Ethan: Meteor Hunter PS Vita release date announced

Challenging puzzle/platformer arrives next week with 20% PS Plus discount

The first day we showed you guys Ethan: Meteor Hunter, all you asked was to get a PS Vita version. That was a bit offensive for the PlayStation 3 version we released back in October, and yet, you had our attention. Today we are very happy to announce Ethan: Meteor Hunter will release next week on 16th April priced for €9.99!

If you are a player of great taste who already bought Ethan on PlayStation 3 then nothing to worry about, it is Cross Buy so no extra dime to spend! To catch up, we have a wonderful opportunity for PS Plus members who can claim a 20% discount, only available for one week!

So, why would you buy Ethan: Meteor Hunter on PS Vita? I’m sure you are very skilled gamers who like a tough challenge – the “just one more try” kind – so you’ll be very pleased with Ethan! He’s a rat who has a super-power, just like the comics book we read: he can freeze time and move objects around to get around challenging platforms and mind-bending physics-based puzzles. Have a look at a simple situation:

“In Ethan: Meteor Hunter you can get through obstacles the way YOU want! Nothing is scripted!”
Physics-based also means that in Ethan: Meteor Hunter you can get through obstacles the way YOU want! Nothing is scripted! Here’s an example with three different ways to get through:

You might think “this seems to be a perfect match for the PS Vita” – and it is! Use the front touch screen to grab and move objects:

The rear touch pad has not been forgotten as you can use it to rotate objects when grabbing them with R:

Your crowed daily commute is also a great place to kill Ethan as you can simply use buttons to enjoy the game. Yes, you will die a lot trying to get revenge on your neighbor who destroyed your house!

Speaking of deaths, we wanted to share with you our early sketches on how we designed the many different ways to die in the game:


We hope you guys will enjoy the game as much as we did making it! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news! We will be soon announcing our next game… ;)

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Ok, hands-up who else skim read the headline and briefly thought it said Monster Hunter? :)

Olivier Penot 10 April, 2014 @ 16:01

Ahah sorry! We’d love to work on a Monster Hunter game though :D


Olivier Penot 10 April, 2014 @ 16:01

There’s a demo available on PS3 and Steam!



This post is about announcing a game to PS Vita, a person asks you if there will be a demo for it (and by ‘it’ it reffers to PS Vita) and your answer is “there’s a demo available on ps3 and steam”!? Really? Great answer. Now lets say he doesn’t have a ps3 and pc (or simply don’t have steam) what next? You’re assuming everyone has a ps3.

Again, this is about the PS Vita, not ps3 not pc.

Answers like these get into my nervs.

mynxnmirrors 11 April, 2014 @ 14:00


His post was one word, ‘Demo’. Sure, given that the context of the article is the Vita version, one could jump to the conclusion he was after a Vita demo, but he could have just been after a demo in general. Now let’s say he owns both a PS3 and a PC; this information will actually help him. At least now he (and other readers) knows where to find one so he can try it instead of buying it blind.

Would you have preferred Olivier to say “No, there is no demo”, when there actually was? His answer was completely legitimate, and the only way it could have been ‘better’ is if it highlighted the lack of vita demo, and then directed enquiries to the PS3/Steam version. Perhaps then it would have avoided aggressive responses like yours when he was just trying to help.

People like YOU get on my nerves.


Yep :P but the big N has it, much to my relief. It looks like Sony is going to take the next-gen war with little effort. Sony taking the handheld market too would be too much power.


Still no edit? The fubar is that

theo_andravida 10 April, 2014 @ 15:58

Not sure if i am going to get this and there is no better way of doing so by trying the demo of the game.Will it have one?

Olivier Penot 10 April, 2014 @ 16:02

There’s a demo available on PS3 and Steam! :)

HomessaHomem 10 April, 2014 @ 16:34

Good news.


You shouldn’t be offended if we all wanted a Vita version. Most of us who have the handheld are in dire need of new games as we’re always shafted with badly made ports of older games.

Yet we gave you a signal that there was a whole other audience waiting out there practically begging to play on the system we love.

I’m personally holding out for this Vita version because I rarely play PS3 since getting my PS4, I find it hard to go back to. (Yes there was a hint for a PS4 version too, we desperately need unique games like this. ;) )

Olivier Penot 10 April, 2014 @ 17:10

Ahah no offense don’t worry ;) We’ll see about a PS4 version, not impossible at all but not sure yet!


Love the game on my PC, will be buying this for my PS Vita though. Love how the Vita is getting some love, I much rather have games like these on the handheld than on the home console :)

Awesome keep releasing more Vita titles :D

Woohoo Cross buy, I have to say any dev who is not trying to rip my soul out of my chest goes up in my books and I tend to by more games from them kinda as a thank you for not been EA :D.

I enjoyed this and should be good fun on vita.

mynxnmirrors 11 April, 2014 @ 14:03

Picked the PS3 version up earlier in anticipation for the Vita after I read it was cross-buy. Given that 90% of my gaming seems to be on the Vita these days, I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, so definitely keen for next week. :D

GSREvolution 16 April, 2014 @ 21:34

What happened to cross buy? Bought it on PS3 purely with the discussion about the vita version being free, yet it is finally up on the store and no mention of cross-buy, nor does it show up on my download list – just available to buy again? Hope this gets updated asap!

I purchased the Ps3 version on 5th Feb order number 5522415532 because the Ps blog said it was cross buy and the Ps vita version would be included in price on release. Now Ps store says I own neither version and asks me to buy again even though the Ps3 version is in my download list.

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