The Art of Naughty Dog: Celebrating 30 years of great games

The Last of Us/Uncharted studio marks its anniversary with a lavish art book

Yes, you read the headline right. Back in 1984 Andrew Gavin and Jason Rubin formed a company called JAM (Jason and Andy Magic) Software. Five years later, after finding new publishing support, the game development company with the very ’80s name incorporated as Naughty Dog, Inc. Fast forward to 2014, tally up over 70 million games sold globally, and we’re now celebrating 30 years of making awesome games.


One of the hallmarks of Naughty Dog always has been our top-notch artistic quality and talent. We’re paying tribute to that this year as we’re teaming up with Dark Horse Comics to release The Art of Naughty Dog.


The Art of Naughty Dog will be available later this year. It will span the history of Naughty Dog and feature hand-picked and never before released artwork depicting our past, present, and future. Being around for 30 years has bestowed upon us all kinds of incredible art from our amazing fans. Select fan art will be a chapter of the book as well.

To mark the occasion properly we’re having a book launch event later in the year. We’ll have more details once the pages and the plans are ready.

We’ll have other celebratory merchandise available and have some very special events planned over the next few months. We’re currently at PAX East with the rest of our PlayStation Family and there are hints at what’s coming for our anniversary in our activities there. Also, if you didn’t hear the news, it was recently announced that we are participating in Operation Supply Drop’s 8-Bit Salute. We encourage you to check out Team Naughty Dog’s fundraising page today.

This kicks off several anniversary announcements happening over the coming months. Turning 30 is going to be a fun year for us all. Get ready to celebrate with us!

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Happy 30th Birthday Naughty Dog and so far i brought every game you made for playstation since make great games and what way celebrate with Re Model Last of Us.

In future make another jak and daxter game plz and aslo would like see Drake Uncharted 1,3 for ps4 as well jak and daxter collection for ps4 as well

new jak and daxter game and last of us 2 and uncharted 4 as well and i hope buy back out Crash Banicoot near future and proud to be a playstation fan .

Keep up great work Naughty Dog


I still enjoy playing the original Crash Bandicoot Trilogy to this day, although my faith in you now has somewhat been lost as you’ve reduced yourselves to simple money-hoarders with shoddily done Vita ports and stupidly priced and useless micro-transactions.

You lost me at Uncharted 2 with the unneeded slap on of multi-player. The single-player experience in 3 was somewhat lacking.

Malicious_Gam3r 11 April, 2014 @ 17:48

Am I missing something here? Naughty Dog have never ported a game to Vita and I can only assume that the micro-transactions you are referring to are the Hats in The Last Of Us, hardly a travesty. Jak Collection was ported by Mass Media Inc, but you’re right about one thing it definitely was a shoddy port.


I know that ND didn’t do the port. It’s the fact that they allowed their own IP to be released in such a terrible state. ND is all about quality, if they didn’t check that, then it was simply a quick cash in for them.


You keep talking like ND is some kind of private company that alone has all the rights to these IPs. ND is wholly owned by Sony and so are all of their IPs, remember that when you critisize any decisions made after 2001.

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DrunkLemmiwinks 11 April, 2014 @ 16:58

Are you really asking us to donate money so you can send video games to troops of the US-Army… on an EU-blog… what the…

Apart from that Happy Birthday, hope you celebrate it with a new Jak & Dexter game.


I LOL’d at that. Even if were in the US I would add “don’t we pay already more than enough for games”? Unless I’m Tony Stark, last time I checked I wasn’t, I do not fund wars.


I agree. Those soldiers weren’t forced to go to war, they signed up for it. I won’t support them either.

DjangoDiabolik 12 April, 2014 @ 18:34

Yup. I can’t see Europeans being all that willing to help US troops.

harryhotshot 11 April, 2014 @ 17:02

Happy birthday and here’s to another 30 years of great games.

All the best !!

Happy Birthday Naughty Dog!!!! Hope you will continue to make great games for the next 30 years!!!!

supersmith2500 11 April, 2014 @ 17:24

Happy Birthday ND! You’ve been an awesome company for making Crash, Jak & Daxter, Uncharted and the Last of Us.


Happy BD and thanks for all great games!!!! To many years!

Uncharted 2, ahh what a game!

Christo5hunter 11 April, 2014 @ 18:22

Happy 30th birthday Naughty Dog and congrats on your recent success with the Last of Us! Been enjoying your games since Crash Bandicoot 2 in the late 90’s, that also being the second game I ever played! Keep up the great work! Would love to see a new Crash Bandicoot (4) from you guys in the near future, PlayStation needs it’s hilarious original mascot back! :)

BigBoyBanksy 11 April, 2014 @ 19:25

Happy Birthday Naughty Dog, your games have been an inspiration to me and one of the reasons that I will be finishing my final year of my gaming degree next month . The crash series was one of my first experiences of console gaming, Jak and Daxter is still one of my favorite platformer series and what can I say about Uncharted and The Last of Us that hasn’t been said before. Keep up the good work and here is for the next 30 years :D

… and for only 9.99 you can buy one of their used laundry lists…


I really like Naughty Dog. They really are developer legends and have made some of the most entertaining games ever on a Sony (or any) platform. They’re the only reason I stayed with Sony this generation over Microsoft. The PS4 will live or die on what Naughty Dog have planned for it. Lets make it great and lets make it soon.

alice_push_lara2 12 April, 2014 @ 03:14

Hi Naughty Dog:

please release the Uncharted Series in HD for PS4 while we are waiting for Uncharted 4!!!!!!!

—- one of the hardcore ND fans around the world

coolerthanever1 12 April, 2014 @ 10:49

Naughty dogs – The only Industry which explores and show the limit and extremum of any console.All the best for your TLOU Ps4…..With love,Your fan

Happy birthday Naughty Dog :)
You are the best video game creator :)
The Last Of Us :D


i.m wait unchartid 4 but idont have ps4

С днем рождения naughty dog studio ваши игры дали не забываемые впечатления, а их героям хочется подражать от веселого декстора до хмурого джойла. Буду с нетерпением ждать ваших игр, пусть они всегда производят фурор и будут на первых местах


There are replies on the US blog but none on EU, bit of a trend…

One of my favorite gaming studios. Congrats on turning 30. Please bring back the crash series, crash warped one of my all-time favourite games

Congratulations Naughty Dog! Although I only know you from the PS3 era I bought all your games.
Unfortunately you always find a way to disappoint me, not the game, but the special editions that are always more special for your US fans then your EU fans. I’m also disappointed in the censoring of games and that also happened. I hope for many more awesome games for PS4 but please consider this plea from one of your many fans you disappoint.


grats ND, now wheres that new Crash game we all want so much?

is it wrong that I still enjoy the old games from ND more than the more recent ones? I never could get into the likes of uncharted.


Crash anymore. Activision do and they won’t be letting that go anytime soon.


ND don’t own Crash anymore. Activision do, and they won’t be letting it go anytime soon.

(Ughh, this new comment thing keeps cutting out what I type.)


Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us…. two of the best single-player games of an entire console generation.


Will there be an upgrade offer for owners of TLOU on PS3 like other big games on the PS4
Possibly a €9.99 upgrade offer for the digital download?

theodor70941 14 April, 2014 @ 19:40

You know, the book is published by Dark Horse Comics and the decision is theirs to make not ND’s!

Happy birthday ND!
How about eliminate definitively with the payment of online passes to celebrate your 30th anniversary?

theodor70941 14 April, 2014 @ 19:39

So they’ve been making games for 10 more years then SCE.

KHALED-777-KSA 21 April, 2014 @ 00:17

hi naughty dog … im waiting for uncharted 4

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