New Bound by Flame trailer shows PS4 gameplay

Fantasy RPG sets 9th May release date on PS3 and PS4

Hello, PlayStation Blog readers! This is Walid, producer at Spiders Studio. I’m very proud to tell you about Spiders’ latest game, one of the very first RPGs for PS4: Bound by Flame.

We plan to release it on 9th May for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Today, we decided to focus a little more on the game’s combat and show off some PlayStation 4 footage for the first time.

This video is brand new and 100% pure gameplay – no special effects, no cutscenes. It should give you a little bit of a taste of the combat, before we release an epic combat trailer that covers all the combat mechanics and fighting styles. You’ll catch a sample of the possibilities Bound by Flame offers in combat: Stealth, crossbow, fireballs, dual wield daggers, two-handed axe and hammer. Check it out above.


In Bound by Flame, the combat system lets you instantly switch between two stances (Fighter with heavy weapons, and Ranger with dual wield daggers) and use with either stance some destructive pyromancer powers, allowing you to adapt on the fly to the enemies you’re facing.

We also showcase some of the creatures you’ll be fighting: there’s a lot of them out there, and each has its own characteristics and behavior in combat.

The array of weapons in Bound by Flame offers a large number of possibilities. Will you smash your foes with a hammer, slice and dice with an axe or sword, or go sneaky with double daggers and long-range weapons? Or will you unleash the power of your inner demon and become a fearless pyromancer?

If you want more info about the game, do not hesitate to visit the official website, Spiders’ Devblog, and the official Facebook Page. I’ll stop by to answer comments below, so if you have any questions, just ask!

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Please be good,please be good,please be GOOD! First RPG on PS4 day 1.

What are the differences between the PS3 and PS4 version?


me too would like to know.


The PS4 being a very powerful console, the main differences are a higher resolution (1080p) and higher visual quality with high resolution textures and post processes.
We also take advantage of the Dualshock 4 new features such as the touch pad for shortcuts and the light bar for feedbacks

Looks interesting. A mix of God of War and Witcher 2 came to my mind which I liked a lot for some reason. Will most likely pick up this game for PS4 once I get it. Unless there is a PC version and I get overwhelming desire for some fantasy game before Witcher 3.

Actually looks really good! Certainly a lot better than it did in that first trailer on the blog a few months ago. £47 on seems ok as well for a game that could potentially have hundreds of hours of play through. I’ll wait for a few reviews. Is it an open world RPG? Colour me interested.


Without knowing which buttons are being pressed i can’t tell if this is any good or not.

A must buy game for me. Looks great!

WinglessLeon 04 April, 2014 @ 18:02

Really looking forward to playing this one, but I’m begging for a lock-on option in style of Dark Souls 2. I can see it getting really irritating and bogging down the whole experience if there ain’t. Just lots of frustration due to the feeling of lack of control.


It is possible to lock-on any target at anytime; allowing you to focus a specific enemy, crowd control your targets or just use your ranged weapons.

oOVerbalTechOo 04 April, 2014 @ 18:18

Is it just me or is the quality of the video really poor?


That’s just video compression.

Looks cool.
Is the slow down effect a counter attack or something? Also like how you can set traps on the floor, adds a new element to combat.


The slowdown effect happens when you manage a timed counter-attack or dodge. It also happens with critical hits.


Does this have split-screen?

Looks like Risen to me.Nothing groundbreaking,typical beat em’up rpg with average graphics.

Number9dream68 05 April, 2014 @ 12:28

Yeh it looks decent i will probably buy it,hope it gets decent reviews,an it will fill the void a bit until witcher 3 comes.


It seems my kind of game.

Will we be able to customise our character’s looks and armour?


When starting a new game, you can choose your character to be a man or a woman. You can also customize facial aspects.

Each equipment in the game can be upgraded through crafting, these upgrades heavily affect your character’s looks.

BohemiaGeorge 06 April, 2014 @ 08:14

Looks like Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. This is my first must have game on PS4 :)) And of course, wheres my Diablo 3 ps4 edition? ;)))


It doesn’t have an open world, i guess.

I hope you also lounch game tru psn (also intrested )
4 questions = when the game story ends you are abel to continu .
have some random extra quest after the game
are the enemi xp leveling up whith you ?
day / nicht cycle ?

tanks to reply .

diablo 3 ps4 = i wait untile 25 € ( i wil not pay 2 x ful price = i own ps3 version )
also looking to buy dragon age ( day 1)
the witcher next jear

next tings i also want
terraria update ( very long quality chek , so i gessing stil some errors )
mincraft ps4 (day 1 ) hope free dlc texture/skin packs if you already own on ps3
starbound ( need first demo )


There is no newgame “+” option if that’s what you mean. But with different endings, different fighting styles and branching story, you can really get a renewed experience from a new game.
The enemies do not levelup according to the player’s level; they get harder and stronger with his progression. We also worked very hard on having a very diverse range of enemies for a renewed experience.
The game features a night/day cycle with an impact on enemies’ presence and quests.

This game looks very good! What are the main differences between the ps4 and pc versions? Thanks!

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