Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition arrives on PS4 next week

Housemarque’s apocalyptic top-down zombie shooter rises again, with brand new features

Making its way onto PlayStation 4 next Wednesday, 5th March, is Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition – the best ever version of the smash hit PSN classic Dead Nation.  What’s more, it will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers at no additional cost.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is a top-down shoot ’em up style game, set in an apocalyptic zombie infested world. It comes from the hugely talented developer Housemarque, famous for their Super Stardust titles, and more recently the critically acclaimed RESOGUN.


Dead Nation features a full campaign mode which can be played solo or in co-op. That is both online co-op and the now somewhat elusive local “coach” co-op.

Exclusively on PS4, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition features numerous enhancements, making it the best version of the game yet. You can now play in full 1080p HD, with improved textures, rendering and effects, ensuring the game has never looked sharper. We also improved the controls, adding in a quick weapon select, so your favourite zombie decimator is never out of reach.


The ‘Road to Devastation’ expansion is now included in the main game, giving you two extra game modes – Arcade and Endless, allowing you to test yourself against ever increasing odds. And with support for the official PlayStation companion app, all you completionists out there now have a second screen to monitor your game stats as you play.

One of the new features, which you may have spotted in the trailer, is Challenge mode. Every time you finish a single level you can now send your score over to a friend to try and beat. When playing a challenge you can see the avatar of the player who set the challenge, allowing you to race against them or scope out their high-scoring route.


What’s that I hear you say? Your friends are no match for your zombie decapitating skills? Well how about you take on the challenge of any leaderboard entry, for any single level, made by any player.

My favourite new feature is Broadcast+ mode. In this mode you can stream your game to the masses interactively, and your viewers can influence the difficulty of your game. Periodically all your viewers, whether they be on PS4 or a web browser, have the option to vote between a positive and negative effect that occurs in your game. There are a total of 30 different voting effects that can occur, ranging from spawning zombie packs to giving the player ammo, or even disabling the player’s ability to sprint. But don’t worry, as a player you can get your own back, because voters will appear in your game as named zombies for you to exact your revenge on.

Check out our trailer above, for a glimpse of some of the new features.

Stay on the lookout for more Dead Nation news soon, including hints and tips and an update on the PlayStation Vita version.


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Gloom12356776543 27 February, 2014 @ 14:05

Cross buy ? :D

woestijnkroket 27 February, 2014 @ 14:10

This will keep me and my friends busy untill dying light comes out. Already played deadnation on ps3 tho do we get to use our ps3 saves ? And what about trophys?

Awesome! Can’t wait to play some on the ps4!

Yes! Nice one Sony!

Easy mode?

First resogun now this is free! When can I give housemarque money other then my copy of stardust delta?

Would love it if this supported cross-play with the PS3. My Dead Nation buddy doesn’t have a PS4. :'(

Will it have a platinum trophy like Resogun?

Broadcas+ sounds interesting, great potential but expect most people won’t use it.

Hell-Raiser-85 27 February, 2014 @ 14:26

Is Dead Nation: Apocalypse be cross save with Dead Nation on PS3? thanks


Absolutely loved Super Stardust Delta and Resogun recently, and Dead Nation was fun a while back. Will definitely enjoy this some more, and am looking forward to any of Housemarque’s future projects.

so…..when do we finnaly get the vita version ?

Really interested in the interactive stuff. I asked Yosp this on twitter the other day

‘@yosp Wanting to ask for a while. Interactive stream feature.Can devs show different interact options based on a players location in a game?’

He said


This is huge. I’ve recently been daydreaming of a interactive duration crawler that when streamed allows the viewers to become dungeon masters. I’d want them to influence mob types, traps, locking off upcoming paths, diseases, the type off environment, even difficulty levels .

The interactive feature has the potential to be a true game changer., and I think Sony have purposefully undersold it. Games will start coming along and people will sit up and say ‘ok,that’s cool’.

is it cross buy?


PS3 save aren’t compatible with PS4. This is being treated as a totally new game so there won’t be compatability between the two other than leaderboards.


It won’t be cross-buy as it is vastly different from the PS3 version.

Still waiting for Vita version


Vita version= Announced 8months ago
PS4 version= Announced 1 week before release

PS4 version gets released first = logic.

How much fun in co-op with this on PS3 t_t

BLUE_GANGSTA_10 27 February, 2014 @ 16:12

As much as its a ggood game I would much prefer a racing game Ps4 needs racing games!!!

Was it gutting that your PS4 release was no secret due to the fact the PSPlus content for March was leaked weeks ago? If i were you guys i’d order Sony to do some sort of investigation.

I hope this promised info on the Vita version really isn’t too far off, we’ve been waiting since June.
Some of the new features sound neat, definitely makes it worth re-playing with it being in IGC.

is it 4 player coop now


I loved this game, still one of my favorite PSN games. It’ll be interesting to see this with updated graphics. Better a good game for PLUS that I already played, than a lousy one I’ll probably never will play..

Xbox One – Titanfall (new AAA IP)… PS4 – Dead Nation (3 years old PS3 game).. say no more.

I got Dead Nation free for when PSN was down for a month a while back. Never got around to playing it as was waiting for the Vita version but will defo get stuck in on PS4!

CaptainSellers 27 February, 2014 @ 19:35

Great new Sony! Will this have an extra trophy list and the DLC trophies too in the same list or separate?


I loved this game on PS3. Looking forward to playing it again. :D

Mintblend_44321 28 February, 2014 @ 06:23

Would love to play this on my PS Vita. Hope its not long for the update.

broadcast+ sounds like fun. More and more games are using this method. In what age are we living

Looks great! Can’t wait to check it out!

I too would prefer this on Vita. Great game and almost platinum’d it back in days. Maybe I should go back and finish the campaign on Morbid. :)

Remote play will probably work so in a way we can all play it on our vitas. ;)

“Your viewer’s decide your fate”?? Whoever did the captions in that vid needs to sort out their apostrophe skillz.

this was great fun in co-op mode on the ps3 and I am looking forward to it on the ps4 and what sweetens the deal is it is free on PS PLUS happy about that.

This look awesome

amberrichards23 02 March, 2014 @ 23:35

i absolutely love dead nation…on ps4 it should be awesome thanks sony you get a big thumb’s up

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