FIFA World Cup is coming to FIFA Ultimate Team

Assemble a team of world-beaters this summer

For the first time ever, the FIFA World Cup is available in FIFA Ultimate Team! Recreate your national team squad or get creative and assemble a team of world beaters from across the globe. FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: FIFA World Cup is a free update for EA SPORTS FIFA 14 across PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 beginning on 29th May, 2014.

You’ll get the full knock-out stages of the tournament both in offline and online modes including all 32 competing nations. There’s also a reworking of the chemistry system that allows you not only perfecting chemistry by nation but by confederation too.


You’ll feel the FIFA World Cup atmosphere with new presentation imagery and special FUT Items. These new items are special to the mode and can’t be used outside of the FUT World Cup mode. This means you can’t bring your existing FUT squads into the new mode. Players from the World Cup experience are unique, untradeable, and can only be found in FUT World Cup packs. As a bonus, every FUT World Cup pack you open comes with a gold pack that you can use for your squad in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team!

To get into the World Cup excitement, start building your FIFA Ultimate Team in the World Cup mode and lead your squad to World Cup glory!


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What about FUT Legends? I cant play some of my favourite players cause I don’t want to play fifa on xbox, go sell your Always online Microtransaction filled DRM crap somewhere else.


OH GOD NO :( My Life is over :-/ I can’t stop playing FIFA14 as it is & now this?!?! :P :P :P COOL update i think ;)

+ I agree with ‘fireburn95’ comment about FUT Legends i.e why can’t EA give PlayStation Fans FUT Legends to now??? :-/ I was close to not buying FIFA14 because of that but if in the future the same happens then i won’t buy another FIFA really.

Here I was thinking that with Watch Dogs, I would finally be able to put FIFA to rest, but then you drag me back in. This looks awesome.


pearl_bunny 24 May, 2014 @ 04:16

a new mode just for ripping us off.

it’s not free if we have to buy stupid packs where only crap is in!

Before adding a new mode how about adding back in modes available on last gen consoles – tournament mode, guest play etc. And then fix the issues of overpowered heading, ridiculous woodwork shots, unbalanced through halls and 45’/90′ goal overload.

Does anybody actually know what time the update will be available for download????


I think it is midnight not sure


What time is it available to download?:-)

COV_MAD1995 30 May, 2014 @ 08:09

When is the update as ive not got it for fifa 14

can’t play world cup ultimate team yet, only freindly matches.


Quero joga contra todos, por que sei que minha vitoria e certa. add o meu ID e vamos nessa.


crazzzyguy vc e o meu adivesario ok uma partida vamos ver que e o melhor,meta fica entre os 100 melhores do mundo,kkkkk que venhão todos.

riobrazil14 22 June, 2014 @ 06:38

Hi ,
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