MLB 14 The Show launches on PS4 tomorrow (Update)

Batter up! The acclaimed sports sim arrives on PlayStation Store

UPDATE: MLB 14 The Show will launch on PS4 in EU tomorrow, 14th May. Many thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: We originally announced that MLB 14 The Show would launch today, 7th May, but unfortunately it’s been subject to a last minute delay. We will let you know a revised release date as soon as possible – thanks for your patience, and our apologies for any disappointment.

ORIGINAL POST: It’s been a little over a month since we launched MLB 14 The Show on PS3 and PS Vita. We’re gratified by the positive feedback we’ve received for new features like Quick Counts and Player Lock, and we’re blown away by the creativity on display in the new Community Challenges mode.

We recognise there’s a great deal of anticipation to see the next generation of The Show finally debut, and we’re proud to announce that MLB 14 The Show is available tomorrow for PS4. Already picked up the PS3 and PS Vita versions? You can carry over all of your saved progress; we know of some folks who’ve already poured dozens of hours into their Road to the Show character, and we want to make sure that none of that progress gets lost.

As you may know, one of our other big save-related innovations this year involves the ability for your progress this year to carry over into next year and beyond. We know it’s not something you can test now, but we’re confident you’ll love it when 2015 rolls around.

We weren’t content to simply port over this year’s game to PS4; our talented team has invested a great deal of work into this next-gen debut. This includes completely rebuilding all 30 MLB stadiums from scratch; textures are four times as large and environment polygon counts have jumped from 150,000 to more than 1 million.

We’ve made advancements in countless areas: players are more detailed, down to the hairs on their face; fully rendered grass adds vibrancy to our grand cathedrals; a revamped lighting engine simply stuns, especially during night games; fully redone HD crowd audio leverages the vast resources of PS4; and much, much more.

Our goal every year is to capture as closely as possible, the excitement that takes place on the real world field and to show why baseball is the best sport in the world. So, as we gear up for MLB 14 the Show on PS4, take a look at our “Anthem” for MLB 14 The Show, starring Danny McBride as he explains why Baseball is Better.

Thanks for supporting us this year. We hope you enjoy MLB 14 The Show for PS4.

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Can you tell me the price please

Where is that pesky little detail about the pricing?

What’s baseball. ;___;

LeftMonocle 06 May, 2014 @ 14:19

It had a lot of big sticks and heavy balls. And a couple of muscular man each take a turn. Really popular in the america’s


Rounders for men.

As others have said, will need the price. Not paying a crazy price for it.


Big sticks, heavy balls and muscular men you say? Not my kind of thing, so I think I’ll pass. Thanks for the insight though!

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Is the game going on the store early to pre download?

Sony completely messed up the USA digital release last night. Told everyone they could download it at Midnight , didn’t put it on the store and then ran server maintenance. A lot of unhappy gamers over there.

Price, please? :)


Oh goodie it’s “guess the price of this game we’ve announced that’s coming tomorrow” day again.


What’s The Price gonna be and the size of the download?


Can’t wait thought it was going on today.


Great! What about God Of War Collection for Vita? The announcement said that it will be released on 6 May. .


Sorry, my bad, you said 8 May :(



Guessing it will be £55, most the other digital download full games seem to be.

Well I hope not because the Vita and PS3 versions were also released at a reduced price. If it’s that much I rather import a physical copy.


I can buy an import copy for 45UKP, and I could also download it off the USA PSN store for $60 (around 40UKP). No way in hell I’d pay 55 for it. ;)

When did Europeans start caring about baseball?

scott_meghan 07 May, 2014 @ 00:02

well it is the world series isnt it


So this is releasing EU digital only? So with no retail edition to compete with, Baseball not being popular in EU and the fact you could probably import it for about £40, pricing this above £35 would be a joke, but I’m expecting a absurd price of £55


i love baseball go yankees go

Hellscovern 06 May, 2014 @ 18:25

Will be interesting to see how much they charge for this, I can import the disc version from VG+ for £38 inc del so unless it’s around that price point which i very much doubt it will be, I won’t be downloading from PSN I’ll import, Sorry Sony but you have to start dealing with stupid high prices for digital versions of games other wise more will simply import or not bother at all costing you sales, it doesn’t take a genius to see that but for some reason you and other publishers don’t seem to get that sadly.

It’s on the PS Store in the US today. Yep, that’s right, today. In this era of digital downloads where a single checkbox makes it available everywhere, having to wait on this is stupid and unnecessary.


They update our store on Wednesdays. You cannot possibly expect them to work more than one day per week just because a new PS4 game comes out, can you? ;)

scott_meghan 07 May, 2014 @ 00:12

Well MLB 14 PS3 is there for $66.95 AUD so i can’t see this being cheaper than that unfortunately


At what time?

Still not showing on the store…


Does anyone know if it will be available on PlayStation store in aus?

dude_its_TL9 07 May, 2014 @ 08:42

when will it be on the store today? been waiting all month for this but it will take me a week to download


Just seen a screenshot of a US user downloading and its 40gb. I don’t know why people are expecting it to be less than £55, that’s the price of most the games on the store at the moment for PS4, Knack is even £53! I don’t agree with this pricing at all but i’d be amazed if it is anything less than £55.


Because it’s a Sony game and the PS3 version was priced at $60 USA and 37UKP here. The PS4 version is also $60 in the USA. It’s not Sony who set the 55UKP prices, it’s price gougers like EA.

I ordered it from for 67 CAD incl. shipping. That’s 400 SEK (£36,2 / $44,2) and even if it will be stuck in the customs it will cost less than it probably will do at PS Store. This is the 5th consecutive year I order the MLB The Show game from Canada and it haven’t got stuck in the customs yet. The only downside is that it will take a couple of days extra because of the shipping.

Does anybody know when the EU playstation store will be updated. Can’t wait to start playing this game.

pug307wayne 07 May, 2014 @ 10:25

Im in UK and i already ordered my import copy from an eBay seller in Toronto, was £44.95 and FREE shipping. it might take around a week to arrive but id rather wait then pay £55-60 for something that I cant even physically hold! get a grip SCE!!

eggybreadwannabe 07 May, 2014 @ 11:49

Does anybody know what time this will appear on the store??


^ At the top of this Article it says it’s Delayed now. *sigh….smh

dude_its_TL9 07 May, 2014 @ 12:01

this completely sucks what the hell is going on sony complete let down the lack of communication is so infuriating

dude_its_TL9 07 May, 2014 @ 12:09

and now the update is gone i give up it gets put on when it gets put on i guess

eggybreadwannabe 07 May, 2014 @ 12:18

Where does it say delayed? …

dude_its_TL9 07 May, 2014 @ 12:21

it was there then it was removed so its anyones guess now


UPDATE: We originally announced that MLB 14 The Show would launch today, 7th May, but unfortunately it’s been subject to a last minute delay. We will let you know a revised release date as soon as possible – thanks for your patience, and our apologies for any disappointment.


That was the now removed update


The same thing happened with the US store yesterday, there was a last minute delay but it was resolved. However apparently there are loads of problems with the digital release, like load times and stuff not been fully downloaded causing errors. I guess only time will tell if we get it today or not.

dude_its_TL9 07 May, 2014 @ 13:24

been made official game delayed bet they make us wait till june now this was poorly handled by sony and everyone involved more annoyed about the communication than it being delayed


Turns out it’s not being released today. Useless release as always. Terrible, bungling effort by Sony.

You couldn’t make this up. I don’t know whether to blame sheer incompetence for posting one day that it’s launching… tomorrow. Only for tomorrow to arrive and minds to be changed. Or simply to think that once again, I’m wasting my time having a UK PS+ account when a US one would be so much more convenient.

Just a joke. Really.

dude_its_TL9 07 May, 2014 @ 13:52

it feels like they care more about the us than they do Europe and the rest of the world i hope we get a discount for this delay but we most likely will not


Of course we won’t. Given that they only seem to update the store once a week, who knows if/when this will eventually arrive.


This game is still available on the US PS Store, so any idea that this has been pulled because of technical issues experienced with its US release are bogus given that it is still for sale digitally in the US. In the event of that being the case, it would have been pulled from the store there as well.

lardteamaker 07 May, 2014 @ 13:48

Well i could sit and be annoyed but it won’t bring it out any sooner. Disappointed though as i was looking forward to this.


You would expect them to have actually fully tested everything before officially announcing a date.

chelsea1905fc 07 May, 2014 @ 14:16

Is this going to be available to download via the UK/EU PSN store on the PS4. I can see that the store has had some updates so far today but this is not showing on there at the moment. I would have thought if the PS3/vita got this then so to should the PS4, but can somebody update/cofirm this will be happening.

lardteamaker 07 May, 2014 @ 14:33

@Chelsea it’s been delayed on the PS4. They’ve updated the post.


Has anyone ordered and received the disk version yet? Looking for someone to answer this:

There was an issue with online pass last year which made it impossible for UK Users to use online features, keen to know if that is still a problem with the disc version. If it isn’t I’m going to go ahead and order the disc as I fear we could be waiting for the next weekly update or beyond and we still don’t know the price.


* No Online Pass required for MLB 14 The Show


That’s great. Thanks for the answer, probably makes my decision, would have preferred disk version anyway

What.. In… The… Actual… F%#& ?.. I’ve waited for this game for an entire year, and now this.. how could you possible mess this release up so bad?

Yeah. This is pretty poor from Sony. I wonder if update 1.70 last week has messed things up.


So when to expect The Show be available to purchase and download? Or, do we have to create a U.S account to buy the game? The most anticipated game of the year (for me) and THIS happens…. Come on!


I bought PS4 special for this game and You even don’t give as any details whats happen. Come on guys!!!! We deserve for some info…

This game was also an added value for buying a PS4. Furthermore, this is the only game which we’re only able to buy/download from playstation online and do not have the option to buy a hard copy in Europe.

Firmware 1.70 added Preloading?
Looks more like Postreleasing… ;)

Please give us more Informations, is it delayed for few Day, Weeks, Months or whenever….?

So much fail in this post;

Why has it been delayed, beyond the US short delay as well?
When is it now due? Next Wednesday earliest?
Why should I not just buy the thing from the US store or import a physical copy?
Why no pricing info?
Why are pre-orders not a `thing’ in the EU?

Basically, total lack of info. Thanks, for nothing Sony.

benjamin_moore 07 May, 2014 @ 18:50

US have now fixed this problem and is up on the US PS store, so you would think it shouldn’t be too long however lets remember this is the EU store, so maybe by the end of the week?


The US release was delayed but it was still done on the same day. We could be waiting weeks. Literally.

I bought PS4 for MLB the Show 14 instead of Xbox. After MLB 2k fails to launch each year a new version for europeans. Last summer i decided to go for PS4 instead of Xbox One and i have to admitt that communication to customers is much better at Microsoft than at Sony.

What is really missing right now:
When is the new release date?
What will be the price of MLB the Show in for us Europeans?
Why can’t we pre-orders things in the EU like US can?

It looks Sony made a false start for me but i hope when MLB the show 14 comes really soon out, it will convince me that i made the right decision after all.

Sweeeet!!!! picking this one up for sure can anyone tell me the price.. :)

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