Invizimals: The Resistance coming soon to PS Vita

Expect 150 creatures and heaps of new features

Hello Invizimals Hunters. There’s a brand new Invizimals adventure coming your way soon! Invizimals: The Resistance is the latest thrilling chapter in the franchise and is heading to your PS Vita.

For the very first time the game will use our SmartAR technology throughout the whole game, meaning you will not have to use AR markers at all! With 20 new capture techniques you will need your wits about you to capture a whole roster of new creatures using all of the PS Vita’s features.

There are 150 creatures for you to find, including 48 of your favourites making their way to Vita from the PSP for the first time!

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We’ve refined the battle system adding in all new survivor modes plus interactive battle arenas so your opponent is not the only thing you need to watch out for in the heat of battle.

With an all new story, featuring Keni, Jazmin, Professor Dawson plus the kids from the TV series you can expect a rollercoaster adventure once more. Invizimals are now everywhere! LET THE HUNT BEGIN!

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mitch_uk_psn 30 May, 2014 @ 12:42

Excellent, I’ve recently picked up The Alliance, always have time for more Professor Dawson.


GREAT, now, you only have to pay a few TV commercials so the kids realize this game actually exists…

My son has the alliance, and it’s very happy with it, it’s a shame nobody notices how many kids games are on vita…


If Europe is anything like NA, it hardly helps that there are no games on shelves. That’s how parents see what games a system has. And Invizimals will more than likely be digital only on Vita in NA. Unless they outright cancel the localizations of Alliance and Lost Kingdom. Epic Mickey 2 was digital only in NA (pretty sure Sony published that game, still not sure why… but it’s nice to have a 3D platformer on Vita, even if it has framerate issues).

Most parents don’t do a ton of research prior to a purchase. See the competition with games on the shelf, why bother with Vita’s barrenness?

Love the invizimal games. Hey got a friend in North America interested in playing the psp trilogy on his vita, will you make it available on psn there?

Can you please make a free Invizimals game?

lumoplusjess 30 May, 2014 @ 22:21

Looks nice, liking the idea of no AR cards necessary.


Can we have a PS4 version please or at least port Lost Kingdoms as a few of us missed out because we sold our PS3’s to fund our PS4’s pretty please.

Meanwhile in North America, we are still waiting for Alliance and the PS3 game (Lost Kingdom?). Ugh. And it’ll probably be digital only… so then I’ll have to import. *sigh* Then see if they even bother to localize this and see if they once again shove it out digitally… only to import again. I wish SCEA was more attentive to SCEE content. It takes forever for localization announcements of your (SCEE) games to happen by SCEA. If at all. And even then, the news is sparse. smh…

SCEA definitely is the worst publisher on Vita. Which is ridiculous.


I hope its 150 pre-evolved creatures since most have 3 evolution stages 150 only adds to about 50 creatures

DemonicPrime 04 June, 2014 @ 00:02

Always good to hear new Invizimal games are coming out. :) I still haven’t finished one to date, be it the PSP or the latest ones. Can’t wait for Resistance!

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