RESOGUN: Heroes DLC to add new game modes next month

Plus, new patch to add ship editor and the local co-op

Great news everyone, the humans are back! The explosive PS4 launch title, RESOGUN, is finally getting more content in the form of the Heroes expansion and a complimentary patch.

RESOGUN: Heroes will introduce two brand new modes called ‘Survival’ and ‘Demolition’. In essence Survival is an endless mode that retains a lot of the core mechanics from the original Arcade mode. We switched up a few things like scoring and also gave the humans parachutes as you can see in the image below.

#01 - 20140604-0146

The Day/Night cycle is another really prominent feature of the new Survival mode, and as you play, the varying time of day provides a great aesthetic and visual indication, letting you know how far you have come.

#02 - 20140604-0179#03 - 20140604-0152

Survival mode is for the players that know they can always do a bit better and there are a lot of cool new things to learn while you take the ride, but as we intend to stay true to the arcade feeling, we will let you discover the twists yourself.

Demolition is my personal favourite and a quantum leap from the original gameplay mechanics. “Arkanoid meets RESOGUN” is one way to sum it up.

#04 - 20140604-0129
Basically you get a “Wrecking Ball” that you manipulate to demolish all that comes in your way. That plus a lot of special pickups that totally change the way the game kills you; multiball, extra balls, ball launching, ball level ups, (i.e. lots of balls) etc.

#05 - 20140604-0067#06 - 20140604-0095

Demolition has you watching out for not only the enemies coming at you, but also the chaotic bombardment of the unpredictable main weapon in the mode. Oh yeah, you can also only move and your only weapon is a limited proximity explosion. No boost, overdrive, or bombs. TL:DR You will die a lot, it will be insanely fun and I cannot wait to see people throwing their controllers around.

In the patch we will have a lot of small fixes to improve the original game, new leaderboard and friend functions, plus a lot more we will explain in greater detail later. On top of all this all RESOGUN owners will get the Ship Editor and the Local Coop mode for free!

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Sounds too good to be true, but we felt like these needed to be a part of the core RESOGUN experience, so therefore patching them in for free seemed like the proper way to go.

The patch will go live for everyone on June 23. The Heroes expansion will then go live on June 25 and the full price will be €4.99. But, we are also providing an option for you to buy a season pass that includes the Heroes expansion pack, and will let you be the first to download more great game add-ons that we are developing, as soon as they’re released, at no extra cost.

Future expansions will add yet more game modes, along with a range of other content, additional trophies and the original soundtrack, and the season pass is attractively priced at a lowly €7.99, which is simply a steal for the convenience it offers and ensuring you have the full and definitive RESOGUN experience.

And, if you don’t have RESOGUN, there will be a discount on the main game from 25-June to the 8-July.

That about covers it. The humans are back with a vengeance and greener than ever!

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‘Local Coop mode’? MEGA-COOL thanks :P :P :P (+ the other stuff sound cool to)

Wow, great reason to go back to this game. Nice move to capitalise on ps plus too. Does the season pass save money? Or is it just convenient? Either way I’ld buy it as soon as I can, ps plus discount may speed that up.
Anyway great news . Think ill be building gummi ships.

No new maps/worlds? :(

medenko1975 09 June, 2014 @ 17:40

Wow it looks great !!!!!

Sounds great, can’t wait for another excuse to play Resogun again.

Good to see a generous price point too. What will the UK conversion be?

supersmith2500 09 June, 2014 @ 18:42

Cools, this means I can create my own ship. :)

Finka_Karfein 09 June, 2014 @ 19:46

Local co-op? My my, dual DualShock 4 will prove useful now :)

Please add 3D support.

Great dlc and patch :) looking forward to local co-op. Season pass sounds like a good deal as well.


DoYouLikeMyID 09 June, 2014 @ 20:28

Sounds awesome, but I still want that 3D support! This game would be AMAZING in 3D!

Just give us as much DLC as possible.


You say there will be a discount if you don’t already own the game, but how will that work for PSPlus users? As far as i’m aware if you’ve downloaded something on plus there is no option to purchase it. What if we want to actually own it?

Also if you have the game via Plus and buy the season pass, but your sub runs out, what happens then?

medenko1975 10 June, 2014 @ 05:58

I have always been asking that question.

udontneed2know26 10 June, 2014 @ 17:09

Incredible update! I was expecting major just a few modes the first update. Never even thought to expect a ship editor, demolition mode and day/night cycles. Well done!


Best news of the year! The season pass is a buy. Plus local coop? Stop spoiling us!

Is there a way to preorder the season pass?

Please add 3D to this game, it would be AMAZING!

theUgly_Dukling 19 June, 2014 @ 15:37

Good [deleted]! You can count me in for an automatic Season Passer. Esp, since you allowed Plus members to play for free! Kudos


Is it free for plus members?

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