Stealth Inc Ultimate Edition sneaks onto PS4 this week

Acclaimed puzzle platformer makes the jump from PS3 and PS Vita with extra content

Hey everyone, Rob from Curve here. We’re happy to announce our very first PlayStation 4 title – Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition – is out on PlayStation Store this week. The Ultimate Edition includes the main Stealth Inc game alongside the DLC expansions, ‘The Lost Clones‘ and ‘The Teleporter Chambers‘. The game will be available for £10.49/€12.99 when PlayStation Store updates tomorrow.

At Curve we’re best known for bringing over the indie games of other developers to the PlayStation platform, but Stealth Inc is our very own creation. Thought up in the mind of our Lead Designer, Jonathan ‘Bidds’ Biddle, the game was originally developed in his lunchtimes while working on other projects.


We originally released Stealth Inc last year for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 and it’s been one of our most popular titles ever since, so it was an obvious choice to bring over to PlayStation 4. With the DLC included, the Ultimate edition includes 120 levels versus the original games 80.

It’s not just about numbers though! A puzzle-platformer, Stealth Inc relies on have really good level design. That means we need to create levels that are fun and challenging, but not so hard you want to stop playing the game. That’s a skill we developed making Stealth Inc, but it’s a skill that really shines on the DLC packs.


The 40 DLC levels in the Ultimate Edition represent some of the most varied and some of the most difficult challenges yet, and explore more of the back story of the facility where Stealth Inc is set. Of course, they also include brand new leaderboards and achievements that will challenge even the few people skilled enough to S-Rank the levels of the original game.

It’s great to be able to join the growing crowd of PlayStation 4 developers. Stealth Inc might have been a PlayStation 3 and PS Vita title, but we’re also very busy working on games like The Swapper to PlayStation 4 this year, as well as continuing to be one of the most active developers for PS Vita.


As always, if you have any questions about Stealth Inc or any of our other upcoming or existing titles, let us know in the comments!


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The big question is: Is it cross-buy?

jorispelgrom 18 March, 2014 @ 18:13

Here are some questions that I have:
a. Will the PS4 version feature cross-save between the Vita and PS3 versions, since the content is similar?
b. Will there be any discount for people that have already bought the Vita/PS3 version?
c. Not specific to this version of the game: is there any reason for The Lost Clones costing €3.59, while The Teleporter Chambers is €3.49?
d. Any details on the file size? 451 MB, like both the PS3 and Vita version were?
e. Any chance this version will also make it to the Vita and PS3, or via a bundle with the same price?
f. What has happened to the subtitle “A Clone in the Dark”?
Good luck with your future projects!

AmorousBadger1 18 March, 2014 @ 18:32

I’d recommend this game to Dark souls II players who’d like a challenge.


It was previously said that Curve was looking into how to provide a discount to people who’ve already bought Stealth Inc. How’s that going?

Gloom12356776543 18 March, 2014 @ 19:46

Mmmm :) i cant wait to play it on PS4 :)

mousasbasilis 18 March, 2014 @ 19:58

Sony help me with 3d blue ray movies on ps4


Any chance of a DLC discount for the other platforms to celebrate the release?

I’d really like to get both packs for the Vita version. And congrats on this excellent game. I wasn’t expecting much when I downloaded it but it’s one of my favourite games on the console because it’s so easy to play in short 5 minute bursts.



Take it to the Forums. It doesn’t belong here.

OpelManiac93 18 March, 2014 @ 22:22

Will there be a platinum for this version?

As much as I liked stealth inc, a week after I bought it it was on plus IGC.
I can see this game sneaking into the IGC too!


I know I am being slightly hypocritical in saying this but truth is somebody needs to say it.
Every post I check in on there you are telling people what to do and answering questions intended for the blog team.
You are not, have not previously been and will not be a moderator for this blog. Why do you persist in playing one? Leave that stuff to the blog team please.

Towerfall, today?


I see what you’re saying, however this guy, like myself, is probably sick of seeing people complaining about the same things in every single blog post. This particular blog post, like many others, is not even posted by Sony. Curve have nothing to do with Sony other than the fact that they have a developers license. It’s not fair that these developers are putting in hard work to give us great games and are constantly having their posts hijacked by people complaining about completely unrelated things.


@Curve, very much looking forward to playing Stealth Inc on the big screen. I already have it on Vita, but I’ll be picking this up later today! (Can’t wait for Swapper as well!).

A tweet from Towerfall developer confirms it’s out in the EU today, oh yes!

I haven’t got round to picking up a vita yet (I intend to) and my PS3 is no longer in the living room so I am interested in this but I just can’t justify myself paying £10 for a game I already got on PS3 and Vita for free (PS Plus), maybe if it was at a discount for people who already owned it I’d bite.


I this cross-buy? I bought this for the PS3 and the Vita, so will I be able to play this on the PS4 at no additional cost?

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