Cel Damage HD coming soon to PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Fondly remembered 2001 car combat game reborn in high definition

Hi PlayStation Blog readers! I’m Daniel Posner, reaching out to you from Toronto, Canada. My long-time friend, Rich Hilmer, and I recently co-founded a brand new indie game studio called Finish Line Games. Along with guru programmer friend Matt Robinson, Rich and I have been working on a passion project over the past few years, and we’re super excited to announce the fruits of our labour: Cel Damage HD, a high definition re-release of the original, vehicular combat game that debuted back in 2001.


It’s cold in Toronto at the moment, but spring is right around the corner. We’ll be celebrating the end of the cold with the explosive launch of Cel Damage HD on PlayStation Store as a Cross Buy purchase for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. That’s right, buy it for one system and you can play it on all three!

Some of you might remember this timeless classic, but let me refresh you on everything Cel Damage HD has to offer. Part Demolition Derby, part Whacked-Out Cartoon Come to Life, Cel Damage HD allows you to play as up to 10 crazy characters/vehicles with more than 30 over-the-top weapons. Play in either Smack Attack (deathmatch), Flag Rally (capture-the-flag) or Gate Relay (race), across 13 fully-interactive cartoon environments.


In addition to being a cross-buy product, Cel Damage HD supports cross save so you can pick up where you left off on any system. Play on PS Vita to master Cel Damage HD’s chaotic gameplay on the go, then go destroy your friends in 2, 3, or 4-player split-screen multiplayer on PS4 or PS3. Cel Damage HD truly shines in split-screen play. Like an instant party, this game brings back the shout-out-loud, couch chaos gaming experiences of a cherished era – now in full high-def goodness!

I want to give a big shout-out to the original Cel Damage team and say thanks for such an awesome time and so many fantastic memories. This re-release is dedicated to all of you.

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This was one of my favourite games to play on PS2. Hopefully a new cel damage game will be in the works if this HD remake is popular


no online multiplayer = no buy

I loved Cel Damage and even got the PS3 version of the emulated PS2 game when it came out. Sounds like a perfect fit for Vita, though.

I remember when I was a kid I had a GC and not a lot of money, this means that I only had a chance to enjoy a few cheap games. Cel Damage was one of those games. However, I never did get to play it, since my mother who detests video games and what impact it had on me, made sure I never got a hold on it. I had to have her signature in order to get the package from the post office. I never had the chance to enjoy the game, seeing how it has been announced for ps3 I have a much bigger chance of playing it now than ever. Thanks for making sure that my mom can not get in the way this time Finish Line Games!

I did spend many fun hours playing this in split screen multiplayer but I would prefer to be able to play multiplayer online now, is this not included at all?
That would be a shame as the game will no doubt still be a bit of fun and the three system cross buy is a great deal, assuming the price is sensible.


Sounds great guys.
And when are the 3 robbed ps3, 3 robbed ps4 (compared with NA) and the 2 yearly rotation vita games are coming to the PS+ in Europe?
(this is not going away guys)

ERROR8013030F 04 March, 2014 @ 16:41

Hell yes! One of the best games ever – this on GC + Goldeneye on N64 was my childhood. I’ve got the low def ps3 version, but will totally pick up a HD remake if the price is right.

Hey guys, please could you let us know if there is online multiplayer as me and my brother played this game relentlessly back in our day but was greatly spoiled by him screen watching me and killing me with T. Wrecks. Now both armed with PS4 i can get my own back and i will demand him to purchase it for my own sanity. Online multiplayer is a must.

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