Physics puzzler King Oddball set to conquer PS4 next month

10tons’ eccentric game makes the jump from PS Vita on 2nd April

Hi PS4 gamers! I’m Jaakko from the Finnish game developer 10tons, and I’ve got some great news. Our fair studio is just about to debut on the PS4! Our first PS4 title is a strange skill-based physics puzzler called King Oddball. Some of you may know the game from the PS Vita version released in January. We have more great games for PS4 in production too, and we’ll share more on those soon.


As far as physics based puzzles go, King Oddball stands out quite distinctly. Few games overall feature a floating rockhead with ginormously long tongue as the main character. As eccentric as the theme may be, the game is decidedly straightforward. King Oddball is ending the world, and you’re going to help him.

The gameplay is based on pressing a button at precisely the right moment. The King picks up a rock with his tongue and swings it back and forth like a pendulum. The rock is released when you hit X. It’s not just a simple test of timing though: After the first few levels you need to crush more enemies than you have rocks for. That, in turn, requires careful strategy and anticipation of how the chain reactions will unfold.


We’ve tuned the physics model to pretty extreme accuracy, so relying solely on luck won’t work. The game gets very challenging towards the end, and The Hall of Diamonds mode actually gets well into the masocore territory. You’ve been warned!

King Oddball features a free trial, so you can check the game out for yourself on release day. World class accordion-heavy soundtrack and the striking art style are best experienced live, and we think that the simple yet challenging gameplay will grow on you. For us, 2nd April can’t come soon enough!


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Looks good and its not the kind of game to be played in PS4 but if you have used touchpad of PS4 then we should give a try.

icecrasher_zero 21 March, 2014 @ 21:22

I’m pretty sure that everyone bought PS4 to play games like that…

@icecrasher_zero – We didn’t buy our PS4s to play games like these, but it’s nice to have them in-between the big releases. Everybody’s going to be busy with inFamous & Ground Zeroes at the moment, but then there’s a bit of a gap until Watch Dogs comes out, and those gaps are all about the indie scene! ;)

Jaakko Maaniemi 25 March, 2014 @ 10:53

You said it! And we went through some extra trouble to have the free trial precisely for this reason; everyone can just give the game a go and take it from there.

It’s Cross Buy with the Vita version too, so you get to play it on the go as well, if you have a Vita.

I bought it on vita.thought id give it ago when it launched and had a quick go…that quick go lasted me bout 5 hours..wicked little game..any news on discount for owners of vita version??

Jaakko Maaniemi 25 March, 2014 @ 10:51

The game will be Cross Buy with the Vita version. So if you have the Vita version, you’ll get the PS4 version for free. And the other way around.

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