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Phew, that was a rollercoaster of a week 😉 Lots and lots to catch up on if you’ve been napping. First and foremost, DRIVECLUB – we firmed up details of the PS Plus Edition, showed off how clubs will work, and went into details on Challenges and Face-offs. And if all that wasn’t enough, check out a pair of new gameplay videos here and here.

Elsewhere, we took the wraps off R-Type Dimensions and VizionEck, welcomed Sportsfriends onto PlayStation Store, ran down the charts for April, and debuted a delightful new Hohokum video. See below for selected highlights, and do enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  2. New on PlayStation Store: Bound by Flame, Titan Attacks, Sportsfriends, more!
  3. God of War Collection arrives on PS Vita this week
  4. The Last of Us update 1.07 detailed in full
  5. Tales from the Borderlands: First screenshots revealed

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stathmos 11 May, 2014 @ 10:20 am   1

Hi Fred, is it true that there is a time limit after which our Plus games get removed from our download list?

    supersmith2500 11 May, 2014 @ 11:46 am    

    Actually, can you access your Plus content as long as your Plus subscription is in tact. If it runs out, you cannot access it unless you subscribe again. That is only IGC games.

    Alphaembryo 11 May, 2014 @ 12:52 pm    

    That is not what he is asking about.

    SGTSTEELFACE 11 May, 2014 @ 12:57 pm    

    This was brought up before with Sleeping Dogs maybe about 4 months ago. I dont know of any other games which have disappeared maybe compile a list?

    supersmith2500 11 May, 2014 @ 2:47 pm    

    Well if you manage to get the games before they are rotated that is currently on IGC right now. They are added to your download list and the games that are in the IGC will NOT get removed from your download list. You can play these IGC games as long as you remain a Plus member. Hope it clear things up.

    Fred Dutton 12 May, 2014 @ 9:26 am    

    All Plus games will be available for download for as long as you’re still subscribed to the service

Archacus 11 May, 2014 @ 10:21 am   2

“Lots and lots to catch up on if you’ve been napping.”

So… it seems we do agree on one thing at least. How about replying to some of our questions? I mean about prices? About what you are supposed to do… or how to treat customers? Or how to respond to your customers… Or how to make sales?


4 weeks to go until E3 😛 😛 😛 (that is all i need to type) 😀

    Hexahedronaut 11 May, 2014 @ 11:20 am    

    So yeah E3 soon what you looking forward to? For me it’s

    1. More gameplay/details on Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break
    2. Fallout 4 and Mass Effect 4 being confirmed/release date/gameplay
    3. Halo 2 Anniversary being confirmed/release date/gameplay
    4. Lionhead’s unannounced game and more details/gameplay on Fable Legends
    5. More info on Leap Experience Pioneers rumoured TPS/RPG
    6. More gameplay on Dragon Age 3 and Mirrors Edge 2

    (1,3,4 and 5 are XO exclusive)

    I’ll be skipping Sonys E3 but I hope for you PS4 users they have a great E3 :3

    Archacus 11 May, 2014 @ 11:44 am    


    1. Deep Down
    2. New Wipeout
    3. The Last Guardian
    4. GT 7 Prologue for PS 4
    5. I hope for something new from Square-Enix and CD Projekt RED (I would be happy with something new about Cyberpunk 2077)

    What’s more… dunno… after all we shall see what they will decide to show on E3… but I don’t think that it will be in any way groundbreaking…


    Sunset Overdrive looks great.

    to be honest i hope this E3 is not only about games that will only be released in 2015, this past months for were really bad for ps4 users, i allmost dont turn on mine, i still play more ps3

    Porcupeth00 11 May, 2014 @ 12:53 pm    

    The last guardian
    The Order 1886
    possible new God Of war
    Project beast
    Deep Down
    Uncharted 4

    Sony is gonna kill this E3 and i can’t wait :3


    @Hexahedronaut No none of those(apart from Mirror’s Edge 2) 😀 I find the Xbox brand boring really & their Exclusives just seem like boring PC games to me. So then ‘Porcupeth00’ & ‘Archacus’ list is my Cup’of’Tea so i can’t wait fo that lot 😛

    Lunastra78 12 May, 2014 @ 10:53 am    

    1. Project Beast
    2. Project Beast
    3. Project Beast
    4. Project Beast
    5. Project Beast

    Also (possibly, if the rumors are correct): Uncharted 4, new Wipeout, GoW4, Fallout 4, Entwined (new Media Molecule game), Shadow of the Beast, The Last Guardian, TLOU2 – although I’m seriously doubting the last 2 rumors there…


This week on Playstation:

– huge uproar in EU, because people notice prices are even more than 50% bigger than in EU
– Bound by Flame having a ridiculously higher price in EU, people wait for reviews instead, a mix of average reviews, saved money by not buying it on PSN!
– no response on pricing on EU, uproar continues


    Bigger than in US/NA I mean. WTB > Edit.

    jimbob12345678 11 May, 2014 @ 11:45 am    

    Ill admit I’m not too bothered on EU game pricing personally but this made me chuckle all the same 🙂

    jimbob12345678 11 May, 2014 @ 11:48 am    

    Hi Fred could I get a reply to my post on the most recent store update either on here or there. Its post 84 for reference, and if I’m understanding right then this is a link to it.

    Stathmos touched on the subject briefly on comment 1 of this page.


    sadly no one cares about the complains, i ‘m seriously starting to think in going back to xbox, i used to have xbox360, i bought the ps4 because i think it would have great games right from the start, but that was not the true, and thats one thing i’m starting to realize about sony.

    There are rumors that games with gold (IGC for xbox) will start to have 2 games per month for Xbox1 (1 AAA and one indie) they will be added to games with gold every 15 days (2 per month).

    If this appens to be true, welcome back xbox.

    I dont want to be penalized just because i’m from europe, i deserve to pay the same that the US pays, i deserve to have the same sales the US have.

    I tough the slogan of ps4 is “to the players” not to the US players

    I’m starting to be really disapointed with the service, hope that something changes fast

    moriarty1975 11 May, 2014 @ 12:05 pm    

    U.S – E.U prices have always been ridiculous. Are people only noticing that this week? :O


    @ moriarty1975

    I’m kinda “new” to psn, had xbox360 in “last-gen” (current-gen ;( ) , i was on ign the other day and i was reading about flash sales, i went to buy and…. only for the US… they pay way less, more sales.. yes i know that many people already know this from a long time, but like i said, i’m kinda new to psn and i’m starting to realize that I probably choose the wrong system… i’ll wait for E3 and see if something changes…

    Lucreto 11 May, 2014 @ 12:21 pm    

    I did a bit of research on the pricing.

    $60 then add taxes from I picked the highest of 8.75% in New York makes it £38.71
    £50 includes taxes of 17.5% which makes the price £41.24 with a difference of about £2.53.

    I am unsure on the tax rates are correct but these are the best I could find. It shows we pay about the same but the VAT in the UK and in Europe kills us.

    I also found out the EU developers get less money per unit sold than a US developer.

    Lucreto 11 May, 2014 @ 12:37 pm    


    That is not going to happen this early in the generation. If they do they will run out of retail games in less than 6 months. They then have to use brand new games released within a month. Microsoft can’t afford that.

    PS4 has more games out at the moment one every couple of weeks, Yes they are indie but it is far more than what Microsoft are releasing. Sony released the same amount of games in March than Microsoft released from January to April. Just because they don’t interest you doesn’t mean they have nothing. The lack of game is far better than when the PS3 launched. It released in March and there was less than 10 games until September.

    nulenvoid 11 May, 2014 @ 1:04 pm    

    @Lucreto we pay roughly 2.5x the conversion rate here for digital, about 1.5x the rate for retail. I can buy a from a number of other digital outlets for straight conversion cost (GMG, Steam, GG, Amazon).Your maths doesn’t change the facts.

    Not to mention the freebies the US gets that are paid in EU like the Last of Us dynamic theme, or the freebies in the US like the inFamous Second Son Soundtrack that are absent here, or preorder items in the US which are Limited Edition restricted here. PSN isn’t keeping up with the global market as far as EU goes no matter how you try to paint it.

    Lucreto 11 May, 2014 @ 1:37 pm    


    “First of all, we want to support a healthy retail channel, so it’s not in our interest to go and seriously undermine retail.”

    Gara added that shops often price games lower than RRP in an effort to attract your business – more aggressively in the UK than in other countries.

    “Let’s not forget the UK is probably the most competitive retail space there is in the world. So when it comes to any recommended retail prices they will frequently choose to price significantly below them.

    “You mentioned Amazon as an example. Amazon control their own pricing. We don’t set the pricing. So if they decide on some crazy low prices they’d like to charge their customers, that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for the PlayStation Store to match or follow that price. These are effectively all independent retailers.”


    @Lucreto, the whole point of digital store, digital games, and digital future, was so that the prices would be lower than retail, where you additionally pay for shipping, production of discs and boxes, retailer fees, etc. The EU PSN is a double trap, it’s far more expensive than retail, and more expensive than the US PSN. If that’s how it’s going to be, why not just cease the whole PSN EU branch, fire all the people, and merge it with the US one? It’s a win for the players.

    Lucreto 11 May, 2014 @ 2:49 pm    


    Did you read the whole article?

    Anyway Microsoft are in the same boat. Retail still make up 70% of sales. Retailers can lower the price of a game to near loss making to attract people and make it up on another product which Sony can’t do.

    Sony can lower the price and the retailers can under cut them then decide not to sell a certain game in store. Sony just lost 70% of the games sales. It don’t matter for the retailers as they can make twice the amount money on pre-owned games than on new games so they can make up the loss. The retailers in the UK have all the cards and the customers support the retailers so it is lose/lose for Sony.

    Archacus 11 May, 2014 @ 3:06 pm    

    Part 1.
    Thank you for link to article on eurogamer it was really interesting…

    I can’t shake off feelings that this guy (Fergal Gara) didn’t know what to say… most of time it sounded as if he was desperately looking for right words to explain something very stupid. I mean what’s this supposed to be? When he was asked why digital games are expensive… he explained that they do not want to compete with retail shops… wait what?!

    If they do not want to give competitive prices so as not harm retail shops… than why the hell PSN still exists? Years ago it was great source of demo version of games… now it is mainly shop! And they don’t want to act like a shop? How stupid is that? If they don’t want to harm retail shops than they shouldn’t even bother to upload anything. And what about games like Conception II which do not have retail version of games? Shouldn’t those be less expensive? Well they won’t harm retail shops if they are selling something exclusive to digital service.

    And no… retail shops when it comes to PS4 games have also high prices… so where is that “competitiveness”? It is non existing!

    The statement about them not setting prices is again something unreasonable. Yes they DO set prices! As Eurogamer noticed they are responsible for currency conversion! If publisher say that he want to earn 14$ than the price should be 10 EUR not 14 EUR. If they decide to set currency exchange rate to 1$=2 EUR (that’s just example) than would it be just currency conversion or setting price? If one day we will have to pay 28 EUR for game that costs 14$… would it be still just matter of conversion?
    Also let’s not forget about that MAD conversion rate:
    1 CAD = 1 $ = 1 EUR it is pure madness!
    And as we know there are examples when SCEE decided NOT to agree with suggested price. For example that was the case with Curve Studio and Titan Attacks.

    And no it doesn’t seem that they are “listening to feedback” they are not even responding so how can they?

    Archacus 11 May, 2014 @ 3:06 pm    

    Part 2.
    I am really more and more convinced that whole SCEE with every local/national branch should be completely resolved and recreated from scratch. It seems that they are still dwelling in old structures that are not prepared for new reality with one united market of EU. Every time you try to get answer you hear that nobody is responsible for anything! You hear over and over again them saying “it’s not our fault” I’m quite sure that they have prepared whole long lists of factors and subject that can be blamed in their place.

    You ask them to bring PS One, PS2, PSP games to PSN you hear the same old story every time “Sorry, it’s not our fault, someone have problems with gaining the right to those titles”… and who is the one to blame? Branch in Poland? Branch in UK? Germany? SCEE? Who is the one? Who should be the one to bite the bullet and try harder! There are no titles that can’t be sold! If someone is blocking than pay him and bring those games to gamers.

    We have plenty of “official partners of SONY PlayStation Europe” selling imported games… and they are not bothered by it?

    I dunno maybe we should one day write open letter to Kazuo Hirai asking for external audit of SCEE? After all actions of SCEE harm profits of SONY on European Market. How many of us are buying games from USA be it digital version or retail. Like I said many times before, European shops are selling more and more imported games. Something needs to be done…

    Archacus 11 May, 2014 @ 3:15 pm    

    Oh great second part just went -Your ….comment is…… awaiting moderation.- I wonder why? That shouldn’t be the case when somebody is not using any vulgar words… I think that posts with quotation marks often goes to moderation….

    Or am I the one making some mistake?

    Lucreto 11 May, 2014 @ 3:53 pm    

    @Archacus 4.10 has the link and I guess you are talking about 2.12. I can see it perfectly even signed out.

    I assure you no foul language was used.

    To your part 1. The answer was in the my part 2.

    Archacus 11 May, 2014 @ 4:07 pm    


    No no I see all of your posts clearly (I think) it was mine post (part 2) that went under -Your comment is awaiting moderation- status. There should be another mine post between 4.13 and 4.14.

    Maybe it will appear later on…. or maybe it won’t. Frankly speaking I don’t know how it works… but I think that posting link is safe, those shouldn’t be any problem here.

    The gist of that post was that SCEE in my opinion should be resolved and recreated from the scratch. It doesn’t fit right into unified market reality… Maybe the rest will appear or maybe it won’t 😛

    Sicmay 11 May, 2014 @ 8:54 pm    

    Lucreto, your maths is wrong. Comparing US plus tax to Eu minus tax is ridiculous. Either compare pre or post tax prices and you’ll notice eu pays a lot more either way

    nulenvoid 11 May, 2014 @ 10:50 pm    

    @Lucreto You mentioned doing research but are choosing to ignore a few facts mentioned, 2.5x the price on digital only product, 1.5-2.0x on retail for US conversion. Notice the content you can only get digitally is more expensive, how does that work with the “not undercutting” retailers theory?

    Not to mention the digital outlets examples that have far cheaper non reduced items, content at full price. I get you’re a fan, but please don’t try to answer for my locale when you have no idea, thanks.

    Project2insanity 11 May, 2014 @ 11:22 pm    

    @nulenvoid; A friendly suggestion- don’t suggest one has no idea when you have none yourself. It can become a vicious circle but it is fortunate that Lucreto always posts reason. I’d recommend not dismissing his points.

    Lucreto 12 May, 2014 @ 12:03 am    


    I did that to show how much more expensive games are in the UK that it is not Sony’s fault it is the massive tax that has to be paid. Yes I admit comparing one with tax and the other without was my error. If they are both before tax there is only £5 in the difference with could be some other tax outside VAT.

    Lucreto 12 May, 2014 @ 12:24 am    


    Did you read the eurogamer article I posted? Also I gave a theory in 4.12. Retailers can sell game at near loss to get your custom and you might buy something else at full price so they cover the loss.

    Sony can’t compete digitally. Let’s say to get a profit Sony sells digitally for £60. Amazon comes along and sells it at it as a loss at £50 where the RRP is £70. They can make up the loss on another product with a high margin. What is Sony to do, lower the price and take the loss with no way to make it up like Amazon.

    nulenvoid 12 May, 2014 @ 2:00 am    

    @Project2insanity That’s a slightly contradictory statement and missed context a bit. I’m sure Lucreto can speak for his region, but to put it back in context I would recommend re reading it.

    @Lucreto I don’t think we’ll come to much an agreement, it’s not that I disagree with some of the reasoning but other points I find invalid and not really applicable in context to my locale or pricing, or even in general as a global be honest. There are people here disagreeing with the regional model and pricing that are fully aware how these things work, you view it from one way based on your reasoning, I view it another based on mine, and there’s not really a constructive debate here past that I don’t think.

    PNReynard 12 May, 2014 @ 10:05 am    

    Lucreto, your sums are still wrong, here’s an example to prove why

    DriveClub PS+ edition is $50 in North America (which includes profit for Sony)
    That converts to £29.58 for UK (currently £1 = $1.69)
    Add the 20% VAT (not 17.5%) to that price (£5.92) equals £35.50 which means Sony are gaining an extra £7.50 profit on each game they sell, not the £2-£3 you claim

    So in future, Don’t go claiming we are not getting ripped off cause clearly we are

    Golwar 12 May, 2014 @ 4:05 pm    

    Maybe Lucreto really managed to explain why Europe and digital get handicapped on prices.
    It only requires that persons in charge are just as unreasonable, lack knowledge of economic and basic mathematics, as Lucreto so impressively manages to display.

    Sorry for joking, but seriously?
    It causes a tremendous headache when you must witness how one absurd reason or calculation is followed by another. I can barely imagine how someone could provide their concern a worse service.

    Lucreto 12 May, 2014 @ 10:47 pm    


    At least I am taking the initiative to see why we are being charged extra unlike you and others who just copy and paste the same tired replies knowing you won’t get a response. How about you explain it then since you are all knowing about economics instead of sitting on your hands and moaning each week.

    To be fair, you seem to be a stauch supporter and defender of SCEE even when some of the things that they do are inexcusable (i.e.Playstation Plus reductions). So excuse the rest of us for making criticiisms where necessary instead of trying our hardest to defend all the wrongs of SCEE. Why is it that you are always finding excuses for them, when they themselves have no reasonable responses to make regarding frequently raised concerns on this blog?


E3 Sony conference has been set. June 10th at 2am BST. 3am for mainland Europe.

Sleep is for the weak.

Porcupeth00 11 May, 2014 @ 11:44 am   6

Please pass it on to Ready at Dawn that we’d like to see a sneak peek at footage of The Order 1886 before the blowout at E3. Just a little bit, pretty please?

jimbob12345678 11 May, 2014 @ 11:50 am   7

Hi Fred could I get a reply to my post on the most recent store update either on here or there. Its post 84 for reference, and if I’m understanding right then this is a link to it.

Stathmos touched on the subject briefly on comment 1 of this page.

(Also potential bug? I replied to a comment above and then tried to make this post after and it posted as a reply as well… strange :P)

    Fred Dutton 12 May, 2014 @ 9:30 am    

    As stated above – Plus games are available to download as long as you’re subscribed. I’ll investigate your particular instance now.


sadly no one cares about the complains, i ‘m seriously starting to think in going back to xbox, i used to have xbox360, i bought the ps4 because i think it would have great games right from the start, but that was not the true, and thats one thing i’m starting to realize about sony.

There are rumors that games with gold (IGC for xbox) will start to have 2 games per month for Xbox1 (1 AAA and one indie) they will be added to games with gold every 15 days (2 per month).

If this appens to be true, welcome back xbox.

I dont want to be penalized just because i’m from europe, i deserve to pay the same that the US pays, i deserve to have the same sales the US have.

I tough the slogan of ps4 is “to the players” not to the US players

I’m starting to be really disapointed with the service, hope that something changes fast


    @ Porcupeth00

    my dear “friend” both consoles are great, is not because i own 1 that the other is “cr*p”. I dont apreciate at all your infantile reply, i know that you dont mind about princing because mommy and daddy pay for all your games, but sadly, i have to work to buy mine, so when i see a sale in the US and i dont see anything close in the EU i start to think.. did i choose right?? probably you work for sony and you are very ofended if someone thinks in other system that is not the all powerfull playstation.. but my little friend, the world is getting expensive at everyday, so if i fell i have the right to complain about princing, about EU vs US diferences… I will 🙂 ohh and thanks for the support… big companies love fanboys

    Hexahedronaut 11 May, 2014 @ 12:34 pm    

    *Flame Shield Activate* Your probably gona get a lot of negative reply’s, a lot of reply’s saying it’s only been a few months etc etc but I made the switch back to xbox last month I can’t stand SCEE I can’t stand this blog team and nothings changed in the last couple of years and nothings going to change. SCEE are an extremely anti consumer company but that’s my opinion. And so far I haven’t regretted making the switch back. They’re E3 if true sounds amazing, they’re exclusives looks ridiculously good and The fact they put someone who’s passionate about games in charge I think us XO owners have a really good future ( and titanfall is extremely fun) I don’t see anything changing with SCEE, they’re attitude is terrible and they have the worst submission process in the industry.

    Porcupeth00 11 May, 2014 @ 12:42 pm    

    Then play your Crapbox and leave the blog alone.

    Lucreto 11 May, 2014 @ 12:43 pm    

    I posted the same about and I will post it here as well.

    That is not going to happen this early in the generation. If they do they will run out of retail games in less than 6 months. They then have to use brand new games released within a month. Microsoft can’t afford that.

    PS4 has more games out at the moment one every couple of weeks, Yes they are indie but it is far more than what Microsoft are releasing. Sony released the same amount of games in March than Microsoft released from January to April. Just because they don’t interest you doesn’t mean they have nothing. The lack of game is far better than when the PS3 launched. It released in March and there was less than 10 games until September.


    @ Hexahedronaut

    yes the new guy in charge of Xbox looks like is a true gamer and understand gamers, overall i still prefer playstation exclusives, but have to admit, alan wake (brilliant), sunset overdrive, looks awsome!! xbox is changing, and for better, i really hope that something changes in SCEE because the people are starting to give up and I refuse to create an US account just because europeans are not treated the same way.
    About the people that say its only been a few months, well its a lot of months now, they should have a lot of games by now, games like watch dogs, infamous, driveclub, deep down, I read someplace that they should been launch tittles.. not titles to cover up months were they wont release nothing

    Porcupeth00 11 May, 2014 @ 12:47 pm    

    it’s no better on the Xbox One side, the people i know with a XB1 also have american accounts and buy with those. Europeans are always screwed by everyone, it doesn’t matter which console you’re playing on.
    Besides, SCEE actually gives us some services unlike XB1 where everything is released for americans and EU never even hear about it

    Hexahedronaut 11 May, 2014 @ 12:53 pm    

    @Porcupeth00 there’s no need for that, stop being a child and grow up. I’ve owned a ps4, I have a vita and ps3 and have spent a lot of money on games. It’s not as if I’m some anti sony fanboy coz I’m not I can see that both consoles are great, they both have great games and both have great futures I’m just fed up with SCEE so I went back to xbox. I still comment on this blog coz I like the community it’s as simple as that I don’t sigh my soul to a certain company I’m a gamer I enjoy playing games regardless of what system they’re on. I just know when I’m getting the short end of the stick.

    Porcupeth00 11 May, 2014 @ 12:55 pm    

    No you did not simply “go back to xbox” because it’s just as bad for europeans over there, which indicates that you are merely trolling.

    Hexahedronaut 11 May, 2014 @ 1:02 pm    

    @Porcupeth00 eh… Not trolling just not a blind fanboy.


@ Porcupeth00

mas tu tens problemas??? trabalhas para a sony é??? fanboy é raça malvada, deves estar contente por pagar mais, ah espera é o paizinho e a mama que pagam…..

    Porcupeth00 11 May, 2014 @ 12:35 pm    

    se queres preços americanos então é facil, compra na store americana. não custa nada. e é bem capaz de ter mais efeito e mandar uma mensagem mais forte à SCEE do que estar aqui a queixar quando a unica pessoa a ler é um community manager que não tem qualquer influência sobre isso

    Archacus 11 May, 2014 @ 12:41 pm    

    That wasn’t nice… I don’t think that he is working for Sony….

    … and let’s leave his parents alone mkay? It it is immature way to act.

    I don’t like the way SCEE is working right now, I’m often annoyed just like you… but I do agree with him that writing here about Xbox isn’t the best idea. I mean what for? It is like going to puma shop just to say that nike is better… So how about taking a deep breath, no need to fight each other right?


    Archacus 11 May, 2014 @ 12:49 pm    


    Oy oy let’s all calm down! What would happen if all of us decide to use our own languages… chaos! It is english forum so let’s use english language, mkay?

    Buying from american store is no solution, it is like taking painkiller insteaf of remedy. It is always better to buy games from EU… we must bring their attention but we can’t destroy our own market, that’s not the way.


    meu amigo, se a unica pessoa a ler é o cummunity manager é que eu já nao sei. quanto a criar conta americana. Achas isso uma mensagem forte??? continuam a receber. continua uma pessoa a pagar, apenas mudou a região (algo que eles nao permitem fazer a nao ser criar nova conta, já pensaste porque???) isto tudo é um negócio, e se fores ver a quantidade de vendas PS4 vs Xone vais ver que na europa a ps vende muito, mas um abuso mesmo, enquanto que nao america a coisa já é mais renhida (ps tb vence mas por pouco) eles sabem que nos europeus já tem os fanboys da marca, nao precisam de melhorar, podem explorar, na america é diferente, os americanos se vissem cenas destas como se ve aqui, pessoal da sony a ignorar, a dizer uma cena num mes e noutro diz outra, os gajos mudavam logo!! nao estou a dizer que a ps é muito má e xbox muito boa, estou a dizer que na europa existe uma diferenciação enorme para com os consumidores americanos, algo que nao deve acontecer.
    Flash sales na america, imensos jogos a 5 euros, fui pa comprar, so conta US, aqui já vistes os preços absurdos?? os gajos ainda pensam que 1 dolar é 1 euro. eu tenho conta irlandesa e nao imaginas o nojo que me mete por aparecer bandeira da irlanda e nao de portugal e sabes porque? porque como vivo na irlanda quando fui comprar credito a loja pa a psn dava erro pk tinha conta PT, tive que criar outra. Os gajos nao facilitam nada, a microsoft era conhecida por M$ mas olha que a sony esta a começar a alcançar a M$. Mas é como te digo, a ps4 é uma excelente máquina, melhor que a xbox, mas se a sony se mantem assim, digo-te vai perder muito, aliás já existem estudos (valem o que valem) que a sony ganhou o sprint, mas que perde a maratona.

    ZeB6pt 11 May, 2014 @ 1:00 pm    

    estava a ler os teus comentarios anteriores, tu não gostas mesmo da xbox pois não?? olha vou dizer-te isto numa boa, tive ps3 e troquei por xbox, a nivel grafico a xbox 360 ganhou a ps3 na generalidade, claro que depois temos uncharted e assim, mas em multiplataforma a xbox era melhor, agora não o é, basicamente é 1080p contra 720p, por enquanto acredito. epah mas tu nao podes ter assim tanto odio contra uma marca. é que assim nem aproveitas o mundo dos jogos

    Porcupeth00 11 May, 2014 @ 1:01 pm    

    eu não vejo a MS a melhorar em nada, continua tudo na mesma. A PS vende mais em todos os territorios pq tem a melhor oferta, não tem a ver com fanboyismos.

    ZeB6pt 11 May, 2014 @ 1:02 pm    

    @ rchacus

    exactly, that is not the way, eu market should be a good one, a fair one

    ZeB6pt 11 May, 2014 @ 1:17 pm    

    @ Porcupeth00

    English – I wont discuss with you anymore, you clearly a fanboys, you use words like crapbox, Xbot, clearly fanboy language, they are both great systems, they will have great games and we gamers win with that, i hope sony gets better, and i hope microsoft gets better

    PT- epah nao vou discutir mais contigo, nao dá mesmo pa falar, és claramente fanboys, essas palavras que usas nem tem comentarios, olha pelos vistos esta muito satisfeito com a sony por isso só te desejo felicidades e bons jogos. abraço.

    Porcupeth00 11 May, 2014 @ 1:25 pm    

    PS4 and Wii U are great systems with great games. XB1 has the weakest software library of any console ever released, it’s appallingly bad. No fanboyism, just the truth.

    Hexahedronaut 11 May, 2014 @ 1:41 pm    

    Porcupeth00 ps4 is made up on indie titles mostly nothing wrong with that and the wii u was released in 2012 and has the highest quality exclusives so far. When looking at a consoles library it shouldn’t be about who has the most games it’s about what’ suits you and what you find fun. Yes the XO hasn’t got that many games due to not having the same amount of indie support of ps4 and only being out for a few months. Console lunches are always this slow for game releases . The ps4 might have a lot of indie games but I’m looking more forward to super time force on XO than any of them .. See how it works

    Porcupeth00 11 May, 2014 @ 1:51 pm    

    that’s because you’re a fanboy. there’s no reason to believe Super time force looks any better. Resogun is easily the best out of all the indies on both platforms and it was “free”. Oh but i guess that getting ONE indie game in may is better than getting Resogun, Contrast, Don’t Starve, Outlast, Dead Nation, Mercenary Kings, Stick to the man … right? Nope.

    saying that you’re looking forward more to STF + your post at the top about E3 are clear indication of you’re bias.

    Hexahedronaut 11 May, 2014 @ 2:13 pm    

    My post about E3 is because I don’t own PS4 I own a XO. My post is about what I want to see. Wouldn’t make sense to want to see games I can’t buy would it? I’ve played all of those titles except stick it to the man search my gamer tag on psnprofiles if you don’t believe me. You completely missed my point tho. I like the gameplay of STF and I prefer the art style it looks like the type of game I would play. Saying resogun is the best whilst a good game is your own opinion My post was in reply to your comment about software library’s. Last gen I enjoyed dragons dogma more than dark souls 1,2 demons souls, skyrim, fallout 3,NV or any other RPG I played are you going to tell me I’m wrong just coz YOU like one of them more than DD? Stop being a fanboy your coming across like an idiot. I’m not biased I’m just not so closed minded that I can’t see past sony sony sony sony.

    Hexahedronaut 11 May, 2014 @ 2:16 pm    

    And I’m trying I have an adult discussion, all your doing is calling fanboy when someone says something you don’t like.

    Hexahedronaut 11 May, 2014 @ 2:29 pm    

    Excuses me? I don’t own a ps4 anymore but I own a vita and a ps3 I still comment on this blog coz I respect the damn community I enjoy having a discussion with the community. Your in no place to tell be what I can and cannot do.

    Hexahedronaut 11 May, 2014 @ 2:34 pm    

    And if you don’t believe me add me I don’t play much anymore but I enjoy a game of TLOU multiplayer.

    Porcupeth00 11 May, 2014 @ 2:48 pm    

    if you “respected” the community and wanted to have “discussions” with the community you’d talk about your PS3 and your Vita
    not “not gonna watch Sony at E3”, “i’m looking forward to all these Xbox One games”, “one measly indie on XB1 is better than all the ps4 indies”, etc etc. You’re not fooling me. You know what you are.

    Hexahedronaut 11 May, 2014 @ 3:26 pm    

    Ok Porcupeth00 firstly sorry if ive offended you in anyway it feels like i have and sorry for the late reply i had to wait to get home and use the wifi the app kept crashing, im not stating what im saying as fact theyre just my opinions i hope you realize this. Its the same as you stating resogun is the best indie its your opinion. you can say i should be talking about my psv ps3and not the XO i get that, you feel that because its a ps blog only PlayStation discussions should exist. i dont see the blog this way. were all gamers we all like the same things that being gaming regardless of what system theyre on i want to talk about the things we al love which is games. I want to make this perfectly clear tho i didnt trade in my PS4 in it died a death on me, i didnt have insurance on it so when i came to get a new one i took that into consideration i also took my opinion of SCEE into it as well. combine that with the exclsuives that the XO was showing and that my friends are on XO i decided that i would make the switch back to xbox.

    You think im biased to the XO trust me buddy im not nor was i to the PS4 im not saying STF is better than every indie on PS4 im saying it looks like a game that i would have alot of fun with more so than i had with outlast (scared the crap outa me) dont starve (i really sucked at the game) constrast ( was the first game i 100%ed) resogun (the 2nd best indie on the system imo) towerfall (the best indie this year so far, its brutalness reminded me of supermeatboy) mercenary kings (an awsome throwback to metal slug) and the last indie game i had dead nation (i didnt really get into it, strange coz i always wanted to when it was on ps3)

    Ok lets talk about the PS4 and trust me i dont hate it, i had great opinion of it before it broke, infamous ss hands down a stunning game, not very much in the world was hoping for the mission creator from 2 and the amount of side missions from 2. Thief, i LOVED, holy cow the master custom diff was brilliant i didnt like the cutscenes coz they dropped to like 5 FPS and the boss battles were frustrating as hell, killzone SS man what a great game the first half of the story was awesome but i didnt like the second half wasnt aswell done as the first half. didnt really try the MP so cant comment. Knack…. modern day crash bandicoot drove me and my mrs up the damn walls aha, found it a VERY hard game strangely.

    so maybe keep it civil with your reply thanks :). spelling mistakes ahoy!!!

    Hexahedronaut 11 May, 2014 @ 3:31 pm    

    oh and about E3 forgot to put that into the comment, this years E3 is going to be PS4 orientated, so no point watching as i no longer have one but i would love to see.

    1. Gorilla Games new RPG
    2. more info on drive club
    3. demons souls successor or even a straight sequel
    4. Media molecule’s new game
    5. Rime and the witness
    6. Jack and Daxter 4 (i know its not gona happen)
    7. New UI stuff mainly a way to sort games like folders etc.


Oh right, I totally forgot about the thing where the US had the truly awesome Flash sale, while in EU someone made a joke with EA “sale,” where two titles for PS4 were still more expensive than retail.

When is the EU’s Flash sale for PS4 and PS3?

    Archacus 11 May, 2014 @ 1:07 pm    

    Huh… I snapped after 1 dollar sale + Golden Week + Flash Sale combo :/

    Flash sale… huh… frankly speaking I’d rather have golden week sale… but it’s too late for that I guess…

    Persona 4G for 10 Euro for +members we had to pay 20 euro in our sale

    But like many people already said… it’s not like the prices were fair earlier… those were always bad, but after hearing more and more news about sales in USA people started getting a lil angry

Sicmay 11 May, 2014 @ 1:11 pm   11

1. The yearly vita IGC still not updated despite being told by Fred it would be before end of 2013
2. One monthly update of plus a year has been removed from the EU service despite being told the introduction of ps4 to the service would not affect the services current output
3. One ps3 game less a month, again despite being told the introduction of the ps4 to the service would not affect the number of ps3 titles offered
4. Outshined, as normal by their is counterparts with regards to pricing, releases, sales, and customer interaction
5. Announced ps plus demos starting with drive club to replace games

Get your act in order sony

    Alphaembryo 11 May, 2014 @ 1:51 pm    

    @Fred, the generically festive tone in every thread doesnt work when we have been having all those issues with no appropriate attendance from SCEE.

    Vashetti 11 May, 2014 @ 3:45 pm    

    They’ve already confirmed we are getting a separate, full-game on Plus in October. DriveClub won’t be alone.

    evilwitch83 11 May, 2014 @ 6:52 pm    

    Vashetti, they might still end up taking another PS3 game away, leaving Europe with only 1 PS3 game. They’ ve already done it once, so they may end up doing it again for Driveclub. All they said is that the other PS4 game is still included.

    Sicmay 11 May, 2014 @ 8:56 pm    

    Yes they have but drive club demo will be replacing contrast instead of a proper game

    Lucreto 12 May, 2014 @ 12:47 am    

    1. Give this a break please. You have to wait 30 days for E3. I expect the change for Vita/PS3 will happen then. If not I would not interfere in your moaning again unless some evidence comes up pointing otherwise.

    2. Again like last week show me where they said EU gets to keep the game. What is said at E3 does not apply to SCEE. Both have different policies on the matter.

    4. I covered pricing above.

    5. A new one I see. So far this is a one off. It was originally planned to help people get into the network and to try out Plus but was delayed. They promised the game and they delivered. You can get the platinum trophy from the Plus edition. It’s a game in its own right but if you want more content you can the whole thing or pick and choose.

    fps_d0minat0r 12 May, 2014 @ 10:59 am    

    They have confirmed multiple times since that there are no plans to update golden abyss and gravity rush for PS+.
    Its sad that they do not want to support the vita which is a great bit of hardware. I’m hoping it will get some attention at E3 otherwise I will consider selling it while its still worth something.

bubble_boy01 11 May, 2014 @ 2:41 pm   12

RE: everyone complaining about regional pricing

Yep it’s crap and allows for people in certain regions to be ripped off, and it’s particularly bad in Australia. It’s been this way for a long, long time so I’m a bit surprised people are just starting to complain now (although you’ve got to start a some time I guess). However I can’t tell whether people think it’s just a PSN store issue or if you have a playstation and your outlet is therefore a playstation blog.

Firstly, it’s not an issue just with the PSN store. Steam do it (e.g. Dark Souls II pre-order USD $50 vs AUD $70) and to everyone complaining the grass is greener on the other side, Microsoft definitely do it (e.g. COD: ghosts US $60 vs AUD $91, Trials Fusion US $20 vs AUD $27).
In fact virtually every online retailer does it, except for They almost did it, here ( you can find a letter from their Managing Director before they flipped back where there is clear pressure from publishers/developers to adopt regional pricing. Fortunately they listened to their customers and changed back. If this is such a big issue for you and your a part time PC gamer I suggest you reward their backbone.

Secondly can everyone stop comparing prices that are pre and post tax, it makes you seem ill-informed and hurts your fundamentally correct point. US prices don’t include VAT so comparing price with no tax to a price with 15% VAT is unfair. You’ll still end up with a price difference that proves your point if you take out VAT, you just look like you have no idea about actual pricing if you do a straight comparison.

So yes you’ve got a very good point about regional pricing. Just note that it’s not just a PSN store issue and not as easy as a straight comparison. And given the complexity of the issue (different publishers and contracts for different regions, multiple VATS for a region, making sure not to charge less than brick and mortar stores which will differ from region to region) I wouldn’t hold your breath for a response from the blog staff

    Archacus 12 May, 2014 @ 9:45 am    

    1. I do not agree with argument “everyone is doing it so it can’t be wrong”. We don’t have any reason to complain about steam here, right? But it is yet again weird decision to compare Steam and PSN. You have plenty of cheaper and more rational alternatives for Steam whereas there is NON for PSN.

    2. Most of people started complaining now because of recent US Sales. It all started with “we want sale” and then people found more and more things they are not happy with… and it doesn’t help that SCEE decided to hide their heads underground.

    3. No not every shop, like I said before there are alternatives for steam selling DRM-free or steam keys for more rational prices.

    4. Yes and that proves that GoG (Good old Games) is example of how one should act. They made big mistake but after listening to cusomers they decided to think about what they are doing and what they are supposed to do once again. They said “sorry, it is our fault… we wanted to go with the flow, it was bad idea. Maybe we will have harder time to get new games but we will work hard for you”. And on this blog…. they act like we do not exist.

    5. USA don’t include VAT because they don’t have VAT simple as that. And for the other forms of taxes… well sure… but which one should we compare? For EU it is simple thing it is about 20% (in some more, in some less)…

    but ok… why not
    Bound By Flame -> 49.99$ > 36 EUR -> 38.8 EUR (with 8% Tax)
    Bound by Flame EU -> X -> 36 EUR -> 43 EUR (with 20% VAT) -> we have to pay 55 EUR (27% more… about 75$ -> oh and the price in $ is supposed to be 79$)

    bubble_boy01 12 May, 2014 @ 11:42 am    


    1. Not sure my argument is “everyone is doing it so it can’t be wrong”, thought my 1ˢᵗ line gave that away. My point was that regional pricing is a broader issue rather than limited to the PSN (many people have been stating it’s better over at Microsoft, which it isn’t). Just for my own buying interest I’d love to here about the plentiful, cheaper and more rational alternatives for Steam if you’d be willing to name them. And yes there’s obviously no online alternative to PSN (a well known fact before you bought a playstation). You can buy physical copies of games, though this is not really competition (as discussed in the letter I linked this is one of the issues with regional pricing)

    2. Based on your posts I know that you’ve been upset at the latest US sales but I think they have always had much better sales, to say it’s worse now is your own experience. Personally I think that SCEE have done a decent job when it comes to sales. In the past 8 months I’ve got Killzone Mercenary, The Walking Dead, Spelunky, Hotline Miami, Gucamelee, Stealth Inc., OlliOlli, SteamWorld Dig, Metal Gear Solid PW and HD collection at least 50% off, and often better than that. I know the grass is greener but we do ok with sales

    3. Would love a list

    bubble_boy01 12 May, 2014 @ 11:43 am    

    4. Comparing GOG to Sony is like apples to oranges. Not only do Sony have to sell what publishers give them, they also have to make their platform look more attractive and try to step on the least number of toes they can. With GOG it’s just another potential distribution point, it doesn’t affect whether the game gets made or if they will make games for PC in the future. Should they stand up for a rights more? Probably yes. But i’d guarantee if they took a stand that made it harder for them to get new games people would complain about it an instant and we’d be right back in this situation. And I thought this blog was meant to discuss the topics presented mainly amongst ourselves, with some interaction with the blog staff/presenting bloggers, rather than just customer service. If you have a complaint about actual customer service then drop them a line instead, I think it’s inappropriate to expect Fred and team to respond to every question (although a bit more a response would be great)

    5. US don’t have a national VAT but they do have state sales taxes, which is basically the same thing. And yep your maths looks good and it’s about 26.2% more in Europe than the US. It’s bad but a far cry from the >50% and even 150% that people keep saying. Unfortunately living in Aus if something is only 26% more expensive than the US cost it’s usually a win

    Archacus 12 May, 2014 @ 12:23 pm    

    1. I only meant that there is no reason to complain on Microsoft or Steam on Sony page. Yes it is bigger problem but why would be complain on others here? I’m sure it is enough that we complain on Steam about Steam and likewise with Xbox. The situation must be changed. I can speak only on my behalf… I never said anything about Microsoft simply because I don’t have it. I was always “fan” of playstation since Playstation 1. If they will give me good reason I will even buy PS4.

    About alternatives: Most of those are just local shops (regional keys)… sadly we don’t have as good prices as russians but sometimes we can buy things a lil’bit cheaper on sales. But there are many international alternatives for steam keys with great sales… there is one popular from Brasil (Nuuvem) or one from UK (GMG).

    And there are always bundles.

    2. Agree they had always better sales, like I said I just have snapped after last combo. It was you know “ENOUGH” line for me. I’m type of person who prise others for result and not for efforts (it’s like you know with doctors: I tried very hard but patient died :P). And the result I want to see is: as good sales as USA have.

    3. As above.

    4. Hmm… ok agree… but as I see it Sony fails at both things right now. Hmmm… with the second part I do not agree. In the case of Drive Club it was the only way to spam that thread. And with general SCEE thingy it is kinda similar. I won’t call them by phone just to say “try harder”… because simply nobody would care. That’s why I acted few times as firestarter planting seeds of dissatisfaction. By flooding topics like this one we show that there are many people who are not happy with things as they are now. Well it was good enough to get us some explanation… after all it is just matter of statistics. If there would be just one voice saying that things are bad now… nobody would care. If there are 50 votes saying that things are bad… well than they have to deal with it to stop fire spreading.

    5. Oh that 50-150% things are something entirely different 🙂 But now with that many people all things mixed together… At the beginning those high % arguments were just about sales, comparing us and eu sales. But there are also some cases of high % if you compare CAD to EUR normal prices.

TheAwsomeGamer76 11 May, 2014 @ 3:07 pm   13

I knew Drive Club was gonna be first!

Ian_Shady 11 May, 2014 @ 3:36 pm   14

It hasn’t been busy enough… PSN store prices are still higher than US store prices and we still have no preorder content for upcoming PS4 games unlike US store… I’d like to preorder Watch Dogs before release. Why are EU users always treated like this? #4theplayers? tell me when.


    Probably because they can.
    They are selling enough copies for higher prices and without incentives because people keep forking down euro’s and pound. If people would grow a back bone they would be forced to change their pricing.
    I stopped per-ordering or buying game at launch years ago (few exceptions to support developers) and it saves a ton of money by doing absolutely nothing.

    Fred Dutton 12 May, 2014 @ 9:38 am    

    PS4 digital pre-orders will be commencing this month on select titles. Look for more details in the weekly Store posts.

    As for everyone’s feedback about Store pricing: I’m not going to fob you all off with vague platitudes and empty promises. Regional pricing is a hugely complex business area and I can’t pledge that there will be immediate changes. However, I can pledge to make sure your feelings are heard by the relevant people (truth: they’re already listening), and I will also try to get some transparent explanation as to exactly how pricing and currency conversion works.

    Archacus 12 May, 2014 @ 9:56 am    

    @Fred Dutton
    Ok thank you for your reply.

    I’m very happy with the idea of writing explanation. But please do note that most of gamers are mature people, some of us even ended business, law or marketing faculties… so please do not try to simplify things ok? We would like to know every little detail we can… we want to understand. So when you or somebody else will be explaining all that “difficult” things please remember that you don’t have to treat us like children.

    Also it would be good idea of creating FAQ and giving all important answers there. Why? because year or two will pass and once again people will start asking the same questions. Well… I’m gonna wait for explanation and than I will decide if I believe or not.

    “Res, non verba”

    Archacus 12 May, 2014 @ 10:03 am    

    @Fred Dutton

    Oh and one more thing… Can we also get explanation why sales offert are so much diffrent in EU? In US PSN the prices, content, and sales, members+ discount seems to be all better


    @ Fred Dutton

    thanks for that reply

    nulenvoid 12 May, 2014 @ 11:25 am    

    @Fred thank you for the info

    adumr82 12 May, 2014 @ 1:29 pm    

    Fred if you can deliver on that you will be massively respected. Some transparency on the European plus situation would be appreciated too. You know our complaints.


    Thank you Fred.
    I always thank a developer (often indie, sometimes third party) when they have a lower euro number then the dollar amount because I know they know the euro (and pound) are more worth then the dollar. When the game speaks to me I make sure I buy it digitally. When the ratio is 1:1 I make sure I don’t buy it until I see it on sale on disc or in the US PSN store.


Eh, whatever, I give up. Not only there’s no reply from anyone from the Playstation team, but the whole moderation thing is now missing.

blackout_pt 11 May, 2014 @ 6:10 pm   16

Why do you guys still bother to comment on this type of post. Last week had 76 comments and 0 from support.
Also SCEE bosses have already shown us that:
a) they don’t care about costumers;
b) the blog staff is not allowed to comment on any serious questions that involves a critic to SCEE;
c) you only get proper answers when you SCEE, a game or a service, otherwise you get answer 54: “I’m not at liberty to comment on that”.

And to all the haters of Xbox supporters (and I literally hate M$): if a company is providing a better service and a better support, why not praise it? A few years ago it was Sony, now it is not…

    Porcupeth00 11 May, 2014 @ 7:08 pm    

    Because it’s not providing a better service and better support. Therefore there is no reason to praise them.

    ZeB6pt 11 May, 2014 @ 9:24 pm    

    this guy really hates xbox, dude…

    Porcupeth00 12 May, 2014 @ 3:18 pm    

    no, i am merely stating a fact. and nobody is countering it with facts because there are no facts to counter. what i said is true.

Shanahan27 11 May, 2014 @ 9:45 pm   17

Also this week, MLB The Show 14 Digital Download was delayed at the last minute in the EU (out in US) and a new release date was to be given ASAP, the delay in the US lasted 14 hours or so, any news on an EU release date if there even will be one?

    Fred Dutton 12 May, 2014 @ 9:39 am    

    I’m chasing a new date now, and will hopefully be able to update later today.

    Shanahan27 12 May, 2014 @ 8:28 pm    

    Thanks, Much appreciated

    scott_meghan 13 May, 2014 @ 12:03 am    

    And a price at the very least? I prefer to buy it on our own store, but I made a US account yesterday and its $59.99 USD there, which is about $65 AUD. if it doesn’t hit close to this mark I will more than likely grab it on their store.

ten-bucks 11 May, 2014 @ 10:29 pm   18


I’ve enjoyed many of your posts and replys today along with a few others. I think Fred should give you a job as hes clearly went back to ‘napping’

    Fred Dutton 12 May, 2014 @ 9:42 am    

    Folks, I do indeed spend much of my Sunday napping! I always do my best to answer comments first thing on a Monday – so please look for responses then. Last week I was out of the office, hence the lack of of replies – my apologies. If you have something urgent you want to raise, you can also reach me via Twitter @FredDutton.

    blackout_pt 12 May, 2014 @ 12:57 pm    

    @Fred, next time you’re out the office and can’t reply to our comments, can you please give us some info about it? Maybe on Twitter?

ScooterMix 12 May, 2014 @ 12:40 am   19

Hi fred got question is there going to be any more ps1,ps2 classics coming to psn store and is there any chance anymore RPG PS1,PS2 classics coming on store or is there not going to be anymore game classics on store anymore.

Anyways have great week.

    Fred Dutton 12 May, 2014 @ 9:43 am    

    It’s up to games’ individual publishers as to whether they see a release, and I can’t make promises on third parties’ behalf, but in theory, yes, there may well be more classics releasing on Store in the future.

ScooterMix 12 May, 2014 @ 12:42 am   20

Hi fred got question

is there going to be anymore RPG Ps1 and Ps2 classics coming to store or other classics or have we seen end of the playstation classics on store.

have a great week fred thx.

CrypticICE_89 12 May, 2014 @ 12:47 am   21

US gets everything because sony is in competition with Micro and they want brownie points with the US consumer. But Sony is also losing money so what better way than to turn a huge profit ‘Rip Off the UK & EU’. Now i know Sony are’nt the only ones but still, Game prices are absolutely ridiculous.

    Lucreto 12 May, 2014 @ 12:56 am    

    You can’t honestly believe this. Sony Eu twirling their mustaches watching extra money rolling in.

    If you look about the US pays between 0% and 8% sales tax. UK pays 17.5% Vat. If anything it is the UK government who are twirling their mustaches.

    fps_d0minat0r 12 May, 2014 @ 11:17 am    

    @ Lucreto
    Its not to do with tax otherwise that would mean sony is making a loss on every UK and EU customer who is using a US PSN account to pay US prices.
    I’m sure tax is paid (or is supposed to) according to where the customer lives, not which type of account they have.

Greenmanboy 12 May, 2014 @ 1:55 am   22

Can you look into why “fort defense: North Menace: is only a demo on psvita, it is charging full price for a 3 level demo, Chris said he would follow it up, however nothing has been done about it. Thanks

    Fred Dutton 12 May, 2014 @ 9:55 am    

    There was an error with the product when it first released. This has now been adressed, however if you purchased it before the fix I’m afraid you’ll need to contact Customer Service for a refund and then repurchase the title.

furland 12 May, 2014 @ 6:18 am   23

Still no answer about playstation home hold em poker.7 wks now grest customer service not

    Fred Dutton 12 May, 2014 @ 10:24 am    

    I’ve asked the Home team to look into this now. update soon, hopefully.

madmanwithabox12 12 May, 2014 @ 10:04 am   24

Just as a point of interest. Is the Vita store ever going to be cleaned up? It’s a bit of a mess right now. Here’s a few of the problems with it:

1. Not every game is listed under “All Vita Games” – some examples include The Amazing Spider-Man, Hotline Miami and LEGO Legends of Chima. Kind of sucks for new buyers who wouldn’t know that said games are on the system. You can find them by searching, but that’s not really ideal is it?

2. Some non-games (apps, DLC etc) show up under “All Vita Games” examples include the Killzone art book and an Invizimals add-on.

3. Sly Cooper 4 is listed twice in a row (under “All Vita Games”) – one is to buy, the other is free. I don’t know if this is because I got the PS3 version and got that lovely cross-buy or what. But there are two of them, one after the other and they’re both the full game.

Also as a side-note – Konami announced they were bringing Silent Hill Origins and Shattered Memories PSP classics over and that they were Vita compatible. They arrived a couple of weeks ago and they only work on PSP. What’s the deal with that?

    Archacus 12 May, 2014 @ 10:32 am    

    Frankly speaking I think that every shop page should be once again redone.

    For PS3 we had nice working page destroyed by that “metro alike” thingy (one or two years ago). That was bad bad bad decision. You won’t upgrade Sony page by copying Microsoft… who gave you that idea?!

    Vita shop page is joke… I never bother to buy anything via vita.. it is worst of all. As you said vanishing games, tiles, all that magic tricks to see what is under blank icon…. it is bad.

    SEN on PC is also far from being perfect… there should be tags for PS One, PS2, PSP games… but even if PC version isn’t good… it is best of all choice.

Hell-Raiser-85 12 May, 2014 @ 10:23 am   25

Any news on Soul Sacrifice Delta price, PS+ discount etc?


@Fred, most people don’t really care about why the prices are higher. Europeans just don’t want to feel worse than US players, and want the same prices as them, same sales, though better PS+ games like them, just like it was some time ago. Yeah, ok, I’d live without the last one, but the price equality would be nice.

TrueMurton 12 May, 2014 @ 11:27 pm   27


Props for your response about the pricing situation, however your answer above is a little disingenuous. I’m not saying that you’re giving out misinformation, rather than you have been given misinformation.

You say that regional pricing is complex and I’m sure it is. But what isn’t complex is that SCEA said that all first party PS4 games would carry the price tag $60 from last gen, both retail and digital, as such all third parties and even MS were forced to match. Had SCEE have emulated that price policy and kept the £40 price point then this new price discrepancy (the markup on Bound By Flame for example is almost 55% for the digital PS4 version) wouldn’t exist.

Anyway, I look forward to the post that details the pricing policy, please ensure that whoever is making the post is available for questions afterwards as I reckon there’ll be a lot.