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inFAMOUS Second Son update, SOMA trailer, Tearaway DLC, Joe Danger PS Vita, more

Time once again for your weekly recap of all the week’s PlayStation happenings. In the past seven days we’ve brought you news of new features coming soon to inFAMOUS Second Son; a new trailer for atmospheric PS4 horror SOMA; word of fresh Tearaway DLC; a closer look at how Joe Danger will play on PS Vita; and updates on PS Vita Pets, Killzone Shadow Fall and Drakengard 3.

See below for the highlights, and do let us know below what games you’re playing this weekend!

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  2. New on PlayStation Store: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, Mercenary Kings, MLB 14, more
  3. Mercenary Kings launches PS Plus assault today on PS4
  4. New SOMA trailer dives deep into the darkness
  5. Tearaway gets its very first papery DLC Pack!

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Alphaembryo 6 April, 2014 @ 9:20 am   1

Games that I’d like to see in this week’s deal (or in some weeks time):

Rayman Legends: less than 14€
Diablo III: less than 19€
Grand Theft Auto V: less than 27€
Gran Turismo 6: less than 27€
Sonic Generations: less than 9€
The Last of Us: less than 18€
Resident Evil 6: less than 8€
Dark Souls II: less than 25€
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: less than 6€

Alphaembryo 6 April, 2014 @ 9:24 am   2

And again: Do we have any kind of response from the ”right” people regarding the negative changes Sony EU made to ps plus in the last few months, yet? [1)12 PS3 games less on a yearly basis compared to the US, while Sony stated PS4 wouldnt affect PS Plus, 2) we pay more (€50 ≈ $68) than the US but get a lot less, 3) no yearly Vita titles that should have changed last year November, according to info you posted on the blog last year.] If you cant answer questions of this type, do you have any feedback from the people who can? it’s been going on for more than… five months now. Do you plan on releasing an official, dedicated post explaining the changes that have been made, and why? The situation is at least irritating.

    TrueMurton 6 April, 2014 @ 9:34 am    

    Your questions aren’t going to be answered so may as well drop it, how do I know they won’t be answers? Simple.

    1: the blog guys don’t know the answer to these questions and may not have contact with anyone who can, if they did they would have answered by now, even if only to say that they’ll look into it, but they haven’t even said that much.
    2: even if they made post answering these questions in great detail you and the other people who constantly troll this blog wouldn’t be happy with that answer and continue with your disruptive behaviour so why bother? It would only serve to legitimise your grievances.

    Plus is still a great service, we still get plenty for our money and it has improved in recent months with our discount doubling to 20% instead of 10%.

    Alphaembryo 6 April, 2014 @ 9:46 am    

    @TrueMurton: I disagree on so many levels to your position, that I wont even bother replying to any claims/assumptions that you make (which have rebuffed elsewhere, anyway).

    Dark-Twisted 6 April, 2014 @ 11:12 am    

    @ TrueMurton

    Those responses that were given aren’t up to par, I’m sure better answers could be given with enough demand. I’ve also been worried about the decline in games. We started getting less games, and someone said it’s countered by the fact we have more rotations so we will receive more games annually. But they changed the scheduling or something so now we are, or at least it seems, getting less but paying more? NZ$90 is a lot of money, it’s at that point where I as a student have to very carefully consider whether I should buy it, which even though it’s still a great service, the fact the quality has declined makes it a harder choice. I think I’d be content if we got an extra game like the US do, whether that’s as little as an extra PSP game thrown into the Vita rotation, or as nice as another PS3 game.

    Dark-Twisted 6 April, 2014 @ 11:17 am    

    I’d also point out that while it could be called greed, yes PS+ is an amazing service, but if you pay for it and then it starts to get worse, it’s totally reasonable for some people to take issue with it. I don’t think this is the most highest priority problem ever but if you’re getting less games than the Americans and paying more, that’s a totally valid criticism.

    Lucreto 6 April, 2014 @ 12:51 pm    

    Yes it is sad we lost a game but it doesn’t say anywhere we were going to keep it. As it is been stated countless times business is more expensive in Europe so we get less things our US counterparts get. There are more PS3’s and PS4’s in the US so they are able to compensate developers more for discounts and free games. What the game restored? Get more people to buy PS4’s all over Europe.

    Voodoo341 6 April, 2014 @ 2:11 pm    

    @Lucreto it might have been said many times by ‘experts’ here that business is more expensive in Europe but where’s your actual evidence? Your comment about the PS3 and PS4 selling more in the US is also entirely wrong. The PS3 has a significantly larger user base in Europe and the PS4 is virtually neck and neck if you compensate for the month delay at launch. Sony have a lot bigger user base in Europe than it has in the US and Europeans pay a lot more for their service than Americans do. Even if business was more expensive in the EU it’s more than offset by the larger user base and extra income.

    superpatchy66 6 April, 2014 @ 2:35 pm    

    The only way Sony will listen to concerns over PS+ is if people cancel their subscriptions. Do that instead of spamming all blogs.

    PS+ works well if you have more than one system, but not if like me you have a Vita.
    If Sony have a system where I can rent 3 Vita games each month, then I would seriously consider joining.

    Terarded 7 April, 2014 @ 7:09 am    

    ive never really thought about how much it has declined over recent months but having it all in front of me is really quite depressing, this service was once something i bragged about to my friends now im stuck with the best game of the month being soccer..and not even the good soccer the one that no ones even heard of.

    btw i should point out that they have referred to the no vita refresh multiple times. its always in the comment section they simply state that they have no intention to refresh them any time soon at all, they arent going to make a big post explaining the how and why with these things because despite stating that everythhing is ‘4theplayers’ sony is still a business and to post an official post saying ‘we are giving you less so we have more money’ would reflect them and their motto badly.

    Fred Dutton 7 April, 2014 @ 9:31 am    

    Hi folks. I’ve got nothing new to add today on the PS Plus service. If there are any changes to the service to announce, we’ll do so in a dedicated blog post rather than in the comments section.

    As ever, your feedback is welcome and has been taken on board.

    Player42791 7 April, 2014 @ 10:30 am    

    It’s ignorant to plug €50 into a conversion website and say “we pay more”.
    The EU price includes vat so $50 isn’t €36.46 it’s €43.75.
    Tax isn’t the only thing affecting price though. Different economic situations and different cost of living standards have an effect as well.
    For example the minimum wage in the US is $7.25 while in the UK it’s roughly $10.46
    These things affect the price of everything though. I mean have you checked to see how much less your TV, washing machine, car, phone or anything else costs in the US? Do you post on those manufacturers sites every week? Or is the sole thing you spend money on video games?

    Alphaembryo 7 April, 2014 @ 10:41 am    

    @Fred Dutton

    I appreciate you commenting here, but again, it is a hollow comment: sure ”If there are any changes to the service to announce” we would like you to post them ”in a dedicated blog post rather than in the comments section”, but this is not what we are being asking. We are asking about answers regarding the changes that have ALREADY happened since last NOV-DEC, and I mentioned in my opening post… even commenting on the fact that since two months ago, the ps3 part of IGC is getting, instead of two AAA games (originally, seemed like the third game you removed was the indie one), one AAA and one indie. That is the latest negative development that SCEE swept under the carpet.

    Sure, I m glad to read that our concerns are communicated beyond the blog staff, but you know what they say about communication: it’s not a good one if it’s a one way.

    So, we are still waiting answers from the ”right” people. Please, try and dispel the negativity with concrete answers from ”them”, because being silent about all that, makes it look like the constant answer to our predicament is ”profit-and-deal-with-it”. Now, I know you are a business and all, and profit is your natural goal, but please, there are ways to treat your paying customers, and this is not one of them.

    As always, with respect to the blog team.

    Alphaembryo 7 April, 2014 @ 1:49 pm    


    While, as you claim, ”the minimum wage in the US is $7.25” and ”in the UK it’s roughly $10.46”, you forgot to mention other countries in the EU that the product ”PSN+ MEMBERSHIP” is also sold. Before making such ridiculous claims again (as I have rebuffed such arguments in previous threads), about how ”[d]ifferent economic situations and different cost of living standards have an effect”, try justifying how a $68 membership is competitive in countries in south Europe such as Greece, where minimum wage is $2.74.

    And then, try to explain to me why do I need to consider an included vat to the membership price as if I am importing it from the US; as if SCEE is not a different team (which, in numerous cases they have stated they are), closing their own deals with publishers, considering their own profit margin.

    And while you are at it, even if you explain that the price is right, and we should take under consideration the vat, and that the US-EU membership prices are fairly equal as they are, then how do you justify the fact that for the last five month the US is being getting one PS3 game more than the EU?

    Because, you see, It’s one thing to try and argue about taxes, way of living and so on, and totally other thing acknowledging the decline in the service (EU PSN+) comparing it not to some other that its own state six months ago. And, at this point, one would be blind not to see the negative changes (not to mention the awful handling by SCEE, following them).

    blackout_pt 7 April, 2014 @ 6:59 pm    

    @Fred (I promisethat after this I’ll be quiet about ps+ until the next batch of IGC is made public in this blog, or a proper answer is given,whatever happens first)
    You missed the point of our questions. What we want to know right now is about previous changes, not future ones. Any change at a service, in the spirit of comercial fairness, should be publicly announced and discussed. If any change happens in the future you’re are very welcome to announce it properly, but we request answers for changes that were imposed on subscribers without announcement, discussion and explanation. So I expect that we get the adult treatment and receive a proper answer instead of the usual “We don’t give crap about you and we’re doing our best to misunderstand your questions”

    With the utmost respect for this blog team (they do put up with a bucket load of sh..t from us)

    Player42791 7 April, 2014 @ 10:09 pm    


    I could just as easily have used France or Belgium, where the minimum wage is higher than the UK, as an example. I get that the whole economic argument falls down when you look at Greece on its own but every company lumps you in with the rest of the eurozone which on average, as far as I can tell, has a minimum wage of $7.66.
    Are you saying they should be setting their prices based on the poorest member states?

    As for adding vat to a hypothetical import, it’s based on the assumption that costs and profit margins are the same between SCEE and SCEA. There’s plenty of articles that say costs aren’t and thato Europe is more expensive to do business in but it does make it a decent baseline comparison. If you think that’s an unfair assumption that’s fine, but there’s less assumption in that comparison than comparing a straight currency conversion of a before tax price and an after tax price. Either way, you can’t hold on to that $68 (as good as its shock value may be), I’ll work it the other way, €50 before vat is roughly €41.65 or $57.27. It’s fair to assume the extra $7 covers the extra costs involved.

    As for the changes in service, of course you have every right to ask why things changed. I myself wonder why we lost a game (even though with my backlog a very small part of me is kind of happy).
    The only thing I take issue with is the comparison of prices through a straight currency swap which is totally ignorant. It’s nothing but an attention grabbing number that doesn’t reflect reality. So pretty much point 2 of your post.

    Alphaembryo 8 April, 2014 @ 8:33 am    


    ”Are you saying they should be setting their prices based on the poorest member states?”
    No, I am not saying this at all. I claim that ”setting prices on the cost of living” has very little to do with what we are talking here.

    What I’m interesting in is how competitive SCEE has become (focusing here on the psn+ product/service).
    Can you tell me how many euros does it cost to buy a US PSN+ subscription?

    Player42791 8 April, 2014 @ 9:29 am    


    Your still dodging the issue.
    You can compare the service now to what it used to be and you can, to an extent, compare it to the US since nothing changed for them. If you’re going to compare the price between two different markets though then the economic situation in those markets has to be taken into account. Like I said asking why we lost a game and the US didn’t is totally justified but to argue that you’re being charged $18 more at the same time is totally ignorant as is asking if a service is competitive between two separate markets.
    If your going to ask if it’s competitive you should be comparing it to its closest competitor in Europe since even though you technically can access the US store it is supposed to be inaccessible.

    Alphaembryo 8 April, 2014 @ 11:09 am    


    From the consumer point of view (which I’m solely interested), why is it even relevant to take into account that we are ”compar[ing] the price between two different markets”, and that ”the economic situation in those markets has to be taken into account”?

    You say: ”even though you technically can access the US store it is supposed to be inaccessible”.
    What does that suppose to mean? As a consumer, I’m less interested in assumptions (it is after all, and admittedly, what you are doing) regarding countries/regions tax and corporations setting prices technicalities, than to know what my money is worth. In 2014 US store for a EU citizen IS, indeed, accessible.

    Now, regarding the quality of the psn+ membership, we all (I think) can admit that in 2012 and 2013 the EU service was the better one (regarding the quality and quantity of the games we were receiving –minus the sales, which were always better on the US). One could grab with less than €50 a 1-year US PSN+ Membership, but (assuming he was more interested in IGC than sales), he would get an inferior service.

    In the past six month or so, US psn+ has been getting almost all the quality games that its EU counterpart got in two years time. If this wasn’t enough, since NOV-DEC, EU psn+ gets ”12 PS3 games less on a yearly basis compared to the US”. Recently we found out that the game that was lost each month was not an indie, as seemed at first, but an AAA title.

    So now, as a consumer with €50 in my pocket, which service do propose to me? Will I be able to get a psn+ membership (US this time), with more and equally good games, with around €40 (and keep the change), or will I not?

    Player42791 8 April, 2014 @ 12:20 pm    

    The reason it’s relevant to take into account the fact that they’re two separate markets in the first place is that you keep comparing the price(number) but take nothing else into consideration. Tax being the easiest to account for since EU prices include vat while US prices don’t include any tax. You can’t keep going back and saying look this number’s bigger and ignore everything else. I mean what part am I assuming? That there’s a correlation between cost and price? Obviously I couldn’t possibly know any exact details but that’s no excuse to ignore them. Do you import everything you buy? A quick check shows that I could buy a mobile phone in the US for $300 or buy the exact same phone in Europe for €300. By ignoring the existence of all those pesky things that you as a consumer don’t want to think about, including tax (import duty), it would appear that I should send all my money to the US.

    But to answer your question. You as a consumer with €50 in your pocket technically will not. As a consumer you, according to the eula, T’s & c’s etc, have no right to purchase a US PS+ subscription. Your consumer rights stop there, unless you have legitimate residence, bank accounts eto in the US you have no right to anything from that market. If you go ahead and purchase that subscription and any games on a US account and Sony go ahead and close the account you’re out of luck. It’s like me trying to argue that since I can buy a gun on the Internet so I have every right to do so. A bit over the top I know but it’s the same logic.

    That’s not to say you can’t make some comparisons though. Asking why we lost a game and the US didn’t is totally justified but throwing price in is just being ignorant. So like I said just point 2.

    Alphaembryo 8 April, 2014 @ 1:44 pm    

    ”Do you import everything you buy?”. Certainly not. Why? Because I can get better deals on the products I buy, locally. But, if I can get a better deal somewhere else, then my money will go there. If I cant get a decent deal, I wont make a purchase.

    After supporting that we have to ”compare the price between two different markets”, and that ”the economic situation in those markets has to be taken into account”, points that are fairly irrelevant here for reasons I have shown you (but very important otherwise –if we had details) , now, you tell me that I ”have no right to purchase a US PS+ subscription”?. This is yet, an other technicality. Assuming, for the sake of the argument, that Im provided, on paper a ”legitimate residence” from a friend of mine from the US (although, I dont really need that for my account to work). We both know that a US bank account is not needed for anyone to purchase a 1-year membership coupon, and have the code sent over. Then what?

    Still, you did not answer (not that you are obliged to, :P) my question: ”Will I be able to get a psn+ membership (US this time), with more and equally good games, with around €40 (and keep the change), or will I not?”

    Player42791 8 April, 2014 @ 3:22 pm    

    You’re missing the point. What I’m trying to get at is you can’t pick and choose when a particular logic applies. Based on the logic you’re applying to the ps store, importing everything would be the best deal every time. But why shouldn’t market forces and tax apply to the ps store? Simply because you’ve found a way to cheat them? You haven’t given any reason for them to be irrelevant other than “I’ve found a way around them.” Like I said earlier I can buy anything I want on the Internet, does that mean I have every right to do so? Just because you can buy the subscription at that price doesn’t justify your argument that the price is overinflated. Your still comparing the price without those market forces against the price with them. It’s an unfair comparison with unrealistic numbers. If you were comparing two prices in Greece like you do with everything else you buy then it’s a fair comparison but as soon as you start comparing prices in two separate markets you always have to consider market forces before you can call one fair. The fact that there’s no physical delivery or import duty doesn’t change that fact. Neither does the argument “I am able to therefore I am allowed to.”

    Alphaembryo 8 April, 2014 @ 5:37 pm    


    ”why shouldn’t market forces and tax apply to the ps store?”
    Well, most certainly apply to the ps store (although, we don’t know the specifics of how –this be one reason why it’s irrelevant to talk about in the specific context), but not to the circumstance of a potential psn+ membership buyer. In other words, it doesnt say or change anything to a potential customer with €50 in his bank account, a computer and an internet connection. I’m not really missing the point. The point is: how much value does my money have.

    Furthermore, what is a simple transaction matter, you are making it into an ethical debate. Your real question is: ”Should I buy where I find a better price?”. ”Should I buy a weapon if I can?” That ethical bipolarity that you are implying, has nothing to do with my (practical) case, and therefore, is dismissed on principal. (being, irrelevant part No 2)

    Now, the real question is, in a global economy, where, indeed, ”market forces” establish price trends, and/but money transactions are easier than ever, how a specific service (SCEE PSN+ Membership) stands up against other alternatives. Indeed, ”market forces” have worked their way (although, we will never find out the specifics regarding the formation of the psn+ membership price), to present in the scene of the global market SCEE’s membership, SCEA’s membership (STEAM, and so one, and so forth) on specific prices.

    Now, assuming that one is an EU subscriber, realizing the negative changes made in the past six month regarding the membership (provided on top post), it all comes down to this: how competitive is the price SCEE is asking against SCEA’s membership (STEAM’sales etc).

    Taking that into account alone (which is the prime factor for whether or not SCEE ”sees-money”), the reason for this discussion (and the purpose of the original post), is to set an alarm within SCEE’s HQ. Our misfortune is that a lot of us have tied money to a membership that is delivering poorly for the past six months, on very obscure pretence from their part. They owe us, at least, an apology for that part.

    But for the future (getting our –click– to transfer to SCEE €50), they really need to work harder to provide a service that once was great.

    Player42791 8 April, 2014 @ 7:54 pm    

    My point about being able to buy anything wasn’t an ethical one. The question isn’t “should I buy?” but instead, “do I have the right to buy?”. And while we don’t know exactly how market forces affect the price we know they do and there’s plenty of articles on Europe being more costly to do business in. Also, like I said before your comparing a before tax price with an after tax price so assuming market forces have no effect we can still take tax into account. I mean if I wanted to make it a moral discussion I’d ask how the already scuppered Greece gets any tax when your sending SCEA your money but that’s neither here nor there as far as I care.

    Now you’re arguing that SCEE and SCEA are in direct competition. Seriously? Maybe in your eyes but not theirs. They’re separate markets, you can’t expect SCEE to be more competitive in comparison with SCEA.
    I know thanks to the Internet it seems like they are and you can even make it so in your own head but unless the T’s and c’s change they will never be in direct competition and you will have no rights if you do go ahead and buy from the US store. Like I said comparing with steam and xbl is fair game since market forces should be the same but to compare between markets and not at least take into account tax (which we can easily do) is totally ignorant.

    Again like I’ve already said a few times, you can complain about the dip in quality over the past six months and the fact that the US service stayed the same while ours took a hit but you can’t justify the €50 = $68. As far as alarm bells go, repeatedly posting the same paragraph with outlandish price comparisons won’t ring any but us not renewing will. If the service does degrade further I won’t be resubscribing not because Americans appear to get a better price either. At the same time I won’t be setting up a US account, not out of an ethical choice but because I refuse to throw money at something where I have zero security.

    Alphaembryo 8 April, 2014 @ 8:37 pm    

    The question “do I have the right to buy?” is, indeed an ethical one: It corresponds to the question: Is it good or bad to do so under the eye of an authority (be that the government, a corporation etc).

    I never argued that SCEE and SCEA are in direct competition. And you are very right to stress that out. I’m always talking about SCEE’s membership against ”other alternatives”. Not purchasing anything, being one of them (”If I cant get a decent deal, I wont make a purchase.”).

    Justifying the €50 / $68 works great when an American friend sends you money to buy a EU psn+ voucher. The rest is high letters.

Harrisown 6 April, 2014 @ 9:38 am   3

If anyone complains about ps plus service then they are crazy. Don’t ever forget what your getting, it’s an industry first.
This comes from someone who only recently joined playstation after being on xbox since 2001 and even a live gold subscriber since the Beta in 2002…..

    Voodoo341 6 April, 2014 @ 10:15 am    

    So because it’s an industry first anyone who complains is crazy? Most bizarre defence yet! Fact is anyone with just a PS4 has mostly got second rate indie games. When they advertised the PS4 at launch did they use games like Mercenary Kings or Contrast to sell it? Can’t remember seeing them on the #4theplayer TV ad. I don’t want average to poor games that I will on the PS4 IGC just for the sake of adding games. I don’t want a want that I play and delete in less time than it took me to download. If SCEE can’t add a game that has a metacritic rating of 70 or above then offer better discounts or a month or premium membership to FtP games. SCEE just use some imagination for once and stick to your promises!

    bigmat319 6 April, 2014 @ 10:21 am    

    @Voodoo, O thought it was quite obvious that they were going to put indie games in the IGC for ps4. They said numerous times that PS4 was going to support indie developers. Plus, what are you expecting them to put in the IGC ATM? Killzone? InFamous?

    Alphaembryo 6 April, 2014 @ 10:23 am    


    ”it’s an industry first”

    What does that have to do with anything to accommodate your reasoning?
    But, I know a good motto about the ”industry”: Provide a good/competitive service/product , or suffer a slow death.

    sammieal 6 April, 2014 @ 10:34 am    

    Harrisown agreed I for one I’m getting sick of seeing the same few people using this blog to moan about issues that have no relevance to the post if you feel you are getting a bad service it’s simple don’t renew your subscription Also I would pay 60€ for phantom pain a year early

    Voodoo341 6 April, 2014 @ 11:00 am    

    @bigmat319 Sony never once said PS4 owners would only get indie games on the IGC. They offered Drive Club and then that wasn’t ready they gave Contrast as a replacement. That was like going to buy a Ferrari and the dealer telling you it isn’t ready but until it is (oh and we haven’t a clue when that is by the way) here’s a push bike as an alternative. For all the people ironically complaining about people complaining we’re only looking for what Sony said they’d be offering. Nothing else!

    Hexahedronaut 6 April, 2014 @ 11:59 am    

    @Voodoo341 so when they start giving retail games for PS4 on plus are you going to start moaning they’re still not giving you what you want?

    Porcupeth00 6 April, 2014 @ 12:16 pm    

    “second rate indie games”

    Really? Cause IMO Resogun, Don’t Starve and Mercenary Kings are better than several AAAs out on PS4 like AC4, and COD Ghosts for instance.

    Porcupeth00 6 April, 2014 @ 12:16 pm    

    Pleeeeease repeat the Tomb Raider sale from last weekend..but make it last a week instead of a weekend this time 🙁

    blackout_pt 6 April, 2014 @ 12:38 pm    

    Humm… Harrisown smell like a SCEE employe… maybe I wrong, maybe I’m right…
    @Harrisown just because I’m the best doctor in the world, that doesn’t give me the right to lie to my patients, just because SCEE is offering an unique service in the gaming world that DOES NOT give SCEE the right to lie to the subscribers of that service. (I hope you understand the analogy)

    Lucreto 6 April, 2014 @ 12:59 pm    


    Okay I’ll bite

    What is this “lie” you speak of.

    blackout_pt 6 April, 2014 @ 2:09 pm    

    @Lucreto When ps+ was announced for ps4 the staff of this blog clearly stated that the introduction of ps4 on ps+ would not affect the line up of the other platforms, a BIG FAT lie considering that we lost 1 ps3 game and the yearly games of the vita where put on hold indefinitely (relation needs to be proven, but it’s likely that both situations are indeed related since both changes where made at the same time, from Nov 2013 to Dec 2013)

    Lucreto 6 April, 2014 @ 2:27 pm    


    Unless I missed it I looked over the posts since E3. I did not find anyone say on the EU blog that we will keep the games. All I found was E3 stuff and Jack Tretton saying it since neither are part of SCEE they don’t actually count. Show we where a SCEE representive said we keep the 3 games and I will retract the statement and never bring it up again.

    Lucreto 6 April, 2014 @ 2:36 pm    

    I say the Vita games will change at E3 with the PS3 games. It is are easier to do it all at once than doing it twice a year. I also expect Tearaway will be on it this year.

    bigmat319 6 April, 2014 @ 3:26 pm    

    I did see that comment by the staff a few months back, but what makes you think that the ps4 is the reason that we lost a game? To me it doesn’t make sense to blame the ps4. I think the reason we lost the third game due to financial reasons.

    On a side not, i love how 90% of people that complain about the PS4 having indie games for the IGC are the same ones moaning to bring back the third game that happens to be indie titles.

    It isn’t really an industry first. There have been subscription services before in several different variations. Some stream, some send discs. The only new part is how the games get delivered to you.

    Besides, if Netflix would decide to promise content and then refuse to deliver, as well as to explain the reasons, you’d see the same kind of backslash. Especially if they’d decide to disappoint just one market exclusively.

    I really wonder why there is all this hostility. One can agree that Plus is a great service AND agree that SCEE made a lot wrong recently.

    chrisboers 7 April, 2014 @ 7:29 am    

    @Golwar: Interesting comparison to Netflix. Especially because they do exactly the same thing as Sony. USA Netflix has a much wider offering compared to EU. Also, the price is higher here (€ 7,99 in Europe compared to $7.99 in the USA).
    While I am not happy with the reduced content offered here in Europe, which indeed reduced PS Plus from ‘best in the world’ to ‘average’, I see this as just that. An average service, that I still like to subscribe to. If it decreases in value too far, I might eventually cancel. But that point is still WAY in the future.

    There is a huge difference, Netflix didn’t break any promises. Furthermore there are rather obvious reasons why it is more complicated to deliver TV/movie content in Europe. Not only Netflix has those problems to offer a comparable library of content.
    In case of Sony and SCEE though, we experienced a superior IGC for Europe for some time. And neither are there any issues about distribution right that would prevent that we get the same amount of games of month, legal stuff only limits the options of choices.

    So yep, there are obvious differences about digital services between Europe and America. The amount of IGC titles per month is none of those though. And neither are the greater sale offers by SCEA.

bigmat319 6 April, 2014 @ 10:24 am   4

Sometimes I wish that Playstation never gave out free game with Plus. People are just to greedy and just want more and more. I have been a subscriber for 2 years and even with 4 games a month, it’s still great value for money. I’m just sick and tired of all the complaints. Everyone complaining just’s needs to build a bridge and get over it

    blackout_pt 6 April, 2014 @ 12:45 pm    

    This part should have come here. Sorry for that @Hexahedronaut
    Ps+ complainers are not greedy (I’m not at least) but I consider that if I make a promise I must move heaven and earth to keep it, specially the person to whom I made that promise is a paying costumer. We just want answers, that’s it.
    If when the changes where made, people at SCEE had the decency to come here and explain what was going to change, how it was going to change and why, all this flaming would had been avoided. But SCEE choose a different path and know people are forced to act.

    Hexahedronaut 6 April, 2014 @ 2:17 pm    

    @blackout_pt. no problem mate.

bigmat319 6 April, 2014 @ 10:26 am   5

@Fred may i give a suggestion about the Weekend debate? In the future instead of giving out games to the winners, why not DLC? Would love to get a chance to win DLC for a game I love. Just a thought, keep up the good work Fred, Chris and Jaward 🙂

    Fred Dutton 7 April, 2014 @ 9:13 am    

    We occasionally give out DLC (eg, The Last of Us season pass a few weeks back). However, the problem with giving away DLC is that not everyone has the original game which limits the number of people to whom the prize appeals. I’ll occasionally do DLC giveaways for bigger titles which have a large audience, but I think it’s fairer to giveaway full games.


Why don’t SONY sell Official PlayStation Clothes for?(well i have been thinking that since i bought my 1st PlayStation 16 years ago) 😀 Looking at all the comments for the ‘Limited edition PlayStation Onesie’ on this Blog it looks like everyone wants some COOL PlayStation branded stuff(i am still(hint, hint) naked, yeah) 😀 + I would buy EVERYTHING with a PS Logo on it to! 😀

+ An Expensive PlayStation week for me it was 😀 Got – 1 years of PS Plus + DS4 Pad(my 4th) + DS4 Stand/Charger(the Official one) + PSVita Stand(the Official one) + 64GB PSVita Memory Card 😛
But it felt less Expensive because i got LOADS of free PS Plus Games for my PS3/4&Vita this week to 😉 Excellent stuff SONY 😉

+ FEZ is DREAMY 😉 It just puts me in a Trance when i play it. Lovely game;)

    Hexahedronaut 6 April, 2014 @ 11:49 am    

    Your 4th DS4? please tell me that’s for 4 player towerfall and not because they break easy 😉 glad your enjoying FEZ! buddy, truly an amazing game. Have you seen HYPER LIGHT DRIFTER? If you like fez/indie games really keep an eye on it, I’ve been following it since kick starter it looks ridiculously good 😀

    Fred Dutton 7 April, 2014 @ 9:14 am    

    Well, we do have some official clothing lines available in partnership with – take a look. As for the onesie – it has proved rather popular! I’ll be flagging it with our merch team!


    @Hexahedronaut It’s mainly for FIFA14 games really the DS4 pads. Got loads of family over at Easter so we will be playing that a bit. Wouldn’t mind more 4 player games coming to the PS4 to would be cool. Really want ‘TimeSplitters’ games 😛 to come to the PS4. That is the best FUN you can have with 4 players in the same room:D So far my DS4 pads have been o.k. FEZ is LOVELY/DREAMY:D Will look out for that HYPER game later thanks 😉

    @Fred Cool clothes on that link, thanks 😉

Hexahedronaut 6 April, 2014 @ 11:55 am   7

Hey Fred, is there any chance we could see some DLC as part of plus for the games offered on plus? I understand that we’re not getting our third PS3 game back whilst I don’t understand why plus is still a fantastic service. The DLC would fill that gap.

    blackout_pt 6 April, 2014 @ 12:43 pm    

    Sorry to tell you mate, but giving DLC instead a full game is just throwing sand in our eyes (hurts a lot more). SCEE must come clean and explain their actions, make peace with the community and start from there.
    Also, ps+ complainers are not greedy (I’m not at least) but I consider that if I make a promise I must move heaven and earth to keep it, specially the person to whom I made that promise is a paying costumer. We just want answers, that it. If when the changes where made people at SCEE had the decency to come here and explain what was going to change, how it was going to change and why, all this flaming would had been avoided. But SCEE choose a different path and know people are forced to act.

    Fred Dutton 7 April, 2014 @ 9:16 am    

    We regularly offer discounts on DLC, but the problem with including it as part of the IGC offering is that it requires subscribers to own the original game. If they don’t, then they get nothing – which I dont think would prove popular!

    Hexahedronaut 7 April, 2014 @ 9:25 am    

    @Fred. No offence but the changes to plus haven’t exactly been ‘popular’ :/


I think Sony should set up there own online store where we can buy retail games and offer exclusive dlc or pre-order item. Nintendo have done this in the UK. You can get Mario Kart 8 collector’s edition with bullet bill tshirt and a red shell key ring for the same price as the collector’s edition on Amazon.

It would give retailers some competition and price competition.

Porcupeth00 6 April, 2014 @ 12:17 pm   9

Pleeeeease repeat the Tomb Raider sale from last weekend..but make it last a week instead of a weekend this time

PS: i wanted to post it down here, posted up there as a reply to other guy as a mistake.

    Fred Dutton 7 April, 2014 @ 9:17 am    

    Noted – there are no plans at present but there’s always a chance it could re-appear in the future.

guylian 6 April, 2014 @ 2:37 pm   10

Hey Fred, nice update to the blog! 😀

I’ve been playing PS+ Sly Cooper this week. It’s the first Sly Cooper game I’ve played and I’m liking it so far; awesome it’s a cross buy to, I wish more games where cross buy!

My one criticism of PS trophies: Why allow gamers to earn duplicate sets of trophies on cross buy games? If they are the same set of trophies for PS3 and PS Vita, I don’t think you should be allowed to earn the possibility of two platinums 😀

Vashetti 6 April, 2014 @ 2:51 pm   11

Hey Fred, any updates on when we can expect the 1.70 PS4 firmware to hit?

It’s been radio silence since the original announcement 🙂

    Fred Dutton 7 April, 2014 @ 9:18 am    

    I can’t give you a firm date today, but it’s not far off. We’ll have an update on PS Blog soon.

MaxiM_82 6 April, 2014 @ 3:09 pm   12

This week at PlayStation: Still no Toukiden DLC from last week. Most memorable thing for me.

    Fred Dutton 7 April, 2014 @ 9:18 am    

    Sorry to keep you waiting. We hope to have an update soon on this.

bubble_boy01 6 April, 2014 @ 4:01 pm   13

Hi all. It’s just my opinion but here’s what I think about all the complaints in the blog recently

– To the people complaining about have less Playstation Plus games: I completely understand your annoyance. You paid for a service, you expect it to stay the same. And if it changes, you’d expect a damn good reason why and a refund offered for those who no longer think it’s worth the money. Everyone reading this blog gets it. Personally I’m a little disappointed at the change but the value for money is still ridiculous and the quality of games still high enough I can live with it. The blog team has said that they cannot provide answers and have passed on your complaints to the relevant parties. They’re not waiting until the 400th comment on the matter to give you a response. So can you please find an alternative way of speaking out that doesn’t tie up this blog

– To the people complaining about the IGC games: In 4 months we’ve had Borderlands 2, DMC, Bioshock Infinite, Metro:LL, Tomb Raider, Brothers, Soul Sacrifice, Hotline Miami and a number of other very enjoyable games, yet every month most of the people commenting are complaining. There’s even people whining that SCEA got Arkham City and the SCEE didn’t, despite us getting it back in Dec 2012. The Plus team has to find publishers to put their games up whilst covering a range of different genres and gamer demographics. Amazingly not every game is going to be for you. Accept this. Be happy if there’s one game per month that you don’t own and that suits you. And be happy that they chose such variety, Plus is one of the best ways of finding games that you wouldn’t normally buy (Spec ops and KoA:Reckoning for me last year). Just because the game isn’t for you doesn’t make it a bad game

– Please stop expecting AAA ps4 games in IGC. It’s join going to take ~1 year after launch, like every other game. You’re delusional if you think a publisher is going to put their game on Plus (at a sig. cost) to an already reduced market size months after launch

– Finally to the people complaining about the limited amount of AAA ps4 games – Welcome to a console launch. Settle in, this what they have always been like and this one will be no different. At least this time there’s a lot more great indie titles to play…wait people are complaining about that too for some reason

Sorry about the rant. I hope we can all get some perspective and make this blog positive and enjoyable to read again


    You have perfectly articulated everything I hate about this blog. A bunch of entitled people who think constantly crying about why they aren’t getting the very latest games for their PS4 for free are the worst. Same as the lack of a third PS3 game. They got the message guys, stop crying. You ruin the conversation for the rest of us.

    blackout_pt 6 April, 2014 @ 8:03 pm    

    @Gaj76 This blog is the only way we can reach SCEE big shots, and trust me, they DIDN’T got the message otherwise they would have given some straight answers by now. The hard truth is that SCEE big shots don’t give sh..t to ps+ subscribers and their questions.
    When Sony made ps+ mandatory to play on-line on ps4 made costumers concerns completely irrelevant. The service will continue to decline until IGC becomes completely irrelevant and people still pay for ps+ because they want to play on-line. I’m terrible sorry to ruin conversation for the rest of the users, but the fact is that more than a month ago Fred told us that the questions had been passed to the proper departments and we would get a response. In my opinion, a month to come clean and explain to subscribers the decisions that where made more than 5 months ago is more than enough. SCEE silence is a clear indication that they have no intention of ever answering these questions.
    As a result our only option is to keep asking and spamming the blog until they decided that we are been a nuisance big enough to deserve their attention.
    And trust me, I DO NOT ENJOY TO BE A NUISANCE, but SCEE forces me into this role.

    TrueMurton 7 April, 2014 @ 12:37 am    


    Firstly, no. The blog isn’t the only way to contact SCEE, it’s merely the most annoying. For a mere fifteen minutes of your time you could find direct usernames for most of the SCEE guys on Twitter, then you could get to each one personally there and get your question seen by them directly rather than going through the blog team as a middle man. You choose to ignore this avenue and pursue your pointless campaign on the blog because you enjoy this little anti-EU conspiracy thing you’ve constructed. If you didn’t enjoy it then you would have stopped by now.

    Secondly, SCEE haven’t forced you to do anything. You and the others have made a conscious decision to consistently disrupt this blog week in and week out with your incessant self-entitled whining and other members are frankly tired of it. Why Fred doesn’t just rain down posting bans is beyond me, the man must have the patience of a saint to put up with you all.

    blackout_pt 7 April, 2014 @ 8:59 am    

    @TrueMurton First and foremost, as far as I’m concern any user with a ps+ icon on he/she’s avatar that comes to the blog praise a service that has been declining for the past 5 months either has mental issues or is a SCEE in disguise. No one in he/she’s right mind would praised something that is going from bad to worse unless one (or both) of the above apply.
    Fred was kind enough to give us is twitter username about a month and a half ago and he promptly replied to my inquire there. I send him another message one month late (fifteen days ago) reinforcing my questions and checking to see if had any news or not. He still hasn’t replied. I let two days pass, until I saw a tweet from him and realize that he’s silence was by choice, and a simple “The competent teams are still looking in to it, sorry for the delay.” would have been enough.
    Facing Fred’s silence in twitter and the staff silence here, I resorted to the previous “disruptive” behaviour.
    Also, History as proven that most commercial companies will stop at nothing to earn that extra €uro, unless that face overwhelming resistance from buyers (that’s what me and other are trying to do).
    And Fred can’t shower bans because:
    a) I’m not using offensive or obscene language;
    b) I’m not insulting minorities or using a racial hate speech;
    c) I’m not, in any way, going against the terms of service, as defined by SCEE and Blog staff;
    d) Unless I’m mistaken, freedom of speech is still in effect in Europe, so unless any of the above is a lie, not ban can be made;
    f) As I stated before, I have the utmost respect for Fred, Chris and the rest of the staff. This situation is not their fault, they just can’t answer us because SCEE doesn’t let them.

    TrueMurton 7 April, 2014 @ 9:17 am    


    I find it amusing that you throw out personal insults to any poster that disagrees with your agenda in the same post that you claim not to breach the posting rules on this blog. Questioning the mental capability of anyone who disagrees with you is the absolute hight of ignorance and you should at least be warned if not banned from posting for such behaviour. I can only hope that the numerous reports against you eventually gain traction and you disappear back under whatever bridge you came from.

    blackout_pt 7 April, 2014 @ 12:01 pm    

    1st) Mental derangement is not an insult, if you feel insulted than I’m sorry. Personally I have a hard time classifying the posture of someone that is defending a declining service any other way. the only rational alternative explanation is that you are in SCEE payroll, something I do not want to believe. Where I live, Portugal, we have enormous corruption problems and bad governing. The only people that defend the government are either mentally sick or have ulterior motives to provide such support.
    2nd) I don’t question the mental clarity of anyone that disagrees with me, I question the reasons behind defending a service that is in clear decline and defending a team (not the blog team) that over the past 5 months have shown complete disrespect for paying costumers.
    3rd) If Fred, or anyone else, wishes to ban/suspend/warm me for misbehaving in the blog, that’s their decision to make, and I will accept it (as if I had any choice on the matter), as long as the reason is fair.
    @all that complain about “our complaining and whining”: The only reason why most of us are doping what they are doing is because we want some answers, decent ones, not because we are greedy, selfish or blog trolls.

    blackout_pt 7 April, 2014 @ 12:03 pm    

    and btw, how can a simple blog user have access to information like this “the numerous reports against you”? Such information should only be accessible to Blog Staff personal. weird, very weird.


    @bubble_boy01 It’s great you state your opinion, I respect that, and I don’t agree with you.
    When should we ask about all the changes that are made about this service? When we only get 1 mini for Vita? If you don’t like the questions people ask don’t read them. As long as Sony keeps changing things, isn’t clear on what we can expect I’m sure people will want answers.

    Take for instance this thing comment 137:
    We never got those games changed, no explantion or anything.

    Do you remember the blog team announced the PS4 Plus service? They promised 1 “hero” game (Driveclub) that would stay in the service for quite some time AND 1 monthly title. As of now we never got a “hero” game. Do you also remember there was a discussion how Sony could delever all these titles for so little money? People talked about if Sony would add 10 euro to match the Xbox Live price or if Sony would introduce different Plus services for different console users. Great ideas, great discussions but Sony kept quiet and we got all for the same price. Sure we got less and less avatars and backdrops (that was once a regular thing in the service) but they kept the most important thing, the games until they didn’t.

    I think people aren’t upset things change, but as a customer I get upset when things change without an explanation or an option to cancel that service if it doesn’t support my needs anymore. It’s immensely annoying if Sony isn’t reacting on the matter, it’s even more annoying if fellow customers deny me the right to keep demanding an answer. I think you have no respect for your consumer rights and the relation you have with a company that sold you a few years worth of subscriptions on a promise they are not keeping but hey, I will never tell you should shut up or get over yourself. I have to much respect for that and I hope I get the same respect in return (I know idle hope).So as long you keep pushing one way I will feel the need to push the other. 😉

    bubble_boy01 8 April, 2014 @ 1:04 pm    

    @OttoT Hey mate firstly thanks for the respectful reply. Don’t get me wrong I have absolutely no problem with people questioning Sony or asking whatever questions they feel necessary to ask. I hope you didn’t feel like I was telling you to shut up or get over yourself or anything of the sort over the Playstation Plus changes. The point I was trying to make was at this stage there’s got to be much better outlets to getting the information you want than continuing to ask the same questions on every blog post. Trouble was I spent too many characters rambling about other stuff.

    Looking at it from someone who follows the blog but doesn’t have the burning interest in this issues that others do, here’s how I see it. In the last 5 months people have rightfully bombarded the blog staff about the unexplained changes to Plus. Despite the many, many posts, all we’ve received is the company line of “we’ve been told we can’t talk about this”. That’s the sum total of 5 months worth of tying up this blog. If the big guys at SCEE haven’t cared enough about 5 months of this to answer your questions, I doubt they’ll care about 5 months more. So what I was suggesting in my post is instead of continuing to push against the brick wall, which ties up the discussion that normally occurs in the blog and likely wastes your time, maybe there’s some other alternative outlets that might better suited to getting you the answers you want.

    As @TrueMurton suggested, it wouldn’t take much effort to find a few important SCEE names on twitter and tweet them your questions directly. Even if this approach doesn’t work it still has a much better chance of getting your questions seen than in the comments section of a blog they probably barely know exists. As a group you could also consider approaching a games journalist/gaming website. The questions are interesting enough to garner attention, and someone working in the industry has a much better chance of getting answers. Plus it could lead to some negative publicity on how SCEE treats it’s customers, which is what they really care about. Hell even emailing support directly ( forces them to deal with your concerns more than the continuous blog posts. And that’s just a few straight off the top of my head, I’m sure there’s many more effective ways out there.

    bubble_boy01 8 April, 2014 @ 1:05 pm    

    @OttoT In regards to the Driveclub issue I think you might being a bit harsh on them. From memory they promised Driveclub as part of Plus (not a hero game that happened to be Driveclub) which was meant to launch with the ps4. This was obviously delayed due to the issues they’ve been having and wasn’t available at launch. This was completely out of the hands of the Plus team. The only other 1ˢᵗ party “full game” exclusive they had at launch was Killzone (and Knack if your being generous) which isn’t really the ubiquitous, all demographic game like Driveclub they were probably after to go along with Plus on the ps4. Saying that if Driveclub isn’t available on Plus when it comes out I will be as annoyed as anyone

    P.S. @everyone. Can we at least agree that if people want to continue asking these questions of the blog staff can they at least only ask these questions in posts set up by SCEE employees? I find it very disrespectful when these questions get asked of visiting posters wanting to give information or discuss their own games, and I don’t think I’m the only one

Once more: Great job on the new blog functions.
Not that you delivered, I’m interested in the status of other “most wanted” improvements.

* Any plans to improve the “My friends” section? As explained after the new layout rolled out, it currently represent the worst collection of functionality and features ever. I can’t imagine one single usage that it might cover sufficiently.

* What about the search function for the store download list / a library? It’s been so long since the webstore came, the PS4 is here too meanwhile – still nothing.
Must we wait for the next generation of Playstation, to see Sony meet the standards from 2004?
A wishlist and the option to gift games to friends, would be welcome too.

    *Now that you delivered … 😉

    Fred Dutton 7 April, 2014 @ 9:22 am    

    Hey Golwar. I’m afraid I don’t have updates on either of these points today. Rest assured that the Store team are aware of the desire for a download list

supersmith2500 6 April, 2014 @ 5:48 pm   15

Hope to see new releases soon for PS4 and PSVita. Especially games we haven’t got yet like Dragon Fantasy games and Mutant Mudds. These games look great. Will they never come Fred?

    Fred Dutton 7 April, 2014 @ 9:23 am    

    In both cases that’s a decision that lies largely with the developer. Last I heard Dragon Fantasy was in the works, but I haven’t had an update in recent months.

ScooterMix 6 April, 2014 @ 6:58 pm   16

Hi Fred
Just let know that i got pre owned copy of the game infamous 2nd son and it works very fine so im happy so really it wasnt my ps4 after all and Sony serivces said was my ps4 last time a spoke to them.

Aslo to me i think psn update this week was best update of this month so far

aslo i want to tell people that Restiance muilplay switching off apirl 9 that im sad they switching off online game.

solarwind12 6 April, 2014 @ 7:17 pm   17

Hey Fred, hope you enjoying the weekend, any luck in yesterdays race?, mine was winning till last few furlongs, stupid, it should of hanged back like it was meant to, but maybe next year.
Hope that Defiance will enter plus next month, or if not possible, region problems etc, then a decent sales price, couldn’t believe when i seen it on our cousins store for $5, other month, then it was up again for not much more, loved the beta but had big backlog so never bought, but i think the saying, spoilt for choice is really true, i have so many choices on ps3 i take forever choosing something then cannot get into it, can you believe i been playing original Borderlands on new user, lol, all kinds of AAA unplayed games and thats where i am finding my fun. Have to agree with Lucreto’s idea as well, a store like that would be well cool, see ye Fred.

    Fred Dutton 7 April, 2014 @ 9:25 am    

    I got Long Run in the office sweepstake. Thought I’d picked the winner, but alas, not to be 🙁

pedrocas170 6 April, 2014 @ 8:22 pm   18

First,can we expect a release date for Driveclub in the coming weeks?(I bet it will release right before E3 like the TLOU)
Regarding Sony,studios is there any particular reason that so many people got fired this past month?I just hope that the quality of the games will not decrease(especially uncharted the game that I most want)
Regarding,project Morpheus can we expect new info on games for the device before E3?
Keep up the good work!

Nightmare966 6 April, 2014 @ 9:55 pm   19

Well, certainly a great week at the blog. My personals highlights would be the Joe Danger Vita news (yay for MM characters in the game) and the much appreciated improvements on the Blog itself. Great to see the comments section additions, and specially the reply options. No more @username here! Thank you very much for this Fred (and the team) 🙂

I wanted to ask as well if you know what’s going on with the GOW: Ascension DLC — was really looking forward to get some of it this past week and play some Multiplayer. Hope that it gets sorted soon 😀

Thanks again Fred! 🙂

    Fred Dutton 7 April, 2014 @ 9:28 am    

    Great, glad to hear you approve of the recent changes.

    As for Ascension, we’ll confirm a new date for the discounts asap. Stay tuned, and sorry to keep you waiting.

    blackout_pt 7 April, 2014 @ 6:50 pm    

    @Fred it’s nice of you to acknowledge when makes a positive feedback, must it would be fair to acknowledge thoses feedbacks that are negative.
    Btw, I do like the changes on the blog and site. It’s much easier to follow a conversation and reply to the guy above. As for the news for the vita… well I’ve played Joe Danger on the ps3 (got it from plus) and well, it just sits there on the ps3 hardrive. My suggestion is bring us some top notch RPG to the vita, like you did with FFX. For instantece I would love to have the following on my vita:
    Reckoning: Kingdoms of Armlur
    LOTR War in the North
    A Civilization game (my all time favourite franchise on pc, have them all, from Civ I to CivV with all expansions and dlcs)
    Emulators for nes, snes, gameboy/game boy advance, genesis.

    Can you check if any of these are possible? (and yes, I know it depends on the devs, but I can dream)

Flipside666 7 April, 2014 @ 10:37 am   20

I know this aint the place to ask but i’m gunna do it anyway 😉 , When is this big new PS4 update coming??? i was wondering if anyone at PStowers could find out or speak to who it may concern about the possibility of my PS4 being able to play media off an external HDD, i bought a SONY HandyCam that i can plug straight into my PS3 and copy the video over to watch…..Something i cant do on my PS4, HMMMMM anoying. would love this function to be enabled on the PS4 so i can finally put me PS3 in a different room for media.
I ask in the most polite way i can, no bad feelings just a bit bemused as to why PS4 cant seem to do 50% of what made last gen so dam amazing. PEACE!!


I like my new PS4 a lot but there is one thing really bothering me.
When I downloaded a game on my PS3 and my internet connection went down or had a hiccup it automatically continued after the connection was restored.
With the PS4 I get a failure notification, have to throw away the whole file and restart in the hope nothing goes wrong. This will keep me from downloading anything above 1 gig. Please fix this and make it like PS3 used to handle this. You are loosing money if you don’t.

blackout_pt 7 April, 2014 @ 11:47 am   22

Hey thre Fred. Thanks for the update on the ps+ issues. I’ll be quiet until the next batch of IGC, by that time I bring my questions again.

jerlaak97 7 April, 2014 @ 2:51 pm   23

Hey guys!
I wanted to ask something about the Sly Trilogy in PSN store. A few days ago I was just surfing the store, trying to find something interesting for cheap and I came across the Sly Trilogy and it costed 7,95€ so I decided to buy it later. Today I went to buy 20€ gift card from store (I don’t use credit cards online) and when I was logging in to PSN store I noticed that I can’t buy it. But it only shows that I can’t buy it AFTER I log in to the store. Also this is where it gets even more annoying: there’s another The Sly Trilogy there. But that costs 20€. So I wonder if you could look into it. Also please tell me there’s a way for me to get what I want for the price that was advertised in the official store page…

    jerlaak97 7 April, 2014 @ 2:55 pm    

    Also just as a side note.
    Love what you’ve done with the overall look of the website. Also the comment section is much clearer now. Also thank god for being able to reply and “like” comments

Serpantino 7 April, 2014 @ 3:15 pm   24


You claimed here that if there are any changes made to the service they’ll be made in their own dedicated blog post. If that’s the case why wasn’t this done when you reduced the number of games we get and refused to update the Vita games? These changes seemed to be purposefully kept quiet instead of being open and honest about them.

blackout_pt 7 April, 2014 @ 8:54 pm   25

@Fred, don’t know if this is at the righ tplace, but could to pass the follwing request to the team that develops the playstation app for android.
Could it be possible to read the blog from the app and post comments directly from the app?

CaptainJohb 7 April, 2014 @ 9:43 pm   26

Will Playstation Home be on PS4 at any point.

Boribon_0429 8 April, 2014 @ 1:20 pm   27

Hi PS Blog team,

Need your help in the following matter. As a PS Plus subscriber I downloaded Sly Cooper TiT to my Vita from the Hungarian Playstation store. To my greatest surprise it is a localised version of the game with Czech, Russian, Polish and Turkish languages. Unfortunately there is no option in the game to change the language to English. Many of us reported it to Playstation HU via their Facebook page, no any comment or change so far.

May I ask your help so that someone who manages the Hungarian PS Store changes the game to a standard English version. As of now the game is pretty much useless for the Hungarian community (unless one speaks the above languages).




I’ve been waiting well over a year for Guilty Gear XXAccent Core Plus to finally come to the EU PSN store. Why can’t I buy it yet? It’s even on the Xbox eu store..

There is absolutely no reason for it to not be on there.. So many people have already had to go through the trouble of buying it on the American store.

Just give us a damn date.

nzBrowncoat 9 April, 2014 @ 4:48 am   29

@PSN – Any chance of some price drops for NZ. All of the PSN digital copies for even launch games like Killzone are $109 -$120 NZD when they are less that $70 in physical stores. Come-on, keep this digital dream alive!!