Destiny of Spirits release date confirmed for PS Vita

Japan Studio’s social strategy RPG arrives on PlayStation Store this month

We are happy to announce that Destiny of Spirits will be launching in PAL regions exclusively on the PlayStation Vita on 26th March, 2014. Other regions will also be releasing the game around the same time, so you’ll be able to start playing and making friends around the world. We hope everyone has a chance to play Destiny of Spirits, as it is a fun, addictive RPG-ish strategy game that offers true meaning of having friends around the world. If you haven’t heard of Destiny of Spirits, check out the trailer above!

What’s new?

Thanks to everyone’s contribution during the closed beta in October last year, we were able to collect valuable feedback and spend time to improve gameplay and game balance! Here are some new and improved features that came out of our beta feedback:

  • Reduced load time and increased gameplay speed
  • Increased spirit levels to allow for deeper spirit progression
  • Increased number of spirit slots to allow players to have a greater variety of spirits
  • Numerous Spirit Point requirement updates that allow your Spirit Points to go further
Level up 01

Playing Destiny of Spirits with friends

You will truly experience the benefits of having friends around the world in Destiny of Spirits. The more friends you have, the better off you will be in-game! Having friends in Destiny of Spirits has a number of advantages, so go play and make a lot of friends all over the world. Interaction with fellow players from around the world will enable you to trade spirits and obtain unique Spirits only available in certain regions – your friends in Japan and Europe will have an entirely different set of Spirits that you’ll want to get a hold of to use in battle!


We’re dedicated to improve the game even after launch, so we will continue to listen to your valuable feedback. Please feel free to share your thoughts after playing the game too, we’re always listening.

Please stay tuned for more information about the game and future events for Destiny of Spirits!

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Sounds good, can’t wait :)

Jawad (if you’re around) I’ve just put up a comment in this weeks Store update asking for help as I’ve been charged money for download Pixeljunk. Been in touch with Sony via phone and Emails but they’ve been no help. Sorry for hijacking this bit Yuasa-san :)

Gamesgbkiller 07 March, 2014 @ 17:06

Great news.

I played the beta and it was so fun!

But do i have to play from the beginning ?

DiscworldDeath 07 March, 2014 @ 17:11

Forgot about the beta, well, played other games instead! Hope it’ll be fun :)

What I’d really like to see is a page with high-res versions of all the artworks used in the game. There was some truly gorgeous stuff in the beta.

I think the Destiny of Spirits beta was my most intensely played game on the Vita so far. I wonder though if they really managed to fix some of the biggest concerns and annoyances, as none of those points is managed under “What is new”. :(

Trading, for example, was really a pain. You offer a creature and you could only receive one counteroffer for that creature. If someone continually made counteroffers far below your creature’s value, he effectively blocked all potentially interesting offers.
Not to mention that it was ridiculous that you had to check every single friend’s account, for what creatures they put online. A trading screen, combining everything on one site is a must.

I also wonder how the currencies and exclusive spirits will be balanced. In the beta Toro and Kuro were imho absolutely OP, if combined.

The beta was one of the most bland and boring things I’ve ever played. Whoever designed the UI needs to take a few design lessons, I’ve rarely seen such a garbled mess of ugly, clashing fonts. There’s hardly any animation on the spirits and combat is about as much fun as watching paint dry. I can’t really think of anything positive to say about this game. It’s on the same level as any other cheaply produced “free”-2-play game on phones and tablets. Avoid this if you like engaging gameplay!

Play a great game such as Ys: Memories of Celceta or Toukiden: The Age of Demons instead. You’ll get much more enjoyment out of your precious time investment.

I liked this game, anyway are our spirits from the beta going to stick around or are we starting from zero again (that would kind of suck) ?

Saves are gone, fresh start for everyone. That’s what they said on Twitter, after the beta.


Any price information and restoration of “premium” spirits acquired during beta (like the Gravity rush spirits)?
Sounds nice.


p.s. I enjoyed the beta. I’m a huge pokemon fan and have a ds just for that purpose, and Destiny Spirits in a sense is something similar.

ChrisEngdahl 07 March, 2014 @ 22:27

What the VITA needs is more GOOD JRPG’s, Persona4 is like the best game the handheld has. I’m totally a Sony fanboy but I do play the Nintendo 3DS 99% more of my time JUST because of this. All these shitty RPGs the Vita gets just doesn’t make the cut! Yes, I own tons of awesome PS Classics thank god, but I wish I would see brand new IP’s too like the 3DS’s Bravely Default.

Awesome!!! Ive Been waiting for a release date so long!!!

I loved the Beta, Played it too bits (more than im actually comfortable with….)
Ever since the Beta, its left a hole i could not fill for a quick, fast, and active RPG.

wow, what a lol of a read…. im not a fan of F2P android games and stuff, but this isnt “just another one” and neither is it “not engaging”
It might not look the best, but to be honest, i haven’t found a game i can pay for that will match it.

I haven’t played a YS game before, but since your comparing it to Toukiden: The Age of Demons, a game that works totally differently, and cannot really be compared to this, make me believe Destiny of Spirits is not a game for you anyway.

mellan_Konsten 08 March, 2014 @ 04:05

the only problem I had with the beta was that I only had “mana” to do one special attack each fight. the result of that was that I was unable to do anything on round 2, 3, 4 etc.

have you made any changes to the battle system?
will I get more mana the more I play or does the amount of mana stay the same?

WOOOHOOOO great news. Finally I have been waiting for it since I tried the beta. Had quite some fun with it.


Great news! Thanks for information @kumiyuasa


Need more games for the PSV. ~This sounds neat~

Wow, I love the the Characters design :D

crafting4you 09 March, 2014 @ 11:33

can’t wait. It is going to feel like forever before it comes. so glad it’s coming been wondering about it. I played the beta was so disapointed when it was removed. I looked forward to playing it every day. ;-)

I downloaded the beta and was looking forward to giving it a go but from the start the loading was atrocious. After 5 minutes of waiting , quit out tried again and it was the same, only this time after 6 minutes of waiting for the game to load (yes I actually kept time count) I just deleted it. I was really disappointed I couldn’t try the beta. Will download it again when its released and hopefully I will be able to play it.

mellan_Konsten 11 March, 2014 @ 15:16

It seems like the thing i was asking about before is visible in this video

During this times you can see how the “mana” bar is refilling.

01:01 – 01:04
01:14 – 01:17
02:20 – 02:25

but my favorite thing is that it seems like you get more mana if you get help from friends 03:59 – 04:03

As this was my only complains with the beta it seems like this has the potential to be really fun.

I have tried to contact the makers of the game and ask if my observation is correct but i have not found any contact information.

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