10 reasons why PS Plus members MUST download Stick it to the Man today

Find out why you need Zoink’s out-there adventure on your PS4

IT’S TIME TO MAKE THE BIGGEST DECISION OF YOUR LIFE! Okay, so maybe not the biggest decision of your life J The question is; should you or should you not download Stick It To The Man on PS4 when it arrives on PS Plus today!?

Many of you might scratch your head and think “What the fudge is this game?” A fair question…

Now, I know you aren’t one of those dull ones that shy away from new and creative games, you’re a seeker of ADVENTURE! So, adventure seekers, here are ten awesome reasons to download our game:

1. You like a really good game!
Destructoid gave us 9.5/10 and called it “pitch perfect”. We have 83 on Metacritic too (super happy proud smiley).

2. You like to laugh!
Our game has garnered amazing praise for its writing. Written by the same funny guy who writes for the Adventure Time Comic, Ryan North!

3. You are not boring!
You love creative games and aren’t afraid of trying something new. Our game is about mindreading people and listening to their most inner and hilarious thoughts. It’s doesn’t get more creative than this! Did I mention that the mind-read sound comes out of the speakers on your PS4 controller, isn’t that AMAZEBALLS!?

4. You love art!
Our game looks like nothing else. Part paper, part stickers, all insane character designs – this game has style coming out of its ears! Oh, and we are nominated for best artistic achievement at the Nordic Game Developers conference. Yay for us!

5. Your life goal is to find out what a zombified mafia Don is thinking when singing in a zombie chorus.

6. You’re super nosey
Did we mention that you can actually hear what people are thinking? If you’re nosey by nature, you’re gonna love it!

7. You wanna be special!
We hope Stick It to The Man is becoming one of those strange cult hits. Now you can brag about being one of the first to have played this strange little gem. You will be the cool kid.

8. You want the best!
Stick It to The Man on PS4 runs in 1080p (super max insane details) in 60 FPS. It’s so smooth you just want to hug it. The PS4 version really is something special.

9. It’s free!
Well, almost free. You get Stick It to The Man if you have PS Plus!

10. You like Swedish people
Hey, we’re from Sweden! J

11. Hey that’s 11?! You said ten reasons! And now 11!?
And… what? Oh forget it. Just go get our game, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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You got me at reason 9 :p
Joking aside, I was planning to buy it someday so getting it at ps4 for free is even better.

I am a happy jumper!
Where exactly I complained for this game ?

What time should we expect a PS Store update?


Thats what I was thinking!

It’s usually around 4PM I think.


some of them are on store, do a search.

AL3KS4ND3R_1337 30 April, 2014 @ 14:12

I am not sure about reason number 10.

I admit not hearing about this title until it was announced for PS Plus. After watching the trailer (with it’s awesome soundtrack!), I’m pretty excited to play this. Looks fun and original and not like anything I normally play. I like how PS Plus is adding new titles every month that I have no chance of already owning, and making them interesting too.

Why should I download it if I already 100% it on Vita?
Does the PS4 version have extra trophies or any new content at all?


One reason why I can’t. It is not cross-buy with the PS3 and Vita version and I am boycotting the PS4 because of Sony’s unfair treatment of Europe customers.

10) I like prefer the Finns myself

Thumps up to that!


Please don’t use the word “Amazeballs”. You’re better than that.

supersmith2500 30 April, 2014 @ 14:25

I will if the Store gets updated.


No idea why Sony can’t preload the games onto the store and make it go live at midnight, awesome if somebody could explain how this works? This game seems like a lot of a fun, very excited to play it.

12 : because its really a good game

You do see reason #1 don’t you? ;-P


Great game played it on ps vita and ps3 well worth buying let alone getting free on plus looking forward to my third play through this week.


Bought this on PS3, your not playing games right if you skip over this, such an enjoyable and funny game.


#10 is a good reason :-)


I’ll get it for reason 9, the others maybe, I’ll have to play first to discover that. Except 10, 10 is cool too.

dark_angel69 30 April, 2014 @ 15:33

12) Try the game out without screwing up the trophy list especially if you don’t like it – play it as a guest and nothing ruins your main account. If you enjoy then play on main account, if not then no harm. At least you tried it.

dark_angel69 30 April, 2014 @ 20:30

Ok so I don’t want to play it on my main account until I tried it out. Could you tell me why it doesn’t work as a guest? Won’t let me select start game.


Already bought it for PS3, but yay, thanks! :)



I bought the game as soon as it came out, I wholeheartedly suggest everyone who got it on Plus to play it. It is absolutely fantastic in every front: The music, the art style, the dialogue and it’s also incredibly well acted. It is a truly enjoyable experience. Go ahead, download it! RIGHT NOW!


Really loving this game! The presentation, graphics, voice acting and use of the DS4 speaker is top notch! Glad this is a part of PLUS because I don’t normally go for these smaller Indie games.

Pure_Mind_Games 30 April, 2014 @ 22:54

Why is “It’s Free!” all the way down at #9?

Почему в Steam игра с русскими субтитрами, а на PS4 без перевода? Когда появится перевод?

Будет русский или нет?


Думаю не будет

“Did I mention that the mind-read sound comes out of the speakers on your PS4 controller, isn’t that AMAZEBALLS!?”

No, not really. I like wearing headphones. And I’m pretty sure it’s not easy for me to record, in case I want to do a Let’s Play.

georgemav02 05 May, 2014 @ 14:49

I am going to download it right now! It looks good

Great game!very funny,with interesting graphic style and good voice acting.Hope to see new games from you zoink crew!:-D

You had me at AMAZEBALLS

pretty annoying when they don’t tell you how to use what should be basic actions in a game. I gave up in annoyance at this when I was left with a tap and a cork that would not DO anything, just trigger the same increasingly angrifying phrase from the idiot every time I tried to use or action the bloody things. I give up. I don’t like my hand beind held, but simple instuction on how to pick up things would really help. Deleted from PS4

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