New DRIVECLUB videos show how Clubs, Face-offs and Challenges work

Take a closer look at some of the PS4 racer’s innovative features

In DRIVECLUB you’re never alone. It brings people together. From the hardest of the hardcore, to the occasional player, it’s you and your five mates against the world. Driving together to win together.

In the first of today’s two DRIVECLUB Explained videos, find out how Clubs work and why you should be in one.

Completing Face-offs and Challenges in DRIVECLUB represent more than just a way to score FAME. They give you another reason to race aside from just coming first.

Check out the second video below for an overview of how they work, and how they’ll benefit you and your Club.

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varsas 9 May, 2014 @ 2:38 pm   1

The game concept sounds like a lot of fun.

Parhelion69 9 May, 2014 @ 2:39 pm   2

Sorry to ask this, but where are the gameplay videos? It’s already friday 🙂

Maulerr_NL 9 May, 2014 @ 2:43 pm   3

Anyone wants to join my club? I’m very good at hitting walls.

    dark_angel69 9 May, 2014 @ 5:19 pm    

    Hmm walls sorry man but driving wrong way, sure why not! You can keep the other cars away from me as I drive on. That’s just assuming they can keep up. ^_^

DuncBob 9 May, 2014 @ 2:46 pm   4

Looks like on line has plenty of potential now we have the PS+ issue behind us 🙂

Gradly 9 May, 2014 @ 2:50 pm   5

Are the clubs permanent or you join different clubs each time? From what I understand, when you enter the game you can either create (and customize?) a club, or join another club, and when you race, you will gain different points/fames based on various options like speed, drift, etc, so these accumulated fames will be your total achievement in whatever clubs you created or joined???? right?

TrueMurton 9 May, 2014 @ 2:54 pm   6

Grats on over turning that awful policy of tying the upgrade to the PS+ sub but the Plus version is still a demo pretending to be part of the IGC. I don’t care what Evolution claim, the initial reveal and last week’s update do not describe the same product, it has been scaled back massively and that gives us reason to mistrust Evolution and particularly Rushy.

Make sure this is the first and last such situation and all will be well. Thanks.

    DanofBlades 9 May, 2014 @ 3:06 pm    

    You and many other people keep saying that what they’re doing for the PS+ edition is a “Demo.”

    If this is the case, give me an example of any racing game demo that gives the player full access to all game modes including single player and multiplayer campaigns but simply limits the usable car and track list.

    Vashetti 9 May, 2014 @ 3:11 pm    

    They’ve already said we’re getting a separate Plus game in October as well as DriveClub PS Plus edition.

    OttoT 9 May, 2014 @ 6:58 pm    

    So Sony themselves don’t (thankfully) think this can’t be called a game but is a (glorified) demo no matter what you want to call it.
    By the way the 11 tracks that are actually promised in the last article are 5 tracks with 2 or 3 variations. It’s this kind of deception I don’t appreciate.
    If you like Grid 2 a game that did bad because it wanted to appeal to arcade AND simulation racers just like this on, go ahead, you’ll probably have a blast. But the way all this was thought out, the mediocre amount of content and the price and Plus handling made me loose respect for Sony in regard for this game. There are some amazing racers coming to the PS4 this year but for me Driveclub isn’t one anymore.



    Except it’s not. I’ve yet to see a demo feature 11 tracks, 10 cars and all game modes. It’s more comparable to GT 5 Prologue or the old shareware games on PC. Demos nowadays are usually 1/2 cars, 1 mode, 1 track.
    More so, your hate of sim/arcade hybrids is just sad, especially when Grid 2 did alright critically, and while it had lackluster sales that has no bearing on its buyers.

    Anyone thinking they’d get a whole new AAA retail game for the price of less than 10 euro were just kidding themselves, and they’d have to be pretty naive to not understand what “Driveclub PS+ edition” meant.

    nulenvoid 10 May, 2014 @ 12:56 am    

    It’s more akin to the Shareware model of old, 1/5th of the gam eu crippled for free, upgrade to the full thing optional. See Duke Nukem 3D, Doom, etc.

    nulenvoid 10 May, 2014 @ 12:58 am    

    That’s meant to read “1/5th of the game uncrippled”, which isn’t really a word but you get the intent.

    adumr82 10 May, 2014 @ 7:51 am    

    This was originally meant to be the annual title so don’t be so sure about the other game we gonna get that month

DanofBlades 9 May, 2014 @ 2:54 pm   7

Cool! I’m looking forward to seeing how this actually works in the real game!

Good job responding to feedback and fixing the PS+ issue, it shows that you care what your fans are saying. My concern is still with the very limited number of cars. Even Need for Speed Rivals, which is hardly a genuine racing game (more of a demolition derby) and had a very limited car list, had 66 cars! Why are there so few cars in DriveClub, even after the 11 month delay? Will you be focusing on selling cars after the game is released in car packs?

EggersTownVille 9 May, 2014 @ 3:04 pm   8

Looking forward to the competitive side of this game due to the massive amount of fun I had with motorstorm rc leaderboards.

The pit wall was a stroke of genius in the way it was letting you know everytime someone beat your time, it gave you the motivation to go back and try harder and perfect the course.

Can you be a member of multiple clubs?

nulenvoid 9 May, 2014 @ 3:11 pm   9

I’m committed to the PS+ Edition, in that I’ll give it a go, but due to a little bit of misinformation on this title up to this point I’ll wait to consider purchasing after community feedback has come through along with the reviews. Looks great but I’m not sure I’m willing to take the gamble on forking over if there’s going to be any more surprises until I’m sure of what I’m really getting.

tenomedualc 9 May, 2014 @ 3:38 pm   10

aha now i get it. It’s all about hairpins 😀

Carl-G 9 May, 2014 @ 4:07 pm   11

I normally crash 100 times a Lap in most racing games 😀

+ Will the Rumble effects on the DS4 pad be cool to while driving? I hope so 😉


Looks cool.

When can we expect information on what wheels will be supported? 🙂

    EggersTownVille 10 May, 2014 @ 9:16 am    

    I know thrustmaster wheels are supported (t80,t500rs)

    I would be surprised if logitech were not

Maulerr_NL 9 May, 2014 @ 4:34 pm   13

Is it October already? ‘Coz I’ve already got Need for Speed: Rivals at 100%, GT6 ain’t my cup of tea anymore, finished MotorStorm RC twice and The Crew… well… I just want #DRIVECLUB.

    dark_angel69 9 May, 2014 @ 5:25 pm    

    Well if you live in America then yes will be October 5th tomorrow because their calendar says so. 🙂

orionthehunters 9 May, 2014 @ 5:44 pm   14

Would love to see some more ‘gameplay’ videos, love my driving games and look forward to crashing in this game.. Btw is the Logitech GT Force wheel compatible ? I do hope so.

dimiseva 9 May, 2014 @ 7:48 pm   15

Sorry I cannot digest it. Sony experiments on us. This awful policy they are trying to bring to ps+ makes me wanna vomit. I feel offended and I call all the ps+ users NOT TO BUY driveclub. I defintely wont, no matter how the game looks like. We must not encourage such behaviors. And of course if the plus members get only a demo of the game, policy which will contaminate the whole ps+ and is not what we have been told when selling ps+ service, I will stop renewing my subscription. Too bad sony. No trust anymore.

    nulenvoid 10 May, 2014 @ 12:07 am    

    I’d agree with the experiment part, short term potential gains are short sighted at best for any company. I’m having trouble believing anything that comes out related to PS+ and the PS4 lately, it’s become a case of “when I see it” due to how things have been handled (or not handled) since launch.

dimiseva 9 May, 2014 @ 7:49 pm   16

I dont care about the turnover. It only shows “oh god, they are not gonna pay actually” and not “4theplayers”…

abok6 9 May, 2014 @ 8:08 pm   17

The concept sounds really interesting. Yeah, I know it sucks with the PS+ situation, but I knew that PS+ edition was going to be chopped, therefore I was (and still am) intending to buy the boxed copy. My question is: is the developer intending to implement any microtransactions into the game? If so, then unfortenately I’m out.

    ZeB6pt 9 May, 2014 @ 10:58 pm    

    me too, i will never buy or play a “pay to win”

    ZeB6pt 9 May, 2014 @ 11:59 pm    

    just checked and there will be microtransactions into the game 🙁

    nulenvoid 9 May, 2014 @ 11:59 pm    

    I would say they’re pretty much a given going by consumer approach and the social focus of the game, guess time will tell, which is why I’ll wait to purchase.

Szamal 9 May, 2014 @ 8:20 pm   18

Since GRID and Project Cars are confirmed for 2014 I don’t really care that much for DRIVECLUB. I saw new gameplay videos today and it looks pretty dull.

UK_Rocklance 10 May, 2014 @ 1:01 am   19

Well, tell us how match making works. If I have the PS+ Edition, will I be matched with PS+ Edition players only? If I am driving a certain free car, will I be matched with players driving similar performance/cc/whatever cars only? With the emphasis on clubs, it suggest that matches will be mixed with all cars, no restriction or attempt to balance the playing field.

The main question remains: I only have 1/5 of the cars (presumably mostly the lowest end of each class), how am I going to win any race against other players who paid for the full game and have the full arsenal of fast cars?

PNReynard 10 May, 2014 @ 9:05 am   20

“Take a closer look at some of the PS4 racer’s innovative features ”

Innovative you say??

Taking similar features from games like the NFS series, Burnout, TDU etc and calling them your own isn’t really ‘innovative’.

Freakix 10 May, 2014 @ 9:12 am   21

Driveclub needs split screen!

I hate to say it, but the gameplay depiction fails to impress me 🙁 I love Evolution Studios, but the game sounds no more than a glorified clan race battle. Like it lacks any kind of direction.

I hope come October I’m proven wrong.

Richie1883 10 May, 2014 @ 7:48 pm   23

i was gonna get this but they are making such a deal over it think ill just wait for Project cars seeing as they can stick to their word unlike some companies;p

Phene90x 11 May, 2014 @ 9:13 pm   24

What is up with them and their obsession with prehistoric humans ?

    UK_Rocklance 11 May, 2014 @ 11:56 pm    

    Cos cavemen had “clubs”, get it? 🙂

    And the whole invention of wheel thing. (And the whole stealing other people’s Autolog to reinvent the wheel and calling it their own “innovative features” thing.)

    Honestly these videos suck. From a graphics design perspective, they aren’t bad, but for the purpose of conveying the information they are trying to convey, the videos add nothing but confusion. They kept wasting time and money on making these useless videos, no wonder the project was delayed and delayed.

    Why don’t they do something more productive… like showing us ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE? Surely real gameplay video could illustrate how face-offs and challenges work much better than abstract cavemen animation.

    UK_Rocklance 12 May, 2014 @ 12:06 am    

    Cos cavemen had “clubs”, get it? 🙂

    And the whole invention of wheel thing. (And the whole stealing other people’s Autolog to reinvent the wheel and calling it their own “innovative features” thing.)

    UK_Rocklance 12 May, 2014 @ 12:07 am    

    Honestly these videos are useless. From a graphics design perspective, they aren’t bad, but for the purpose of conveying the information they are trying to convey, the videos add nothing but confusion.

    Why don’t they do something more productive… like showing us ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE? Surely real gameplay video could illustrate how face-offs and challenges work much better than abstract cavemen animation.

    PNReynard 12 May, 2014 @ 10:13 am    


    At least I’m the not the only one to notice that they’re good at stealing ‘innovatively’

prime1982 15 May, 2014 @ 6:43 pm   25

4 weeks and counting my ps4 lasted all of one hour and what a nightmare from uk playstion support, YOU WAIT OVER AN HOUR ON HOLD ONLY TO BE TOLD SORRY YOU CAN’T SPEAK TO ANYONE”

I was promised a brand new console from a manager who called me back last week and now your support team are back peddling saying they see no such thing and they would never have done this. it’s funny i received the dual shock 4 you promised this was also on the same call i was promised the console.

Is it also policy to send out ds4 without packaging or protection ? item was received unboxed and thrown in a jiffy envelope protection! sent by royal mail ! nice work sony

what a joke and a way to treat a customer who has just thrown down £500 .

I’m stil waiting to see what i get sent the last replacement you sent was scratched to hell , dusty and sounded like it was about to take off! you promised me a new console so where is it ?? i don’t expect to send this amount and receive this treatment .

so i would appreciate you passing my concern and complaints on as it seems your support advisors do not listen or understand the word support and feel that they can just treat you like crap on there shoe.

Oh and when are you going to start putting up pre ordered ps4 games on the store and at reasonable prices ? saying that i would need my console first so i can actually enjoy the services i have paid for!

i see nothing has improved from ps3 , #4theplayers INDEED!