Introducing Set Maker for THE PLAYROOM on PS4

Turn your living room into a TV studio and broadcast your own shows

Konnichiwa boys and girls, how are you all doing? E3 2014 is finally here and with THE PLAYROOM team over in Japan Studio, we’ve been hard at work with our latest update, something that is going to let you unleash your creativity and talent to the world.

Tada! We’re pleased to announce SET MAKER, a brand new DLC for THE PLAYROOM, which lets you turn your living room into a TV studio and broadcast your very own shows to the world!

So how does it work? Well it’s super simple! Just grab your tablet, smartphone (Android or IOS are both fine) or your PS Vita and in a few clicks, create virtual banners and holographic billboards to decorate your place. You can use images, photos stored on your smart device or draw them from scratch. Your set will then come to life, courtesy of your metallic friend Asobi. Once you’re set, just hit the SHARE button and off you go!


We really focused on making the creation phase interactive too so everything you build can be knocked about and reacts as you’d expect. Just be good and don’t trash your set, alright? :)

As well as boards and banners, you can create and wear face masks. As always, we include some cool pre-sets but the funniest part is still to take a snap of your friend’s face and put it onto yours!

Up to four DUALSHOCK 4 controllers can be used to add various special effects to the screen, like interactive smoke, lasers and to inflate balloons that you design. And of course, there will be lots of screen and sound effects to customize your set further.

But that’s not all! For those of you who really want to go the extra mile and start a talk show, Asobi will lend you a hand with holographic text billboards inside, on which you can write blurbs and play back videos you captured or edited on PS4 with SHAREfactory.


And if you want to engage your audience in your show, then why not create a poll for the PlayStation community to participate in? By using the “Interact button,” viewers can join in and answer questions you ask them. How about that?

We’ve created SET MAKER both as a fun interactive theatre and a powerful tool for you guys to express your favourite topics in a fun broadcast. So whether it’s gaming, music, sports, cooking or just chilling, you can now make awesome TV shows right from your PlayStation 4!

SET MAKER will hit the PS Store in the summer. Just download the add-on and it will automatically be added to your PLAYROOM.

That’s it from us, please tell us what you think and what new features you might want to see next as we are always listening to you!

Sayonara, friends!

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good job :)

RyanSufc1997 11 June, 2014 @ 22:31

So you are promoting all the ustream rubbish drunk stoner chat things that populate the live app on PS4. I would suggest (at least) removing them from the front page.

andrewsqual 11 June, 2014 @ 22:57

Wow and yous got the same two people to pose for the pics as back when The Playroom was announced at E3 2013 :)
This looks great. Is it possible to add a MUTE option for the music in The Playroom when broadcasting? I feel like it has bled into my soul, whenever you watch a The Playroom stream on PS4, THERE’S THAT TUNE AGAIN. :/ Would be a neat feature to disable it.


This looks really cool. Glad I own a PS4 camera. Question tho, will we get more voice commands for the PS camera? “Playstation, pause(video),” would be a cool voice command imo^-^


Not something I would ever use but it looks like a fantastic facility for people wanting to make review videos and opinion articles for YouTube. I really hope some popular review outlets pick up on this and make use of it.

theodor70941 12 June, 2014 @ 16:05

So, you’ve decided to give the drunk/porn Ustream streamers new tools? Please remove them from the front page from now on!


Is this free? Will we have the option to Ban rude people from our stream. and report offensive stuff from other streamer?

PanosApost07 16 June, 2014 @ 15:34

I believe that Sony PlayStation is doing his best work for us and this is amazing. :)

MR23isback4 27 June, 2014 @ 17:11

Looks, like my sports talk show is about to get started

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