MLB 14 The Show launches tomorrow exclusively on PS3 and PS Vita

The acclaimed annual baseball series swings for the fences this week

The Major League Baseball season has started, so now it’s time to see how your team will do when you’re controlling all of the action as MLB 14 The Show is available tomorrow on PlayStation 3 (€44.99) and PlayStation Vita (€29.99).

The Show is the highest-rated sports video game over the past eight years and we at San Diego Studio want The Show to keep getting better, because we think Baseball is Better. We feel incredibly fortunate that our game will be available across three different platforms this year, so that every PlayStation gamer can experience all of the new additions that we incorporated into the game. With that, take a look at our PlayStation 3 launch trailer.

Pick up your copy of the game this week and check out our new additions, which include: Quick Counts, which helps you play a full nine inning baseball game in less than 30 minutes, a revamped Road To The Show experience, and an all-new Online Franchise mode.

This year’s version of the game will be feature complete on the PlayStation 3 and when our PlayStation 4 version comes out in May, you will be able to carry over all of your save data to the next generation. So, dust off your cleats, get in the box and get ready to take your team to the World Series, because MLB The Show is finally here.

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Will this be available physically over here and is there any chance in the future GBP prices could be included on blogposts?


UK price is £39.99 for PS3, £23.99 for PS Vita. There are no plans for a physical release at this time.

Cross buy? Between PS3 and PS4?


This the perfect example of something that is done right. I would not see the benefit in releasing this game physically in Europe, baseball simply is not big enough. But what a great attractive price for the digital version. Also Chris, have you any idea if there will be some sort of a discount for people who were to pick up the PS3 version and then the PS4 version later?

I’m going to guess £39.99 for PS3 and £23.99 for Vita.
For anyone else like me that prefers discs still this can be had for £41.99 from 365 Games.–

If the PS4 version is the same price as PS3 I’ll buy it. Would of done it last year but I cant remember why I passed on it.

Make a hockey game please. You know it makes sense.

supersmith2500 01 April, 2014 @ 16:37

@ pn3b0y & Fred Dutton:
Like the other MLB games. Don’t except a retail release.

Give us a Cricket game!


Now if only there was an NHL game for both PS4 and PS Vita…

superpatchy66 01 April, 2014 @ 18:12

I agree with matdub69, a cricket game would be awesome. One of the worlds most popular sports, yet with so few video games.

lukethegreat20 01 April, 2014 @ 18:58

anychance of getting redsox avatar in the future?


Good Morning, Have any of you got an idea when this game will appear at the PlayStation store, I’m waiting anxiously and nothing comes up. I’m in the UK.


@andrew_BMR I wish I knew. Half 10, still nothing doing. Do we know when in the day the store normally updates?

patrickb121073 02 April, 2014 @ 12:30

Any idea when the store will be updated and when this game will be available here ? Also will there be an update / discount option if you have it on PS3 but want it on PS4 next month ?

It’s on the store now :D

patrickb121073 02 April, 2014 @ 16:01

It’s up and I’m downloading it, now the wait till it’s finished downloading and installing lol. Hopefully we will get and upgrade to PS4 discount for this because I really couldn’t wait another month to play lol


How much will it be on the store for the PS4 version?

I’m really hoping the PS4 price will be the same as the PS3 price, otherwise I’ll order the physical version from VideoGamesPlus for under £37 delivered as I have done with previous MLB The Show titles.


I’m wondering, if you buy the physical version online, could you still access the community for roster updates through Playstation Network?

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