8 reasons why Trials Fusion should be on your PS4 wishlist

Ubisoft’s acclaimed stunt bike series makes its PS4 debut on 16th April

Last week we were lucky enough to take a sneak peek at Trials Fusion – the platform racing game that’ll have you jumping your motocross bike over, under and through devilish obstacles when it arrives on PS4 from 16th April 2014. Here are just a few things you need to know about the game.

1. The biggest Trials ever?
Developer RedLynx have come a long way since the first Trials game, made by just five people more than ten years ago. Now with over a hundred games under their belt, RedLynx has a significant number of their 100-strong team of developers working on Trials Fusion. That’s not to mention the collaboration work between studios within the Ubisoft family.

“In many ways we’re even more independent since the acquisition by Ubisoft in 2011. The major difference is that we now also have the support and collaborative capability with so many fantastic studios worldwide” Tero Virtala, Managing Director.

the biggest trials ever

2. Introducing the Rabbit…
As well as a range of different motocross bikes, each with varying speed and weight to change the way you tackle each course, you can unlock the Rabbit. With more pedal power than horse power, each touch of the controls has an instant impact on the orientation of the rider and the bike.

“It’s much lighter than the motocross bikes – the Rabbit is a real challenge to keep under control, even for experts” Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director.


3. Now with added quad bikes…
It’s not just bikes of the two wheeled variety that you can use to drive through levels – you’ll also be able to unlock the quad bike for a heavier, but much more powerful ride. Try landing a somersault with that beast!


4. Bring your friends
Not only will you have leaderboards to pit you against your friends, but you can bring along up to three mates for a head-to-head (to-head-to-head), in a single race or even a full blown tournament. Be careful though, vehicle choice might just make the difference between securing the win, and failing to finish…


5. FMX Mode opens up new possibilities
FMX Mode adds an extra dimension to the game by throwing tricks into the mix – using the right control stick you can perform outlandish moves, chaining multiple tricks to land the biggest score possible.


6. Go robo with deep customisation options
You can fully customise your rider, with a massive number of items to unlock as you play or purchase from the store. Tired of your silly old human legs? Why not replace them with some shiny new robotic limbs?


7. More course creation options than ever before
The tools that were used to make each level in Trials Fusion are also available for players to tinker with. With a huge number of ramps, jumps and even a bus stop to place along your track – look forward to the challenge never ending as you take on the tough tracks of other players.

“User generated tracks have been a key pillar for us in the past, and we can’t wait to see the creativity that will come from the users” Kim Lahti, Director of Production.


8. New stunt moves for bigger scores
In FMX mode, the rider jumps up on his seat and handlebars – bike in middair – arms out in front to strike a regal pose. This awesome stunt will help you rack up an intimidating score… if you can land it.


Watch out for Trials Fusion, available for PS4 from 16th April this year.

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Pretty hyped for this one! Finally we will have a good trials game on a Sony system.

Loved Urban Trial Freestyle on the Vita, looking forward to this!

looks cool

Awww hell yeah!

Then you gonna love this game even more. Urban Trials is fun for a few hours but i still play the 2 Trials they released on the Xbox 360. I am not a creator but loved to make levels for Trials and with 4 friends you gonna laugh your ass off ;)

Instant buy and maybe again Goty if they stay on the same level of goodness ;) Cant wait !

Will this be free to ps+ possibly?

And when are you guys going to tell us what’ll be in ps+ in march?

Ishan_The_King 26 February, 2014 @ 17:35

Visuals look much better than Urban Trials. Definitely on my PS4 wish list.

We want wipeout please

Vita Vita ??

It’s been years since I played Trials, this looks great!

Is that 4 player modes on 1 screen??? i.e 4 people can play at the same time like in split-screen games? If so I’M IN! :D

BloodMountain88 26 February, 2014 @ 18:12

What about a PS3 version? The game is coming out on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, so I see no reason not to release this on PS3 too.

Getting this day one for sure. Trials is awesome. Cant wait to play it in all its glory on a PS4


this will be amazing, such a big trials fan, cant wait.

cant wait for this .


Excellent, totally planning to add this game to PS4, it can do with few more games!

Going to ask for a high blood pressure pills as it would make me rage-quit if this game is like Trials HD on XBox 360.

Thought it would look a bit better than that, being a PS4 game. And yeah tell us the March PS+ games!

Day 1 for sure. I really appreciate Ubisoft for bringing this series over to PS4.

Looking fun i hope for a demo to see the frame not many ones have stable :/

I would really like to see this on Vita. I still need some more reasons to finally buy one.

Cannot wait for this. Skill games are still in, right, along with user created skill games? I hope so.

Great write up, really looking forward to this. :)


Here are 3 reasons why the PS4 is not on my wishlist.
1. We were reduced to 2 ps3 plus games while SCEA kept all 3 of theirs.
2. Our sales are nowhere near as good as the SCEA sales.
3. The ridiculous digital prices in the SCEE region.

For the players? Only if you have a SCEA psn account.


Some crazy prices for this floating about the internet. I hope there just placeholders otherwise your having a laugh, season pass business model as well – WOW.

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