ask why?

benandrewsao21 25 February, 2014 @ 20:19

Looks like an amazing game! cant wait to play the true next gen game!

I’ll miss Cole, but hopefully i’ll get to like Delsin (pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition since I loved the other inFamous titles). And, here’s hoping it’s the first PS4 game that’s glitch free.

So far, i’ve been really disappointed at the lack of content on the PS4… just retro/indie titles which haven’t really shown it’s any better than the PS3.

And, please get YouTube, and other TV streaming catch-up services working on the PS4. Really, there’s no excuse as to why it couldn’t be backward compatible and play PS3 titles as well. Why did Sony release such a crippled system?

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