Wolfenstein: The New Order – new trailer and FAQ

Get one last look at the OTT shooter before its launch next week

The Resistance has gathered, and the time to rise against the Nazis is almost upon us. Here’s our final pre-release gameplay trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order.

With the game arriving on PS4 and PS3at retail and on PlayStation Store next week, we’ve taken the opportunity to answer some of your questions about the game. Check out the answers below and leave your own in the comments below!

What are the differences between PS3 & PS4? 60 FPS on both? via @Stringer2355
We’re happy to say the game runs at 60 FPS on both consoles, but you’ll notice a visual boost for the game on PS4. The PS4 game also has a second screen experience where you can access the game map to find where enemy commanders are lurking, as well as where secrets are located.

How long will the game be roughly, time wise? via @Iain04
Our extensive playtesting shows that normal playthroughs of the game generally take
around 15-20 hours. It’s worth noting that the game features an early game choice that creates alternates timelines in the story, and as a result, we believe many will want to go back and play the game a second time.

What do you want other/new future FPS titles to take away from The New Order? via @SEAtacticsFTW
Lean mechanics can be really cool!

Are we to expect amazing Easter Eggs as usual? I loved the Wolf3D room in RAGE. via @MikhailSe7en
They’re not Easter Eggs if we tell you about them 🙂

Do I need to play the other Wolfenstein games before I play The New Order? via @mpinks970
No, but we’ve put up a browser-based version of Wolfenstein 3D to play on our website, Check it out… it’s a true classic.

What is the best weapon in this version of the game? via @WarthogGamer
For our money, it’s hard to beat dual-wielding automatic shotguns with shrapnel shells. 🙂

Can you complete the game playing as stealthy with no kills?
While there are opportunities for stealth and perk rewards for stealth kills, there isn’t a pacifist playthrough option in the new Wolfenstein game. Captain Blazkowicz will definitely need to kill a number of enemies. There’s plenty of Nazis (and Nazi Robots) that need to be exterminated.

That’s all for now. Get psyched (!!) for next week’s release!

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I’m really looking forward to this game because it looks amazing and I always love them.
Only question I have is, is this a censored or uncensored version of the game?

They reason I ask is that Sony, multiple times, gives their European customers a gaming experience that is a bit different then other regions and I refuse to buy them because of that.


    I believe that the game is only censored in Germany and Austria

    TheJungler 16 May, 2014 @ 12:38 pm    

    I don’t know for sure but I would expect it to only be censored in the countries that require it (as RayDD says, Germany and Austria at least) because it’s published by Bethesda.

    Sony can (and do, every time) only enforce their blanket EU censorship policy on their own first-party titles that they publish directly.

    Although saying that, Ubisoft recently did something similar in censoring South Park: The Stick of Truth for all EU consoles.

    So check and double check before buying it just to be safe!


    The trailer above is rated PEGI 18 (not USK which is used in Germany) and it’s censored. So if they don’t say otherwise I think you should assume it’s censored.

R1ck8r00ke 15 May, 2014 @ 4:46 pm   2

Can we pre-order this on the UK PSN Store? What day is it available to download and what is the file size please?

    Ian_Shady 15 May, 2014 @ 5:06 pm    

    I’ve been checking the UK PSN Store since 1.70 patch, US has all soon to be released games up for preorder and UK has none. This question is either avoided or they just reply “No announcements for preorders yet”

    As long as money is rolling in, they aren’t bothered. #4ThePlayers… my a..


Hype!!! All these trailer have actually switched my Watch Dogs purchase to this instead. Since they refuse to show how missions are structed in that game. This just looks like pure fun with some fine story-telling.

medenko1975 15 May, 2014 @ 6:12 pm   4

Q: Will the #Doom4 beta come with the digital download version on PlayStation Store? via @TheRafCave

A: In North America, pre-ordering Wolfenstein on the PlayStation Store will ensure you get added to the beta program for the next DOOM game. Currently, this is not available in Europe.

Q: Do I need to play the other Wolfenstein games before I play The New Order? via

    Scuffy_P 16 May, 2014 @ 9:13 pm    

    ‘Wolfenstein: The new Order’ is a direct sequel to all the previous main releases in the series.

    1. Castle Wolfenstein.
    2. Beyond Caslte Wolfenstein.
    3. Wolfenstein 3D.
    4. Spear of Destiny. (A prequel to Wolfenstein, developed by i.d)
    5. Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
    6. Wolfenstein.

    I don’t for one second think it would impair a gamer’s enjoyment of ‘W:TNO’ if they are new to the series, but it may help if the read up on Castle Wolfenstein, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Wolfenstein, to get a clearer picture of the story. In particular Wolfenstein (2009) as ‘W:TNO’ begins 3 years after the events of that game.

prime1982 15 May, 2014 @ 6:39 pm   5

4 weeks and counting my ps4 lasted all of one hour and what a nightmare from uk playstion support, YOU WAIT OVER AN HOUR ON HOLD ONLY TO BE TOLD SORRY YOU CAN’T SPEAK TO ANYONE”

I was promised a brand new console from a manager who called me back last week and now your support team are back peddling saying they see no such thing and they would never have done this. it’s funny i received the dual shock 4 you promised this was also on the same call i was promised the console.

Is it also policy to send out ds4 without packaging or protection ? item was received unboxed and thrown in a jiffy envelope protection! sent by royal mail ! nice work sony

what a joke and a way to treat a customer who has just thrown down £500 .

I’m stil waiting to see what i get sent the last replacement you sent was scratched to hell , dusty and sounded like it was about to take off! you promised me a new console so where is it ?? i don’t expect to send this amount and receive this treatment .

so i would appreciate you passing my concern and complaints on as it seems your support advisors do not listen or understand the word support!

Oh and when are you going to start putting up pre ordered ps4 games on the store and at reasonable prices ? saying that i would need my console first so i can actually enjoy the services i have paid for!

i see nothing has improved from ps3 , #4theplayers INDEED!

    prime1982 15 May, 2014 @ 6:41 pm    

    please feel free to pass this on to the relevant team or delete , sorry bethesda ! your game looks mint and i look forward to playing it once my issues are resolved.

    bigmat319 16 May, 2014 @ 3:53 am    

    This is not the time or the place for this kind of comment. If you repost this on blog recap, im sure fred will answer back.

    Just out of intrest, where did you buy it?

    Scuffy_P 16 May, 2014 @ 8:35 pm    

    Mate in my experience this is nothing new. Sony’s UK Customer Service is quite possibly the worst I have ever come across. Rude, incompetent, and generally clueless about even the basics of the industry and consumers to which they’re supposed to be servicing.
    Say what you want about Microsoft, but after using their Customer Service three times over the years, I can only describe them as faultless.

    Prime1982. You’re not alone.


First ps4 game i’m really hyped about!
Can’t wait for some old school nazi shooting!

    declan__watson 16 May, 2014 @ 12:30 pm    

    Same here, really excited for this. Pre-ordered 2 months ago, I had no idea there was a new one coming out until then, so hyped. Really big Wolfenstein fan and The New Order looks fantastic. I cant wait to explore the world and fight off against the Nazis in stunning quality, it’s going to be absolutely amazing. Also cant wait for the Doom beta, I only just got the BFG edition a few months ago, also a Doom fan and I had no idea it was on PS3, love playing it, brings back so many memories. 😉

Scuffy_P 16 May, 2014 @ 8:28 pm   7

I can’t tell you all how pleased…nay…elated, I was when I heard Bethesda were NOT involved with any of the core development of ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’. I doubt I’ll buy one of their internally developed titles ever again after the mess that was Skyrim. A game not in a fit enough for Steam’s ‘Early Access’, let alone a global release.

Luckily, Machine Games (ex Starbreeze staff) appear far more competent than Bethesda could ever be, and should have a great future ahead of them. This latest edition to the Wolfenstein franchise is looking awesome.

spiderbean 19 May, 2014 @ 8:24 pm   8

Scuffy u have no idea what your talking about!