Free-to-play shooter Loadout is a PS4 console exclusive

Hugely customisable OTT action coming soon to PlayStation 4

Greetings, PlayStation folks! My name is Mark Nau, and I’m the Creative Director at Edge of Reality. We’re the folks who made Loadout, a game about resolving your differences by blasting, burning, and/or exploding anybody who disagrees with you.

I know you PS4 fans are a pretty tight-knit community, but let’s face it – once in a while, you’re going to feel the need to shoot somebody’s legs off, and I’m proud to announce that we’re giving you billions of ways to do that. In case you haven’t already guessed from the blog title or that introduction, we’re bringing Loadout as a console exclusive to PlayStation 4!

Loadout is a game that lets you concoct the weapon of your dreams and/or nightmares from hundreds of component parts, and share their payloads with your friends in fast-paced matches, with violently comedic results. Giant death beam? We’ve got it covered. Bouncy Tesla balls? Sure. Laser-guided cluster-bomb rockets? Hey, we’re not here to judge.


Loadout has literally billions of different weapon combinations, and you can wield every last one of them once we launch on PS4. We’re going to be adjusting all the scopes and balancing the barrels so your weapons of choice feel right at home on DualShock 4.

Putting a visually unique game like Loadout on PS4 is a treat for us. The sprawling levels and bombastic characters look as glorious and murderable as ever! When you shoot someone in Loadout, you know it and they know it: limbs and heads sever, gaping holes display the delightfully shiny organs within, and flesh burns to a well-done crisp. The lavish animation and art will be right at home on PS4.


All this, and the game is free-to-play. All the shooting, all the running away from the people who are shooting, all the shooting the people before they can shoot you, you get it all – along with all of the mangled corpses, burnt landscapes, and slightly damaged friendships that come with it.

Since we launched on PC earlier this year, we’ve already had 3 million players join the carnage. We can’t wait to have all of you jumping into the arena with them and covering the walls in more vital fluids than we know what to do with. We’ll keep you posted on the launch date, but until then, watch the trailer above to see what you’re in for.

Stay tuned to PlayStation Blog and our offical site for more!


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I have been one of the 3mil playing this game and I absolutely adore it! Of the 600 or so games in my Steam library its now right at the top! I’m so pleased you made it to PS4 also! Any info on account transfer? Ideally would love to keep it on both :o and please say remote play is gonna be working all fine? Colour me incredibly pumped!

Also to anyone wondering, this is a genuine free to play title… You can buy cosmetic and daily/weekly/monthly boosts for coins, but there is nothing you can’t earn through pure gameplay.


All I can say is since I saw Angry Joe twerking and blasting his way around this game, I thought “that looks a good laugh to play around in”. I haven’t played it on PC but will relish the chance to play it on my platform of choice :) Glad to hear that it is truly free to play.

supersmith2500 05 June, 2014 @ 17:08

Another free-to-play game with micro-transactions? I’ll pass.

medenko1975 05 June, 2014 @ 17:14

any ETA od release date?


Are you guys waiting until Sony removes the Patch/Update certification/testing process

Any chance of doing a 4 player split-screen mode with Bots for this game to??? It would be COOL :P


Release date?


Hate free to play, create a new sku with the full benefits for one price please!

Looks intresting different with a commical twist of crude humor suggestive hand signals hense the finger lol plus the ass in your face i would take thats reference to tea bagging but looks like it would be a fun game lets hope its got a good replay value

DoYouLikeMyID 06 June, 2014 @ 10:34

Looks cool. I’ll definitely give it a go when it’s released. :)

Hopefully it’ll have trophies as well! o.o


free to play need 2 options
pay the game ful
ore the game + micro transactions where prices are corect !! not like warframe where you buy 4-6 tings u get ful priced game .


Reminds me of Team Fortress 2, only a lot more gory and suggestive. Too bad I don’t have a PS4, though

Ah brilliant! I had always watched streams of this on PC, looks like a lot of fun. Cant wait to play it on PS4 when it comes out :D

sandrika100 29 June, 2014 @ 21:22

Release date?

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