New PS4 update to add SHARE enhancements and HDCP Off

Big new firmware update due in the coming weeks – find out what’s included

Here at PlayStation, we listen closely to your comments and requests, which are weighted heavily when looking at the future of our platforms. Since PlayStation 4 launched, we’ve heard a lot of great feedback from you about what you like with the platform and what you’d like to see us work on.

I’m happy to report that, as a direct result of your feedback, we’ll soon be bringing some of your most-requested features to PS4 with a system software update in the upcoming weeks. These features and additions will help make your PS4 even more socially connected by further enabling you to customise your most epic gaming moments and granting even more options to show them to your friends.

This upcoming update will add a rich video editor with a simple tool to personalise your video clips, and you’ll also be able to export to and save the videos and screenshots you create by pressing the SHARE button to a USB drive. In addition, this update will add an HDCP off option for capturing gameplay via HDMI, a feature we’ve previously said would come after launch.

We recognise that some gamers want to record and share longer clips of their gameplay sessions, and we’re excited to deliver this option with PS4. There’s a lot more coming in this update as well, so stay tuned for more — there will be plenty in the update to excite everyone.

As part of a separate system software update in the future, we have been working with our partners at Twitch and Ustream, and will also be adding the ability for Twitch broadcasts to be archived – another highly requested feature among PS4 fans who are taking advantage of the SHARE button features. These broadcasts will be also provided with a higher resolution of 720p, so PS4 fans can enjoy live broadcasts with clearer images. We’ll have more to come on these updates and more in the coming weeks.

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Amazing work guys and gals!

Poisoned-Ace 19 March, 2014 @ 15:05

Awesome! I can’t wait to see what else is included.


AgathonSpear 19 March, 2014 @ 15:05

This is amazing you guys! I can’t wait to archive my Twitch streams and of course, stream in higher quality.


Awesome news!!!

Good to hear……I think I’d prefer the full list of changes rather than a teaser, but I guess we’ll find out soon.


bradley012345 14 April, 2014 @ 04:00

With the save on usb you can always export to Youtube later but No Youtube streaming as of now. Im I the only person fighting for MP3 playback? I don’t even care about the other audio formats just MP3. Why is there small MP3 player in the PS2 and PS3 (PS2 played cd’s) But the PS4 with all its horsepower cannot play MP3 its 2014 Music is a hot selling digital item.

Yes! Looking forward to the updates!

MonkeyBrainsToo 19 March, 2014 @ 15:07

Awesome news, knew this wouldn’t be too far away. Thanks guys

nice job guys..but i hope in next firmware release it will be possible to save more than one network configuration (windows stile :) ).tnx!

Sounds great. Any idea if screenshots will be saved with less compression, at a larger file size? That’s probably my biggest issue with screenshots right now, they’re too heavily compressed.

Wow! Checkmate, MS :) Glad I changed my console to PS4, good news in every update!

My vita n ps3 trophies get posted on facebook but ps4 ones dont??

Wunderfantastik 19 March, 2014 @ 15:10

At last the ability to turn HDCP off… the standard ps4 recording limitations and quality are just not enough beyond casual use

Now please please please work on adding 3D Blu-Ray support, all those movies I invested in are useless since upgrading from PS3.

Fantastic news.


Any chance of 3D blu-ray playback. I upgraded my PS3 not realising this wasn’t available on PS4.

shanethegooner 19 March, 2014 @ 15:15


“Checkmate, MS”? You do know most of these features were on the Xbox One at launch, right? Except for saving to USB.

Uploading videos to YouTube or anywhere other than facebook would be nice for those of us who don’t use facebook.


When will playstation home b comeing to the ps4


Yeah, please resolve the issue with trophy posts on facebook. I really hate having to manually choose to post them on to my timeline, it should be the same system as PS3 & VITA.


Glad we are getting the ability to download shared content to USB. Hope the update isn’t too far away.

Phoenixology 19 March, 2014 @ 15:18

I had no idea PS4 owners could actually submit feedback and have SCE listen to action it.

I’d like it so that when I stream gameplay to Twitch/Ustream that I can still play fullscreen but be able to view comments as they come in and how many people are viewing without the big black boxes taking up screen space.

Also I’d like it that when I go into ‘Live from Playstation’ I can view streams by game and have a list of games to choose from.

Both of those a fairly reasonable requests, but maybe you could point me in the right direction of where to send these?

Thanks, Tim

@JezPSN i couldn’t agree more, i’d love to watch The Hobbit, both 1 and 2, not to mention the other movies I’ve got in 3D on the PS4, also cannot wait for Gravity in 3D either


Were is my Friends Notifications when they come on and off on the PS4?? is that going to be in the Update as well?



Screenshots remain high quality when saved, but are only compressed when uploladed to Facebook and Twitter.


The PS4 is still a crippled console. Where is YouTube, Crackle and other catch-up TV services? It can’t even play media from an external USB drive or HDD. It can’t do half of what the PS3 can. A bulk of the titles coming onto the PS4 are indie titles that could just as easily run on the PS3 or Vita… there’s very little coming out that fully takes advantage of the PS4’s hardware. Call me impatient, but I expected the PS4 to offer me the same features and more than I had on the PS3.

when is vita tv comming out in europe will it have netflix,will you put sky go onto ps3/4 its better than skys now tv app,now tv only has 10 channels compared to the hundreds on sky go,can you remove that spam singstar icon on ps3,when are we getting mp3/video playback and pitures like ps3,and dynamic themes for ps4 and our own pitures for background,let us create custom folders on ps4 (say fps in one,third person in another whatever way we want to organise them).also on ps4 when logging out and changing to another account the controller switchs off can you fix it so it stays on.


Bring back the DLNA streaming please! that was the best feature on the PS3 that made it better than the Xbox 360 by a long shot.
But non the less good job sony! keep it up! been a fan since i was a little kid

Good stuff but any news on DLNA?


Any chance to play back those same recordings on the same system from USB/network as well ?


Looking froward to seeing the edit software. It was a cool little addition to PS3 were I could cut clips together. Old school but it did a great job of combining the Fred Dibnah documentary I downloaded off YouTube.

Would be cool if the editing software is a version of Sony Vegas.

Also about the streaming stuff. Will we be able to cusomize the streams? All the grey space and only 2 lines of comments are a bit boring looking.

coasterguy65 19 March, 2014 @ 15:22

Adding the ability to watch mp4 movies off of a USB drive would be a nice addition. It is 2014 and the PS4 not having this ability is sort of asinine.

Sound like great additions! Less compressed screenshots would be great, that’s something I’d really like in the future. The other feature I think would be great is the ability to follow people without befriending them, Twitter style. A lot of my friends haven’t upgraded to PS4 yet so my ‘What’s New’ feed is basically just me and one other guy I know over and over again.

Great news… this update is a step in the right direction. :)

One question however, now that we can export Screenshot captures to USB will the compression with which they are captured on the system be reduced?

Right now PS4 Screenshots range between 150-250KB’s which for a 1080p screen is heavily compressed, any chance this size restriction will be made larger (1-2MB’s) so to allow better quality sceenshots with less compression?

This is all well and good, but why now? The option to turn of HDCP should have been available a long time ago.
Speaking of which, will we ever see a patch for the PS3 that allows HDCP to be removed? It would be a massive step forward.
To be honest, why is HDCP even there in the first place? It can be bypassed easily using third party hardware, and besides, websites such as Youtube and Twitch deal with abusers of streaming early released games that are under NDA, so why not let PS3 users have the same slice of cake the PS4 owners are getting?

If you guys actually would listen we would already had an option to navigate our download list much easier. We’ve only asked for it for 8 years.
And why can’t I add an external HD, THAT would be convenient. And what about making it an option to use Share so I don’t have that going on in the back, or turn of the light of the controller or make it able to play cd’s, mp3/4 etc.
Useless as usual.


Addi 3D Blu-Ray support, please!!!

Brilliant news! Nice update.


When the ps4 is up an running the light should be blue not white it would deff look alottt better and match better with the controller on and the ps4 gold headset that would be a nice change

Please add:
– Vita support
– Share on Google+/YouTube
– YouTube app
– Folder for games

We want also better “standby download”. In my console updates (for games and system) don’t start automatically when I’m out of my home and I need to wait system update or game update to play.

And update the Vita UI that is horrible from the launch day.

UK_Rocklance 19 March, 2014 @ 15:26

You listened to our comments and requests, and that’s what you heard as the top priority? Who have you been listening to?

Where’s MP3 support, 3D blu-ray playback, video trimming/editing tool, theme and avatar support, OFFLINE trophy support, HDD backup utility, fixes to some common bugs like “Cannot sync trophies with PSN. (NP-32157-8)”, disc auto-eject problem, remote assist function (take over a friend’s game to help him with tough parts of a game)… the list goes on and on.

When is the real “Big New Firmware Update” due, and not little patches like this or the previous one that ‘improves DVD playback quality’?

I3loodthirsty 19 March, 2014 @ 15:27

Any chance of having an option so we get a notification when people on our friends list sign in & out, I miss that from ps3 and a youtube app maybe. :)

UK_Rocklance 19 March, 2014 @ 15:28

Oops, “rich video editor” is there.

It would probably take up a lot of Hard Disc Space on the PS4 but an option to record your gameplay in 1080p to the PS4 would be cool? Watching back my Game recordings on my PS4 they don’t look as good as when i was playing them :D
MP3 playback(+CD playback, yep i am still old-skool) (MP3 playback for all games to)
Video playback of your downloaded videos
DLNA support(like PS3 has)
Pause/Off & On/Resume Game
Folders for your games i.e i can make a folder for Demos etc etc
Save Gaming Videos to YouTube
YouTube APP
+ A real PS4 Remote Control(or a APP Via your SmartPhone as a Remote Control) would be COOL :P

Artemisthemp 19 March, 2014 @ 15:30

This news made my day.

I miss a Edit studio on PS4 (you deliver in this update), I miss the ability to archive Twitch stream (you deliver in the future) and HDCP can be turn off :)

Now I just need a DVR or big EXT HDD (Actually not sure, which is the best choice)


THATs great
where’s the dlna support
& all the OTHER FEATURES u PROMISED??!?! :-(

Hey guys, thanks for the post. More in the future would be great, it’s nice to know when updates are coming.

Please can you pass on that we would like the ability to pause/resume downloads and the ability to alphabetise the trophy list? :)

UK_Rocklance 19 March, 2014 @ 15:32

Oh, and also… when people send you a message, show the message itself (or beginning part of) in the notification, have a louder ‘ping’ that can actually be heard over the game’s audio when a trophy is earned…

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