God of War: Ascension anniversary sale coming next week

Get all multiplayer weapons and armour DLC packs for free

Champions! This month we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of God of War: Ascension, in such epic fashion, even the Gods of Olympus are impressed. At Santa Monica Studio – the players come first in every decision we make. We have supported God of War: Ascension Multiplayer since it’s release last March 2013, as a result of the unrelenting passion and everlasting “fire” you have poured into the battlefield since Day 1.

Now it’s our turn to truly say Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts, to every Champion who has picked up the controller to experience God of War: Ascension. In celebration of the God of War community and this one-year Ascension milestone, we have a few significant gifts to honor you. Get em all!

All multiplayer weapon and armour DLCs are free

Mark 1

Starting 2nd April 2014, you’ll have 1-week to get every single multiplayer DLC weapon and armour pack for free. Complete your DLC collection!

Play as the Marked One in multiplayer

Ever dreamed of slaying your enemies as “The Marked One”? (You know who we’re talking about.) This is your one and only chance to get our exclusive anniversary in-game mark. We have also designed a very special Santa Monica Studio cape to make you the ultimate “Marked One” bad-ass, surprise!

Participate in our official forum thread right here to get the mark and the cape, FREE. This is the only time we will ever make it available, ever.

Mark and Cape 1

Cape 1

50% off XP boosters

In conjunction with our FREE DLC event, we have dropped all XP Booster prices by 50%, to help you ascend faster than ever to Ascension status.

Mark and Armor 4

This is an anniversary celebration worthy of our champions. It’s our way of saying THANK YOU and we hope to see the Ascension Multiplayer battlefields continue to thrive with your passion.

One last final recognition. The following Power Rankings represent the top players since the game released. These are truly the best of the best, at least as of today. Take em down Champions!


Keep following us @SonySantaMonica for 24/7 updates, and for the latest news on our upcoming PS Vita version of God of War 1 & 2.

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Season Pass will be free? :>

ImoutoPantsu 25 March, 2014 @ 19:31

Will the game itself be on sale too? I never got round to buying it but if it is I’ll totally pick it up.

Hey, nice to see an actual Greek in there! Guess what is my avatar ;)

Will the game also be on sale? Or….could it be a plus game for this month? *winks*

“The following Power Rankings represent the top players since the game released. These are truly the best of the best, at least as of today.”

Looks like people who just played the game the most to me. Another game rewarding time and not skill on leaderboards.

Captain-Ultima 26 March, 2014 @ 07:42

This is a really nice offer, even tough being a season pass owner i already have all the DLC for free and have got all of them up to date.

However my DLC “Collection” won’t really be complete untill you put the King Leonidas and Mjölnir DLC in to the store, tough im going to assume they are going to remain pre-order exclusive? Otherwise they would have brobably arived to the store by now.


If rudda-johnny being top of most of these league tables doesn’t push sony into lettng people change psn id’s i don’t know what will!

nfskingrlinworld 26 March, 2014 @ 09:15



I’d be very interested if the game was on sale as well, been meaning to pick it up for ages.


Cool stuff, i just bought GoWA last week, and free DLC is always good.

This game and last of us will make up 2 out of the 3 annual plus games in June, calling it now

wanna bet how this game will be on PS+ in April?

jimmynumbnutz 26 March, 2014 @ 11:05

Hi i have been trying to find a way to complain about AMERICANS getting sony rewards whilst people here in europe are not allowed.What’s up with that you seem to give the AMERICANS everything what’s up with that do you feel they are superior or something.This is a disgrace!!!

jimmynumbnutz 26 March, 2014 @ 11:06

Why do you lick the boot of the AMERICAN sony?

Brako_Version_5 26 March, 2014 @ 18:01

@ Jimmynumbnutz,

You live up to your name mate. Its all about marketing. Every region will be offered something different and no one but the marketing promoters for that particular task have a say in what goes on sale and when.

You don’t just pick an item to put on sale when you want to. You do it strategically.

genial el juego

paulaemarcio 30 March, 2014 @ 16:39

ao inves de continuar com a guerra acabaria com ela e faria um mundo de paz


so it’s the 2nd of April, 1300 hour and the DLC is still not free… is it the “Gauntlets of Jason syndrome” all over again? :)
and yes i know, i don’t have any patience! X)))

I’m probably just as inpatient as Gorgo_Rakil…. I just can’t wait for this awesome DLC. Hopefully this content will be updated soon…


im still waiting too and nothing free ! :/

Davious_Maximus 03 April, 2014 @ 05:23

It is April 3, 2014 and still no FREE download content available on the Australian Playstation Store…
So this was an April Fools joke… what gives… ?


it’s april 3rd, nothing free still :(


still waiting for the free DLC that YOU PROMISED us 34 hours AGO!
yes, admins you can reply and give us some informations!


Hi everyone. Unfortunately we’ve had some technical issues with this discount. We’re working on it and I’ll confirm a new start date as soon as possible.

I’m checking the store every 2 hours orso… when will this content be free… I mean, you promised us Sony… you…promised.
Any reply or info on the subject will be highly appreciated!


That’s what I love about Sony: promises are always free and don’t cost a dime!

DarknessRasm 03 April, 2014 @ 18:37

Well according to Tank they will start delivering the Special codes to our emails or PSN accounts.
Can’t wait to receive them plus the fix for the sale in the PSStore!



I hope that you are right about that, I anxiously await the codes! ^_^


Its Aprill 4 and nothing new.


SERIOUSLY ,its April 5 and nothing free .nice work guys about the April fool this year


Have you started sending “The Marked One” tat & “Santa Monica Studio Cape” voucher codes?

@ Fred Dutton: Any word about the new date yet? Since it’s very hard for anyone to understand why it would take this long to fix the discount…let alone give us any update on the situation. Like most people already mentioned, it starts to feel like a really bad April Fools joke. I know we should be patient, but there is a certain limit in our patience… so again, any info on the matter would be highly appreciated.

Never mind, just found the new (hidden?) article about the subject… for anyone who hasn’t read it yet, here is the link.


thanks for the link man!!!! :D

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