Watch a live inFAMOUS Second Son gameplay demo tonight

Sucker Punch broadcasting live from the UK launch party from 7.30pm GMT – don’t miss out

Hi PlayStation Blog! Tonight, inFAMOUS Second Son is having its launch party here in the UK, and we’re giving you the ability to attend without leaving the comfort of your own home.

By watching the livestream below, you’ll be able to see all the events as they unfold from 7.30pm GMT, which is set to include a live gameplay demo by brand development director Ken Schramm and game director Nate Fox. There’ll also be a Q&A with the pair and a separate interview with the man who brings Delsin Rowe to life, Troy Baker (who you’ll also know from his work as Joel in The Last of Us).

Got a question you’d like answering by Sucker Punch or Troy Baker? Simply tweet @PlayStationUK using the #SecondSonLive and if your question is read out on air – you’ll win a Second Son goodie bag!

Don’t forget – 7.30pm GMT!

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Thank you for being kind enough to share this. :D


Don’t you mean the Livestream above?

Love infamous can’t wait for this.


I luckily had my question read out live, are there any further details on the goodie bags? Cheers.


just seen this post now, so no chance to ask question, however can anyone post if they asked about the demo, it’s availability or not before release?, be nice if it happened, or if they answered such a question, but will take a wild guess that neither is the case, also that it was one of the most repeated questions, right or wrong?, please do tell.


btw, for such a important bit of news, why wait till one hour before to let the blog know?, surely this event should of been posted a few days ago.. unless they were trying to avoid the promised demo for every game not being up and running yet questions, Looking forwards to 21st, a actual real life ‘next gen’ game that i can’t wait to explore.

ArchangelMike 08 March, 2014 @ 10:22

Where is the logic of a Launch Event two weeks before the game actually launches? Then you announce the launch event hours before you got live? Are you trying to under-hype the game or what?

SuperSaiyan4 08 March, 2014 @ 10:32

Absolutely amazing event! I was there! :-D

freelancer890 08 March, 2014 @ 10:39

Awesome !


Have to agree with Archangelmike what is the reasoning behind having a launch event a whole 2 weeks before the actual launch, 2 days maybe but 2 weeks, c’mon r u guys just teasing us or what, anyway can’t wait for this game


Yeah! That’s great news to share. Thanks for your share waiting to play this awesome next generation advanced graphics game on PS4. Yoohoo!! :-)

Are you not using Live From PlayStation to deliver streams like this?!
I would expect first party studios to be all over that to promote the feature.

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