PlayStation Plus in March: Tomb Raider, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, more

Find out which games are coming to Instant Game Collection next month

Hi everyone. We have another huge month coming your way on PlayStation Plus this March so sit back, relax and let us take care of your gaming needs.

PlayStation 4:
Make sure you pick up the latest and greatest ever version of the PSN smash hit Dead Nation. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is a top-down shoot ’em up set in an apocalyptic zombie-infested world, from the talented developer Housemarque, famous for the Super Stardust titles and, more recently, the critically acclaimed RESOGUN.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition features a full campaign mode which can be played solo or in co-op. The ‘Road to Devastation’ expansion is included too, giving you two extra game modes – Arcade and Endless, allowing you to test yourself against ever increasing odds.

PlayStation 3:
First up on PS3 this month, one of the games of 2013: Tomb Raider.

The game takes us right back to the beginning as we meet a young Lara Croft on an expedition to locate the island of Yamatai deep in the Dragons’ Triangle off the coast of Japan. Tomb Raider takes you on an adrenaline-fuelled adventure as Lara must fight to save her friends and uncover the mysteries of this dangerous island.


Next, download the acclaimed Brothers A Tale of Two Sons and embark on an epic fairy tale adventure through villages, hills and mountains, solving puzzles and challenges in an effort to save your ill father by collecting the water from the tree of life.

In this unique title you control each brother simultaneously using the Dualshock analogue sticks allowing you to experience co-op play in a single player mode like never before.


PS Vita:
First up on PS Vita this month is an addictive title that I am sure you won’t be able to put down: Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD. Play as Tikiman in this critically acclaimed PSN tower defence classic. Defend his offspring from hordes of monsters using an array of weapon towers. Engage in online/ad-hoc co-op to make the most of all three islands; encounter monsters, towers and challenges from all previous editions of PixelJunk Monsters.


Finally, check out Smart As! Use cutting-edge touch, tilt and camera controls to prove how smart you are in the first ever socially networked brain game on PS Vita. Solve math, memory, logic and word puzzles, crack augmented reality challenges and sharpen your rapid-fire reflexes to storm up the online leaderboards and show off your scores to the world via Facebook and Twitter.

In summary

Leaving PS Plus on 5th March:

Entering PS Plus on 5th March:

Don’t miss out! Make sure add any of the games scheduled to leave the service to your download list now to ensure you get to play them!

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22 Author replies

You guys keep making it harder for me to buy TR next gen! :D

This is possibly the weakest month in the last two years. Vita owners deserve better.


As expected.. :)
Already beaten Tomb Raider (awesome game though!), but very excited about Brothers.

why did we have to wait for so long to get confirmation of 2 weeks old rumour? :)


Alas, leaks do happen every now and then (and they make us cry :( ). However, leaks often happen before arrangements are 100% confirmed from a legal/business point of view, and we can’t confirm things until all ‘t’s have been crossed and ‘i’s have been dotted. Sorry to keep you waiting for confirmation.

I think you guys need to call in a plumber to get those leaks sorted

need to put a handle on those leaks :P also…

“Insert why are we only getting 2 games and the US getting 3 obligatory post here” <Seriously this is still BS!

as for vita games any chance of disgaea 4?

@johnnycide Pixel Junk Monsters is a great game.


^ This. Clearly strategy games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (ditto FPS, sports games, puzzlers, any genre), but this one is at the top of its field. I’d say I’ve put more hours into PJ than any other Vita title. Fiendishly addictive – give it a try.

Hardly worth the wait. Very disappointed with the Vita titles.

Hopefully the US one will be much better!

TimeSkipLuffyUS 27 February, 2014 @ 14:03

Great update! I hope US will get the same treatment :3

Awesome, a 3+ year old game on my next gen console. Glad I’m paying that sub!


I think you will be really happy when you play it, the team have done a great job

no sorry disgaea 3 lol not 4


I would love to say I could look into this but unfortunately it’s not available in all regions

Nothing for me this month unfortunately. Oh well.

Well I’m still hype for dead nation.
I’ll just remain silent on the rest of the content.

Dead Nation for PS4 is a bit lame. Pretty much everyone got it for Free on ps3 in 2011.

Yay! Tomb Raider! Already bought Brothers in a sale but definitely worth a play for everyone else.

Chris, can I just say thanks for the Remember Me heads up. I gave up after 2 episodes originally but this weekend returned thinking “Chris seemed excited. I’ll give it one more go” and really enjoyed it. The controls were a little clunky but the story and world made it a worthwhile experience. Enough that I even went back a second time to Platinum it.


Glad you enjoyed Remember Me, it’s certainly a little hidden gem and has turned out to be one of our most popular PS3 Plus games ever!


Another re-release on PS4. :(

Any news on DriveClub or Planetside 2, or anything that isn’t a re-release?


Nothing to announce re. Driveclub today, but we’ll have news before too long.

Thank You. Stay sharp!

Please tell me I can cross play Dead Nation with PS3 players?


Alas, there’s no Cross Play with the PS4 version

I’m with others disappointed with Brothers as picked it up in the January sale – not even played it yet. Not happy about being incentivised to pay for a game 7 weeks before it’s in the IGC – you must have had plans for it or at least known it to be a likely contender.

Anyway, very glad to see tomb raider – vita games got high scores so very happy about that.

Great I absolutely love Dead Nation and wanted to play Tomb Raider.

Is TMNT: Out of the Shadows ever coming to PSN? Seems like forever since that game was mentioned.


That’s a question for the game’s publisher Activision I’m afraid.

@TYruler50 US gets Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (PS4), Tomb Raider (PS3), Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut (PS3), Unit 13 (PS Vita), Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite (PSP)

So the rumors were true. :P
Can’t say the vita line-up is weak they’re both very nice games only thing is they’re indies.
Can we have any info on when the yearly IGC is going to be updated for Vita? Now would be the best time to update it


I know it’s been asked quite a bit but I have no information to share regarding the VITA titles. Only thing I can say is that for now we have no plans to change them


Looks like just just Tomb Raider and Dead Nation for me. Highly recommend everyone has a good play through in Pixel junk monsters and Brothers as they are games I fully enjoyed and brought while they were on sale on psn within the last couple of months (which is very annoying by the way).
Vita has been getting poor PS+ content these last couple of months, I’m hoping they are holding some of the better titles on the system back for when they change Uncharted and Gravity Rush as the yearly PS+ games (please let that be soon)

theo_andravida 27 February, 2014 @ 14:06

Even if it seems like it is the weakest month for ps vita games , its the first time i get two games for my vita on ps plus that i havent already bought so thanks for that!

As already said when the leak appeared: Excellent quality, great variation of genres.
One thumb up (it would be both if we still had the promised third PS3 game)!

* RPGs are very rare lately. Pretty much since our IGC is mostly the same as the US content.
What about a new survey what content we want to see?
* What about telling us when we’ll get the missing Vita content? It’s been 3 months now.


I can see if we can pull together another survey opportunity for you soon

Crumptastic_86 27 February, 2014 @ 14:07

Boo…purchased Brothers and Pixeljunk as part of the Dec/Jan sales :(

Every month PS Plus just gets better.

Really starting to shame xbox offering IMO. Look at their latest offering… (I also own a 360). it’s a shame they can’t up their game as a bit of actual healthy competiton is good for all of us!

Dead Nation is going to be cross-buy? Or just for PS4?


It’s just for PS4

Great month for everyone who was smart enough to not buy EU plus because in USA is better content and its only $30 yearly in a sale thats 20€ or 10gbp for a year lol. The EU plus is as lame as the EU blog manager fred who doesnt give a f*** for the european sony customers.

PS4 game is hugely disappointing, already got Dead Nation free after the Sony PSN outage back in 2011. Really don’t need to play it again. Tomb Raider is nice, beat it already but will happily replay it. Still don’t get why the US get’s 3 PS3 games and we get only 2 though, really unfair and Sony EU never comment on it just ignore it.

Tomb raider for me! But not very interested in the vita games. I´ll try them at least.

Any chance for DOA5(vita) or any rpg for vita for plus in the future?
And any chance for GOW acension in the future?


We already had DOA5 for PS3 so what’s the thinking everyone would you like it for VITA?

Hell-Raiser-85 27 February, 2014 @ 14:09

Is Dead Nation: Apocalypse cross save with Dead Nation on PS3? thanks


Omg dead nation………thats so unexpected ;)

aaaaaanyhoo fred when will ps4 see walking dead seadon 2 ?


Ooh, that’s a question for Telltale Games. I don’t have any information I’m afraid.

not a good month for vita, not a good month

Well that means I am not buying anything in the sales next time or do the pre-orders.


So, the rumors were true. Tomb raider is quite alright I guess, but I am not so sure about the second ps3 game. I’ve read good things about it, however, I don’t know if it actually should qualify for the second spot of our line up with one game missing and all.


Great update as always Chris!!! :-)
It will nice if u add these in future IGC
1)Final Fantasy
2) SSX
3)Formula 1
4)Portal 2
Thanks and regards.

Excellent update again.
Best subscription service ever.

almighty-slayer 27 February, 2014 @ 14:11

Really terrible month. Let’s hope April is better.

@Suzzopher I’m sure it is, for a mobile app. As a console game it’s just not that good. As far as Smart As, I couldn’t even finish the trailer because it was that bad.
I’m lucky enough to own all three systems and to be fair, I do like the look of Tomb Raider, but everything else is just leaving me cold. Brothers looks like one of those games that people “appreciate” rather than enjoy, it’s an interesting gimmick but completely uninteresting to me personally. The PS4 got nothing this month though. Dead Nation? Really? A game which nobody seemed excited about, to the point that it wasn’t even announced for PS4 prior to this? I played the PS3 demo years back and thought it was an inferior version of Smash TV. I doubt my opinion will change on that.

theo_andravida 27 February, 2014 @ 14:11

Sooo, chris , anything to comment for the delayed two ps vita yearly ps plus update?


There is no delay, we have no plans to update these games

I’ll definitely be giving Tomb Raider and Brothers a go.

Still looking for an explanation as to what happened to our 3rd PS3 game, news on the Vita rotation update etc. etc.

really tomb raider but for ps3 gah sony why and whats with the god dam horror games

I guess I quit buying PS3 and Vita games from now on. Some of these games I bought recently or have them on one way or another on other platforms ^^

I didn’t know about dead nation but other than that all are games I wanted. Had my eye on ps4 Tomb Raider, and already bought Brothers (on sale) but I’m glad I don’t have to pay to upgrade Monsters, already had other versions.

@saishyam001 those will never be in PLUS, portal 2 isnt even on european PSN its only a digital download in the USA psn and was just in a sale for only $10. whoever buys EU plus isnt very smart.

Still no explanation on less games than US? i remember we were placated with having less than the US on launch of the IGC with ‘They get 12 drops a year instead of 13 like us!’ thats been stealthily dropped as well. Less content less often. The quality of the games is pretty good, although i’ve already played tomb raider but this doesn’t really hold water anymore as the Americans tend to get the same now wheras it was psp and 3 year old psn games previously. I’d go US PS plus if it weren’t for single account on the vita problem

Do the trophies work properly on dead nation? by that i mean all logged in accounts get trophies? my girlfriend was gutted when it didn’t work on knack and lego marvel

Great another old ps3 port for ps4, and the vita games are just plain bad. This news was leaked 2 weeks ago so why the hold up and letting us know. Also why do we only get 2 ps3 games now when US get 3 (as we dont get the 13 updates a year now as first stated). Also when do the vita yearly (lol) titles get changed over. So many questions and I really dont expect to get answers, after all we only pay for the service.

Thanks Chris for the update, and yet I could hardly hold myself from congratulating you on finally making the announcement ‘official’ after the leaks about Tomb Raider! At least for me, after having bought Tomb Raider earlier in 2013, there is nothing to download and play; still glad that I’ve resisted buying ‘Brothers A Tale of Two Sons’ while it has been on sale. Little disappointed that my PS+ membership is extended well in 2015. Would recommend making some kind of public policy which games would be included in the ‘Plus’ service because I’m full of retail and digital games, that later become ‘free’ – otherwise I should probably stop either buying retail games, or extend my PS+ membership! Cheers and have a nice weekend!

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