FEZ release date confirmed for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita

Acclaimed platform adventure lands on PlayStation Store this month

This is it. We’ve come to the end of development, FEZ is finally coming to Sony platforms on 26th March! It’s been an incredible adventure and we couldn’t have made it without the amazing work of BlitWorks and the support of Sony’s team. In the name of all of us at Polytron, thank you so much!

FEZ on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Since day one of the release in 2012, people have been asking for a PS3 version of FEZ. We believe that the level of quality was worth the wait. Blit took the time to make a solid C++ conversion that runs smoothly at native resolution on PS Vita, and 720p at 60 frames per second on PS3.

On top of that, playing it on PS4 is what we consider to be the best-looking and smoothest FEZ experience you can get on a TV set, running at beautiful 1080p (and yes, 60fps too). You wouldn’t think that upping the resolution would make a big difference in a game like ours, where the pixels are the size of Gomez’s fist… but it really does look even crisper and blockier – in a good way.

FEZ on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

No one’s going to blame you for digging around, but you won’t find many big additions in these versions of the game. However there are a few surprises, especially in the PS4 version: the DualShock 4’s lightbar has been put to the task of bringing a little bit of FEZ’s world inside your own home, and you may not need to look everywhere for that dusty pair of red/cyan glasses to get access to a very late-game easter egg… Funny story: to test the new 3DTV support, we had to spend a weekend running around computer shops to find a monitor that sports an integrated emitter. When we did though, and started up FEZ, our minds were forever expanded. I think we can see the fourth dimension now?

FEZ on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

So the PS4 version is loaded with sexy features, but definitely don’t hold off from getting a dose of FEZ on the go, especially with a cross-save slot shared across all three platforms! I personally idled the game in a puzzle room and transformed my PS Vita into an infinite Disasterpeace music generator. We’re excited to see what other ways people will find to enjoy the first portable version of FEZ.

Let’s all enjoy the universe of FEZ one more time or for the first time on a PlayStation!

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Hi could you please ask somebody to answer the growing concerns posted in the ps+ post march. We are all feeling unloved

I honestly cannot wait to play this on Vita. I’ll probably play it on PS4 too, but Vita seems to be the best fit, pretty hyped.

Had this for x360 when it launched and I managed to get into the top 30 on the leaderboard, can’t wait to do that again for PS4! Such an amazing game!

Will this have Cross Play/Buy?


I will buy this. Just thought I’d keep you updated.

jorispelgrom 03 March, 2014 @ 15:17

Native resolution on Vita, that’s nice, but 30 or 60 fps?

Oh yes a MUST for me :-D

Oh Yes! A MUST buy for me.


It will be superb to have a price, so we could start to save some bucks!


Crossbuy too? Sweet. Price?

I thought the developer had no love for the PlayStation.

blendercat27 03 March, 2014 @ 15:42

Bought this on Steam ages ago, and have been longing to play this on Vita. I’m so excited this is happening. Can’t wait for March 26th!

I assume Phil Fish wasn’t involved in this version. ;D I might pick it up though, already played through it a couple of times before but it would be good to play again on Vita, may even give the PS4 version a go!

Is it going to have a platinum trophy?


Fez + Vita = Love


Fez + Vita = Love



This is wonderful news. I’ve been waiting for FEZ on Vita ever since the possibility was mentioned for the first time. This is a game that so fits Vita’s screen. I’ll buy it the minute it goes live on PSN.

However, I have one question: “Blit took the time to make a solid C++ conversion that runs smoothly at native resolution on PS Vita” This is great, but how smooth is “smoothly”? 30fps, more, less?


LOVE the look of this game ;) PS4 version for me on DAY 1! :P


Maan, I just started to play this on PC. Now to decide whatever to stop it, so that I’d have more to play on PS4/Vita, or to just continue since it’s such a fun game. Shame that it probably won’t be less than four euros on PSN Store…

Hexahedronaut 03 March, 2014 @ 16:21

The Hexahedronaut never forgets … His love for this game!!! I FINNALY get to play the game that gave me this PSN ID again!! Thank you so godamn much! :D

Hexahedronaut 03 March, 2014 @ 16:22

Oh I forget do you have any plans for avatars aswel?? ;)

Great! Looking forward picking it up

If Vita isn’t 60 fps I’m not buying because it’s a shame for me if I can see Rayman in 60 why wouldn’t I see FEZ

At last…. :)

I have been waiting a long time for this, possibly my favourite game in years!

Price and PS Plus discount, like US?

USA gets a Spring Fever sale and PS+ members pay 9.99 USD for FEZ

3/25 to 3/31Fez (PS4, PS Vita)** $9.99 $12.99

Which is about 7 Euro.

I bet we’ll pay 14.99 Euro, no Spring Fever and no PS+ price either

Awesome news, couldn’t ask for more! Crossbuy/play is fantastic!


Wonderful, had been waiting for the Vita version and now I also get it on my PS4 with cross-buy? And I get cross-save? Just wonderful.

PS+ questions

Questions that need answers.

1 Why do we get 1 less ps3 game a month?
2 How come its now 12 not 13 updates a year (that is another 3 ps3 2 vita and 1ps4 title less a year)?
3 Why is the previously promised (my mum taught me manners and that you should never break promises) change to the vita titles a/date changed? b/delayed? c/cancelled altogether?
4 Why has the service for PS3 only customers effectively become 26% dearer? See part 2 for details

any I have missed please feel free to add.


Wow, Just wow…it’s actually finally being released. I originally heard about this game in the documentary Indie Game The Movie. I highly recommend people watch this film if not to just get an appreciation for indie games but to also understand what these indie devs go through just to have people dismiss these labours of love, perseverance…even contrition because its not a AAA title. I will be buying Fez not because of any hype or if the game is good (I hope it is) but because it was actually finished regardless of what tribulations were thrown at the dev he kept his focus and persevered when most people would have given up. Here’s hoping its successful on Playstation and I can’t wait to play it


And when is the confirmation that ps+ Europe will get the 2 yearly rotation vita games, the 3 robbed ps3 and ps4 games?
Start addressing the issues Blog team, your attitude is only generating hate from “fans”

Sorry guys PT2 didnt make it past moderation go to the this week on playstation or march PS+ blog for PT2. Not only are we being ignored but also censored now.


March is turning out to be a big month for gaming.

Awesomenauts, Fez, Infamous, Dead Nation – so many great games, so little time.


@ Izorpo
that docufilm was very good, i was actually going to ask Fred if he could arrange for it to be shown on blog, somehow, as it gives a whole new perpective on the indie scene, +1 to your suggestion for us to check out, must see if you are a gamer, imo.


Oh my, Fez now available in 3D!! I think I will be buying this again for the 3rd time.

Not out for Australia yet?


8pm and its still not on the store. I guess its still got 4 hours if its suposed to be out today

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