inFAMOUS Second Son launches today, bonus content now available!

Download the day one update to pick up the bonus Paper Trail expansion

All of us at Sucker Punch are super excited about the launch of Second Son today! We spent almost three years bringing Delsin and his powers to life, now it’s time for you all to ENJOY those powers! Have a great time, and let us know what you think about it all @SuckerPunchProd!

And don’t forget to download the patch! It comes with a nice little surprise called inFAMOUS Paper Trail. What’s that? It’s a FREE bonus extension for inFAMOUS Second Son that expands the universe and gameplay by weaving seamlessly on and beyond your PS4.

You will pursue missions to unravel the mysteries behind the D.U.P. and the cover-up of a violent suicide through this time-released story. New content will be released every week for the first six weeks after launch of the game, offering almost five hours of additional content available to everyone who has a copy of inFAMOUS Second Son and a PSN account.

To learn more about inFAMOUS Paper Trail go to or check out the FAQ

Combine that with the extra content available in the Cole’s Legacy pre-order DLC and we think you’ll have plenty to enjoy with your copy of inFAMOUS Second Son!

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dark_angel69 21 March, 2014 @ 14:38

I’m currently waiting on the post man to arrive. Have a day off work so can’t wait for it to come!!! Stupid post man taking a long time!!!! :(

residentSteve 21 March, 2014 @ 14:48

I have to say I wasn’t really a fan of the 1st two games but I’m really enjoying this one so far.

Awesome! This sugercoats a little the fact that we had to pay extra to have the full Infamous story. Nice work! Cant wait to get home and get my hands on my copy.

Looks impressive, all sparkly and high res but once you play if for a while you realise it’s nothing special and is in fact… average. Pretty much sums up the PS4 as well. Not the system seller Sony and the PS4 need urgently.


@Brian Fleming

I was wondering if you could pass this along to your team. Could a screen adjustment option be added please? as I’ve got quite a lot of the UI being cut off.

Also MP3 playback is not the priority for sony right now but will be added very soon as they promised and its not the one everyone should be worried as every one can play MP3 in mobiles, notebooks, PCs etc., and PS4 is meant for Gaming first and multimedia as optional as second priority which you should consider before saying the words.

Is anyone else having problems with the Paper Trail website? There’s no way to link your PSN account, and there are two “activities” that are locked until “Second Son Release Date”………which has now passed……….

@MaxDiehard I think the PS4 OS has a screen size adjustment tool in the settings. Have you tried that?

RyanSufc1997 21 March, 2014 @ 18:00

When you say preorder dlc you mean special and limited edition dlc. I Preordered and have not got the Coles legacy dlc. That preorder thing was only for america right?


@GrytEcHoG Hear hear. And you know what is the funny thing? The people who are whining like children, this is probably the first time they ever bought a console at launch before because they were obviously babies when the likes of the PS3 came out. They don’t understand what the first year of pretty much every console ever released is like. Only the diehard fans are the people who buy a console at launch and the whiners just make themselves so obvious that this is their first time.
You guys think that Infamous Second Son with its incredible next gen, proprietary game engine, animations and sound is average? You guys need to take your brain medicine.

Mr Fleming it would be nice if you could path in some HUD options.
Also you need to implement more control schemes.


@Bjarno86. Yea, it worked, but it keeps resetting itself everytime I turn my system off.


so then why is there is a banner in the psn store advertising angry birds ps3 for 5 ???

why is infamous such a rip off compared to US price ?

why on ps3 and ps4 corrupt downloads happen way too much and on PC never ? in 20 years of PC i never had one corrupt movie or game or program download, why can sony not fix this in so many years ? forums are full with people having problems and europeans are not sonys milk cows !

no wonder sony is going bankrupt with such mal practices !


and are you telling me the inventer of the walkman (if you know what that is) can not bring mp3 support to the ps4 ?? LOL but they can bring music unlimited , right.. because they are JERKS

Greenpeace08 21 March, 2014 @ 20:36

Makes u wonder why u brought a ps4 and why ur even here on the blog the way you talk, as for the music issue, well it’s a games console for starters and not a high fi (remember them). So the mp3 side of it we can wait for. Hope all those with infamous enjoy it

I also preordered from Game and never received any Cole DLC. This appears to be only with the collectors edition where as America got it in all First Editions. Sony should just release it for free for us Europeans as it seams unfair.

Tender_Brans0n 21 March, 2014 @ 22:06

DLC error

Has anybody succeeded in downloading the DLC from the special edition? I have the Dutch special edition (), after entering the codes on PS4 I got an error code that PSN was down, but now the items (5 jackets + Cole’s Legacy) won’t download. As soon as the items are added to the download list, I get the message ‘cannot download’. Opening the item from the download list gives the message ‘An error has occurred. (CE-32920-6)’.

When I try to sign up for paper trail I get an error page?

Now the error page is gone but when I go to my profile, country and date of birth are locked and I cant proceed :(

I did manage to sign up, after choosing USA as region. Got three Karmas so far, but wasn’t able to upload the Paper Trail 1 evidence to servers. There’s definitely an error going on with the gimmick.

There’s no way to link your account with your PSN account in-game, there’s only the option of creating the account, but I did go back to manage account and made sure that the account password matched my PSN ID login password — but to no avail.

@ Tender_Brans0n,

There’s no actual download required when redeeming the DLC; the jackets will show up on the in-game menu. You scroll between them using the D-pad (which isn’t described at all). I got the Cole’s Legacy vest, but they’re rather dull. The vest I’m currently using is the inFAMOUS “X-Bone” one, courtesy of Major Nelson.

Tender_Brans0n 22 March, 2014 @ 09:51


I only got Delsin’s vest, there’s no response when I press right or left on the D-pad. If there is no download required, shouldn’t it at least say something like installed next to the DLC in my account? Also, in the download list on the PSN store on my PC it looks like this ( Clicking on one of the items gives a page not found error.

dark_angel69 22 March, 2014 @ 10:35

I’m also having the problem with Paper Trail

@ Tender_Brans0n,

Sometimes, like with the case of God Of War: Ascension, you’ll redeem an in-game item, but it requires no actual download since it’s in the install files.

Okay, please check this in-game: Press Options, then Press L2 or R2 until you switch to the page that says “Surveillance Target: ROWE, DELSIN” on top of menu. Now, try and use the D-Pad back and forth and see if the “Clothing” image changes Delsin’s vest. It should work, and I wouldn’t worry about the actual Download List on PS Store.

Tender_Brans0n 22 March, 2014 @ 10:51


That’s exactly what I tried. There’s only Delsin’s vest, no other vests.

I redeemed my collector’s edition code, and I got the Legendary, Exist, and a few others. Sorry it didn’t work for you.
But, to be honest, you get a whole bunch of vests by completing the missions, and they’re not all that great, i.e. it’s all for show, and doesn’t get you any “immunity” or “superpowers”. I got something similar, an error, when I redeemed the Driver: San Francisco code. It was accepted, but the download page was blank.

I know this sucks, and you can only contact the store where you bought it, perhaps?

Tender_Brans0n 22 March, 2014 @ 11:08


To be honest I don’t really care about the vests, I get the error with Cole’s Legacy too. For now I’m enjoying the game, I’ll see about the DLC problems later. Thanks for your help!

spookyjackbauer3 22 March, 2014 @ 12:20

Seeing this was supposed to be a system seller from all the hype, its a long way down this list. Bought it yesterday and after ten minutes I was already getting annoyed with the constant cut scenes. Looking forward to some freedom.
91 flower
90 Rayman Legends
90 TowerFall Ascension
87 FIFA 14
86 Battlefield 4
85 Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
85 NBA 2K14
84 Resogun
83 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
80 Need for Speed: Rivals
80 inFamous: Second Son
78 Call of Duty: Ghosts
78 Outlast
77 Strider
75 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
74 The LEGO Movie Videogame
73 Killzone: Shadow Fall
73 Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition
67 Thief
54 Knack

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Seeing this was supposed to be a system seller from all the hype, its a long way down this list. Bought it yesterday and after ten minutes I was already getting annoyed with the constant cut scenes. Looking forward to some freedom.
91 flower
90 Rayman Legends
90 TowerFall Ascension
87 FIFA 14
86 Battlefield 4
85 Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
85 NBA 2K14
84 Resogun
83 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
80 Need for Speed: Rivals
80 inFamous: Second Son
78 Call of Duty: Ghosts
78 Outlast
77 Strider
75 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
74 The LEGO Movie Videogame
73 Killzone: Shadow Fall
73 Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition
67 Thief
54 Knack


Hi I’ve downloaded the inFAMOUS Second Son™ Legendary Edition from Playstation Store for PS4, after downloading I’ve noticed that the extra content for it can’t download… can someone please answer this as I’ve paid an extra 10 euro for the Legendary Edition ?? Thx


@MadDogxIRLx You don’t have to download it separately, the content is already in the game for you. You can pick another vest design from the menu and the Cole’s legacy missions appear randomly.

Speaking of which: Sucker Punch, I’m really enjoying the game itself but I am very happy that I bought the game on the US store where the extra content is free because it is really underwhelming for the money you are asking in the PAL regions. Adding that as a preorder incentive is one thing but asking the price of an indie game for it is ridiculous. I’m two missions in and all I’ve heard are a few recordings. I was hoping for a flashback or something like that where we play on a different map.


@Njitram2000 thanks for your reply.. it’s just that when I check my download notice it says that the extra items couldn’t be downloaded so i’m not sure if I have them or not on my game, I’ve not really had a proper chance to check it out as i’m working all w/end, just wondering if anyone else had the same issue as I’ve had..


@MadDogxIRLx On the US store there is no button at all next to those dlc items so maybe it’s different on the EU store. If you have the extra jackets in the in-game menu then you’ll probably have everything else too.


@Njitram on the ps4 u have that notification part where u can see ur downloads… that’s where I see that extra content but says unable to download.. no worries m8, i’ll check out the game when I get home and have an other look, maybe it’s not yet up on the store or something, thx anyway…

Brako_Version_5 22 March, 2014 @ 14:02

I’ve always found with the Infamous series, that the main character is superbly animated, feels great to control. Then put into a half-arsed game with nothing new after the third mission. As for the story, they border on pretty cool… until destroyed at the end.

So how does Second Son compare to the originals, other than having better graphics?

great game but then ive liked all the infamous games thus far, powers are coming thick and fast at the start of the game though but only smoke upgrades so far, delsin is pretty funny despite the trailers making him look like a cocky moron, game play is fluid and fun but a little easy to run and hide when getting overwhelmed

I have 2 questions. Is it a problem if you started the game before the patch installed? Is the extra content still there on that savefile?
WHY did I not get the cole’s legacy DLC :( ? … I got a voucher for 4 vests but not the cole’s legacy DLC. I preordered my game and got it day one!! And apparently those missions won’t be on PSN later on. So now I’m missing out on a part of the game eventhough I preordered it. Is there any way I can still get it?


Lost interest in inFamous after i became a member of the 349 club!, obviously it must not affect everyone, but last i checked on, there were around 1000 similar gamers who were in the club, mightn’t matter much to some, others it is end of world scenario.. short of restarting, checking each shard of a internet provided map, there isn’t much hope of getting the reward of plat, though saying that it ‘seems’ some who played by such method Still ended up missing one shard, but on a later attempt following exact path, offending blue shard was there, am not that dedicated so felt cheated after game, inFamous2 is still on one of my consoles, but just can’t seem to begin it, since sce gave it to us!. (IGC) it’s not missing the plat that put me off series, but failure to patch it by devs, prob be told by someone who wasn’t ‘glitched’ it was my lack of skill..

P.S. the Papertrail website ISN’T working!? I get “404 not found” everytime!? have been trying since yesterday. Other than the cole’s legacy missing etc I LOVE the game … It’s fantastic and you guys have done a great job

jarvissquirrel 22 March, 2014 @ 20:11

ok so i ordered this from playasia (the us version) as it said it was region free. I have a uk psn account , am I going to have problems with updates and DLC. If so i think I still have time to cancel my order. Bit new to PS4 so any help much appreciated guys and gals.

40 is not working

I was able to create an account on yesterday. Didn’t see any option to link that to PSN account. I hope it doesn’t require using the same email address.

Anyway, today I finally found something in game related to this. Chased down the paper power girl, and took the crime scene photos and then it tried to connect to Paper Trail, and couldn’t connect.

I hope this is temporary issue and I will be able to continue with the Paper Trail missions and hopefully unlock the Paper Power by completing it within a week or so.



The base game itself is region free, but US DLC codes will not work on a UK account.



I have the same issue as you. Not able to upload.

residentSteve 22 March, 2014 @ 22:47

I’ve changed my mind on infamous second son liked it yesterday but today the repetition set in like it did with 1&2 .
I will be trading it in later in the week shame, so far very unimpressed with my ps4 killzone was a big let down for me too.
Never mind back to ps3 I go, has my ps4 goes into shut down mode until watchdogs.

Inherentdragon 22 March, 2014 @ 23:36

I finally received this today,after pre ordering a while back.Not played other Infamous games but had a go and really enjoyed it….in fact I enjoyed it so much I spent the rest of the day playing Ratchet and Clank 2 on the ps3 :-)


Wth man? I grab the $70 version on PSN.. Leave the ps4 on for a day to DL the game only to realize that after the bridge stage I gotta DL 22 gigs of the real game? Why would u not send DL ALL AT ONCE instead of pieces?? Now I gotta wait till tomarrow to DL a game I wanna play now? VERY SLOPPY $oNY!!!


I accidentally linked my account on to the wrong PSN account. You can unlink it in the manage account page but the ajax call fails. Please fix this. I want my karma :)


Addition to my comment above: apparently if you have a session running on (I think) the store, it uses that account to link instead of asking for the password. That is very insecure and not user friendly. I have to delete the cache and cookies for all playstation sites before I could choose an account to link it to.

Also, because I had to start a new account to link properly, I want do the prologue missions again but every link redirects to the homepage.

squiggledyboing 23 March, 2014 @ 12:06

Infamouspapertrail is now working,just managed to successfully link my account :)

Infamous second son was a great game, one of the best i have ever played. Just the fact that you have 4 full power sets instead of just one to explore the city and fight the d.u.p is incredible and makes the game so much more enjoyable. The only problems were that parkour was kind of difficult and slow and the story was too short (or maybe i just played it too much) its good that they are adding more but i am worried that i pre ordered it and did not get Coles legacy missions

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