inFAMOUS Second Son TV spot makes its debut

Plus, full details on digital-only Legacy Edition, including Cole’s Legacy DLC

Today I’d like to introduce you all to our brand new inFAMOUS Second Son TV spot. Hopefully you’ll see this over the coming weeks as we cruise towards our 21st March launch date.

In addition to this special first look, we’ve got some news about the digital release of the game. There will be two options on the store from midnight on release day:

  • inFAMOUS Second Son – Game only.
  • inFAMOUS Second Son Legacy Edition – This contains Cole’s Legacy DLC, as well as the exclusive designed jackets for Delsin to wear-in game.





For those of you who missed the announcement of Cole’s Legacy, it consists of a series of missions that uncover what happened between the devastating events of inFAMOUS 2 and inFAMOUS Second Son. Cole MacGrath’s actions in New Marais set in motion a chain of events leading to the now forceful occupation of Seattle by the oppressive Department of Unified Protection. Cole’s Legacy bridges this gap in time with a number of missions that Delsin must complete, offering unique insight into how the world of inFAMOUS Second Son came to be.

We hope you’re looking forward to the street date as much as we are.


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Lack of pre-loading prior to launch saddens me. What’s the game file size anyway? Also, price on the Legacy Edition?


File size is 24GB

mitchbel1996 03 March, 2014 @ 13:06

Wait? So no Pre-order? :'(. What about price(s)?

Yours for only £99.99!


good to see day-1-digital. But kinda wondering about the prices.
And it would be handy to know them soon so i can cancel my retail-preorder if the digital price is right :)



Hopefully we’ll be able to confirm pricing a little closer to launch.

laticspieman 03 March, 2014 @ 13:12

Yeah as others have mentioned I do want to buy the legacy edition via psn but the price has to be reasonable. Infamous Second Son is a game I want to play on release day and if I don’t pre-order anywhere else and come midnight on release day this digital edition turns out to be ridiculously priced such as Thief on PS4 (£59.99) then its very unlikely i’ll be able to play on release day! So yeah an update on prices would be really appreciated :D

@Basket21 same here! Have it pre-ordered with the jackets DLC, but would like to get Cole’s Legacy as well.

COOL Ad :P Normally in games Ad’s they never show real Gameplay, so nice 1 for showing what the PS4 can do + i want this game but at £45 it’s just to expensive like most PS4 games are at the moment :( Oh well.


echoing the other comments, this is a strange announcement to make without any prices. As much as I’d be down to get onboard the digital legacy edition, until I know how much it is I can’t and won’t commit. I’m really interested in getting the Cole’s Legacy DLC so I guess I’ll have to either get the physical limited edition or the legacy edition anyway. Out of interest, I remember that the prize for one of the weekend debates a few weeks ago was a replica Delsin hat. Is that the same one included in the limited edition? And can you comment on the size of the hat? I do love me some Beanie hats but most clothing based collectors editions aren’t designed with a one size fits all mentality. And as it stands paying the extra £20 for the limited edition just for the Cole’s Legacy isn’t feeling too good, knowing that the beanie would be a quality product I could actually wear might push me into making the preorder. :P

I’m not able to pick up the Legacy Edition, so I assume or at least hope that we will be able to buy Cole’s Legacy from the PlayStation Store after or near release?

jellybelly100 03 March, 2014 @ 13:29

Bring on infamous ss!!! Looks freakin awesome! Def a day 1 purchase for me! Will be my 3rd ps4 plat trophy :)


I’m not buying a PS4 because of the cut of the PS3 plus games while SCEA kept all 3 of theirs, our worse sales and the ridiculous digital prices in the SCEE region.

Thanks for the DLC details but I’d also like to hear pricing prior to launch. Any chance of that happening?

Hi could you please ask somebody to answer the growing concerns posted in the ps+ post march. We are all feeling unloved

Day one DLC? Why isn’t this included in the game by default?

Why no pre-loading, I’m better off going to a midnight release.

Cole’s Legacy DLC is a preorder bonuse elsewhere and included in the standard preordered version on the US PSN store.



You’re better off going retail.

Getting digital doesn’t bag you all these physical extras, and the pricing of digital sure as hell isn’t justified.

Fred, like many others I already have a copy of inFAMOUS Second Son pre-ordered from a retailer, though I’d love to get it digitally. The issue’s the fact that there’s no viable option to pre-load the game alongside this issue of pricing. If you could get us pricing information within the next week or two I’d be happy.

I also noticed that on the US PSN store they have the option to pre-order inFAMOUS Second Son for $59.99, will we receive a pre-order option come Wednesday’s update?


I just need to know pricing and the option to pre-order from PSN, I’d drop my pre-order with Amazon in an instant if the price is right, not paying full retail price how ever, would be a good trial for you guys on cheaper digital price at launch, don’t know how MS did with their price drop on Ryse digitally, but I’m sure you’d see a lot of PSN sales, guess you have to keep retailers sweet though.

Hexahedronaut 03 March, 2014 @ 17:14

Legacy edition? Is that the £59.99 special edition? Thanks

darksidersguy123 04 March, 2014 @ 02:18

I am Deffently looking forward to the game! plus I am planning on buying it as soon as it comes out so that I can get it for the ps4 can’t waite! =)

well game are selling the big one for £70 with all the dlc and the jacket case and the beanie hat, but i see there are no pre order incentives with this game which is quite annoying, usually coles legacy would be a pre order thing too


I’ve pre-ordered the retail disc with the DLC missions and unlockable jacket, but do those other jackets come with it too?

You can get the game for £15 on Gamestop’s website if you trade in a PS4 game.


In NA they get Cole’s Legacy for free (everyone who preorders the game automatically gets the Limited Edition, which includes the DLC), but here we either have to buy the expensive Special or Collector’s Edition or this digital thing (which is also sure to be more expensive). Not cool.

SUPERMARK007 04 March, 2014 @ 14:52

I agree with RoadHazard

SUPERMARK007 04 March, 2014 @ 15:02

Why do we have to pay silly prices for dlc when the us gets a free upgrade for there vanilla version

SUPERMARK007 04 March, 2014 @ 15:09

Why does the US get our Vanilla version with the legacy dlc? We have to get an expensive SE or CE?

When the fu** are you ganna tell us the price of the localized normal and limited digital editions so we can move on and pre-order it on the US Store to get the DLC for free?

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