Clone yourself in The Swapper on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita this May

Acclaimed indie puzzle platformer touches down soon

Our final PlayStation game announcement of the month (following Stealth Inc. Ultimate Edition, MouseCraft, Titan Invasion) is something I’ve wanted to talk about for a really long time. I’m now very happy to be able to tell you about our plans to bring the critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer, The Swapper, to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this year as a Cross-Buy title.

The Swapper was released in 2013 on PC, and has had some amazing press coverage, with excellent reviews from sites like IGN and Polygon, as well as winning numerous awards in the indie gaming scene for its story, graphics and puzzle design. We’re very lucky to be working with original developer Olli Harjola to bring the game to PlayStation formats, and the game is already looking beautiful on our PlayStation systems here at Curve towers, so we think you’re in for a real treat.


The Swapper is set on Theseus, a damaged space station and research facility. It’s a claustrophobic, dark and atmospheric environment but it’s also very unique in style – there’s no blocky pixel art and digital textures in this game, but instead handcrafted art and clay models designed by the original developers. These ‘real world’ props make up the many different environments in the game and provide The Swapper with an art style that feels realistic and is dripping with tons of detail. This is a game where the environment tells a story every bit as much as the dialogue in the game, so we’ve been working very hard at Curve to make sure each version we make for the PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita looks and sounds perfect.

As for the game itself, it’s your job to search for a way off Theseus station, a (mostly) abandoned, self-sustaining outpost in deep space. I won’t spoil the plot here, but The Swapper has some themes and stories every bit as dark as the games environment and very satisfying to play through. To aid your navigation in the station, you’re able to create up to four clones of yourself and can switch between them at will in order to solve a huge variety of clever puzzles.


We’ll be talking about the game in a bit more depth over the next few months, but we should be releasing The Swapper on all three PlayStation systems in late May this year, so if you’re into puzzle games, science-fiction or just want to try something really unique, keep an eye out for this one!

As always, I’m more than happy to answer any questions in the comments below!



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You’ve got to be kidding! I was holding out for this on Vita…But gave in, purchased and finished it on my mac today, TODAY! still brilliant news for everyone else though :D

…and to be fair, there’s more than enough depth to warrant a second playthrough!

jamie-sixtyfour 26 February, 2014 @ 14:07

I may or may not have this on Steam already but if the price is right I’ll double dip on the PS4.

OnionMarmalade 26 February, 2014 @ 14:13

Ill definitely buy this but can someone tell me if a game like FTL will ever come to the vita ? Indie titles are getting a lot of love from sony and I think it would just be a perfect fit.

Good to see this, I saw a play through of the first 15 minutes or so last year, looked interesting, will definitely pick it up, good work Curve!


Thank you!


Amazing News, I may own this already thanks to the Humble Bundle but this game is worth a double dip for sure. This last week we have had Risk of Rain confirmed for Vita, Papers Please Devs have said they want their game on vita now this. The vita is getting some amazing indie titles, congrats to everyone at Sony that has got these devs to make ports for the three playstation consoles

Brilliant I have been holding off getting this on steam in the hope it would come to PS4/PSV

Already got it on Steam, but since it’s crossbuy, I’ll pick it up :)

Really enjoyed this on PC. Since this is crossbuy I will get it. Will be good on the Vita.

Love the Cross-Buy service, I end up buying so many more titles because of this, and will grab The Swapper also now, looks great.

MaikelSteneker 26 February, 2014 @ 14:34

This game looks great. I already got it on PC, but I won’t say no to a cross buy title this good over three platforms. Looking forward to release!

Are there any differences between the PS3 and PS4 version?


The PS4 version will run at 60 FPS and has lots of graphic enhancements – some of them are very slight, like depth-of-field, but overall the PS4 version takes real advantage of the system for graphics.


Very nice move, i just didn’t know about this game and now thinking buy for Vita. (unless bad port)

Got it on Steam thanks to Humble Store’s launch sale I think. Cross-Buy on 3 platforms has got me definitely considering a double/triple/quadruple dip :)

And yet another Curve game to get onto my Vita, great selection of games and your ports are of very good quality, congratulations!

If you can stretch any resources, please get in touch with Lucas Pope and help him port Papers Please. His game is amazing and would really suit the Vita but porting the title might be challenging (lot of drag/drop involved and pinpointing areas in documents etc).


Thank you! I think Lucas is weighing up his options right now, hopefully he’ll decided he does want the Vita port as it’s an amazing game!

Great game I finished it on PC, pretty short though. Nice title for Vita if priced right.

I’ll buy this on day one!! Looking forward to it :D

theo_andravida 26 February, 2014 @ 16:44

Very nice game!Except for platform puzzles what else does it have?Does it include alien shooting and stuff like that?

Oh yissss….


Great news Curve, I’ve been wanting a Vita port of this for a really long time. Getting this day one!

And Curve does it again! Love you guys!!!
you always do a brilliant job. A must have like all your other games.
I can´t wait until you drop the names of the rest of titles you work on!

This looks great, a definite pick up for me. Curve’s support of the Vita has been fantastic, so many great titles and from the looks of things many more to come.

Keep it up guys.


I’m a big fan of the playstation brand here in Brazil, I am disappointed with the lack of attention to the ps vita system, applications, aualização, games, leave a real profile picture. I expected more from sony and still being a fan, I still believe in the potential of the device for many years. PS4 will be successful in the world and the PS VITA will be very helpful. thank you!

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