Football Manager Classic 2014 takes to the pitch on PS Vita today

Find out exactly what to expect from the full-featured portable version

It’s taken 18 months, a shed-load of hard work and the combined brainpower of some of the most agile minds in the business, but it’s all been worth it because – from today – you and I can now play Football Manager Classic on PS Vita.

You can’t imagine how good it feels to type those words.

To quickly run through the basics again, Football Manager Classic is a ‘streamlined’ version of Football Manager. It’s still the full game, but a number of the manager’s tasks have been delegated or automated so that he or she can concentrate on the most important elements (essentially, transfers, training and tactics).

‘Classic mode’, as we call it, has been available as an optional game mode in the two most recent versions of our PC/Mac game, but this is the first time that we’ve made it available as a standalone game in its own right.

The reason we decided to do this, rather than start from scratch and create an all-new version of FM specifically for PS Vita, was because all games developers are dreamers and our dream was to see if it would be possible to make a game which would allow a Football Manager player to carry on a single career across a home computer and a handheld device.

Up until the arrival of PS Vita, there simply wasn’t a handheld device in existence with the power to allow us to do this – and, to be honest, we weren’t completely sure that (brilliant as it is) the Vita was going to have the necessary muscle either. However, people with brains far bigger than mine – both in SI and Sony – took a look at the issues and together we decided to give it a go.

It took us a while to achieve – and it was a great deal harder than any of us expected – but we’ve done it and, from today, you can start a new management career on your PS Vita, upload your saved game to the cloud and then continue where you left off on your computer (or vice versa, of course). This is pretty remarkable and, if our various Twitter feeds are anything to go by, it’s something that our fans have really been looking forward to.

And, of course, there’s more to this than just the ability to Cross Save. FMC 2014 for PS Vita is also the first ever handheld game to feature FM’s 3D Match Engine, which is a really important part of the experience, as it adds an extra layer of realism and immersion. We unveiled the match engine in a blog we posted earlier this week; if you haven’t seen it already you can check it out here.

So, whether you fancy carrying on your management career ‘home and away’ or whether you just want to play the world’s best football management game on the world’s best handheld entertainment system, then FMC 14 on PS Vita is the one for you.

I really hope you enjoy. If you do – or even if you don’t – let me know by tweeting me at @milesSI.

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Miles, not sure if you can help but pricing on the Playstation Store got messed up this morning and I ended up having to pay 34.99 not 29.99 for the game. Can you or anyone from Sony tell me what I need to do to get a refund?

Phone Customer Services on 0203 538 2665 and explain what happened. They should be able to help.



Looking forward to getting stuck into FM once the download finishes!

How long does the discount last? I don’t get paid till Tuesday and although I have money for it full price I wouldn’t mind getting a couple of squid off.

Miles do you have any testers in SI? 3D match speed is terrible, i think video you posted here at blog was recorded on pc not on vita.


Of course they have testers, what sort of question is that? The video wasn’t recorded on PC either as it shows a different user interface.


@tat_sun: Sorry, but where do I know you from? GC?

Yes, most likely! I used to run @gamecentralfans on twitter and partake in the odd Inbox discussion as well ;-)


I thought as much! Good to see you!

I am very impressed by the quality SI have got into this game on the Vita. Sure the touch screen can be a little frustrating at points but overall experience is awesome.

Any way to get this in the US?


My copy is on its way to me from (I’m in Canada, but they ship to the US as well…)

I’d like to see this available for download in the US. How hard can that be?

Hi Miles,

Huge fan of the series for over ten years now and I’m excited for the Vita version :)

I just have two questions:
– Will it be possible to download/import other people’s tactics? Perhaps through cross-functionality with the PC version?
– I haven’t seen anything on trophies. Will the Vita version have trophy support? *fingers crossed*

Knew I should’ve charged the vita last night, just picked the game up now waiting for it to charge.

BigBoyBanksy 11 April, 2014 @ 15:51

I too would love to know when the discount ends. Can’t afford it at the moment, thats more of a question for Sony than Miles though

dee4life4444 12 April, 2014 @ 19:23

How I long for a PS4 version….

God, I really hope that you’ll manage to release the FM series in Germany too, once when EA’s FIFA series ceases to exist.


I bought the game day one and I love it so far. I’m an older CM fan from way back, so the new missing features don’t really mean much to me. The game is not clunkier or slower than a regular FM game, the saving and processing before a match takes about 1 – 1.5 minutes and that’s about it. Text isn’t too small, but it is small. I played over 10 maybe 15 hours in the last few days and didn’t even get a headache or have difficulty reading. The buttons do need a little getting used to, I rarely hit the wrong one now but I am a female with regular fingers so it could be more frustrating for a male. It’s great to have the FM experience on my Vita.

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