Lords of the Fallen challenging gamers at E3 2014

This gothic RPG on PS4 aims to challenge even the most devoted gamers

Have you ever talked to a game developer about what E3 is? I mean, apart from the fact that it’s the biggest industry event on the planet?

It lasts three days and the number of things that happen there usually take place over the course of many months. And then a switch flips once the Expo starts, you know? The devs work hard before the event to prepare for making the best impressions possible, to show what’s best in their games. Then when they get to LA, they put what they brought in front of the media and then it’s the editors’ turn to work around the clock to post up-to-date, relevant and interesting coverage. One would think this event is about developers and journalists, right? Well, no. It’s about you, the gamer.

Last year’s E3 was our first chance to show Lords of the Fallen to everyone. This time around it’s our first chance to let people actually play it themselves, because this year we will be giving hands-on PS4 demos (also PC) in the CI Games meeting room. That’s of course on top of all the live streams and demos that the dev team will be giving in the meantime.

Lords of the Fallen

I’ve seen a lot of people actually wonder if Lords is a challenging game. Well, time to settle that this week. We will have some extra treats for anyone who defeats not only the Catacombs scenario that we’ve selected, but also the Champion boss that awaits right at the end of it. Whether it will be one person, or a hundred, we’ll see. Trust me – I am just as curious as you are. And if someone ends up craving more, there will be an additional boss to fight, just in case someone really has something to prove. Make no mistake, guys, we are doing this to get ready to show the hands-on demo to the public as soon as possible, and to show it in the best way possible – you are who we’re making this game for, after all!

You might also want to drop by the Concourse Hall that connects the Convention Center’s South and West Halls to check out the stained-glass-like window alley, all covered with Lords’ artwork. It’s not just any artwork – there will be at least one boss that we’ve never shown before. We wonder how much you guys will be able to figure out from these images – will anyone actually guess any of the unique features that these characters will have?

Lords of the Fallen

Oh, and last but not least, I’ve heard that a certain individual whose name start with an “H,” and whose face is all covered in tattoos, will be walking around the show floor and… No, he won’t be killing monsters, but if you’d like to shake his hand or take a picture, go right ahead. Just don’t expect him to talk too much or smile – I think he will feel a little shy in this modern world, you know? After all, all of this madness is about you – the gamers, and about our love for the heroes of our digital fairytales.

See you at E3!

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dark_angel69 11 June, 2014 @ 10:57 pm   1

Was watching a stream of this game on gamespot and it looks amazing!! Can’t wait to see more!!

THE_FORCE 12 June, 2014 @ 7:01 am   2

Only 1 comment?

Saw this ages ago and I was astonished at the beauty of the artwork and animation. If it plays as good as it looks then it deserves to do well.

alice_push_lara2 12 June, 2014 @ 7:54 am   3

this game reminds me of Darksiders, Souls games, Kingdom of Amalur, ……… and bound by flame…-.-
instant buy if the reviews are above 8.0
–> never gonna make day 1 purchase again on new IPs after Bound by Flame lol

MafiaCub 12 June, 2014 @ 11:07 am   4

“Hands on Demos of PS4 (and also PC)”

That’s a shame, because this will be more smoke and mirrors. It will be “PS4 targeted looks”, and played on a PC, with a PS4 pad and control system. But it will be running on the PC, and look identical to the PC. These screenshots, I fully expect, are from ‘targeted graphics’ and come from a PC build. I’d really like for people developing for next gen consoles to just come on sites like this and say, yes we are developing for the PC, but this is the PS4 build, running on a PS4.

I should be able to tell the difference between PS4 and PC, even if only small differences like slightly better aliasing and light sourcing, because we’re all aware that PC’s which always showcase on the beasts that run everything in 4K resolution with max settings are prettier than new generation of consoles. So don’t lie, just show us what we will be getting so we can get exciting for that, instead of disappointed at something that doesn’t measure up to the PC test builds.

Of course, if these images are from PS4, and the PS4s on the show room are running the demo from a PS4 build (and not the PCs under cabinets like last year) then that’s great. But my opinion still holds true for a great deal of other content that gets posted here by developers who say “look how pretty something is” and we rarely get what they show, as has been the case for the last 5-6 years.

    Tom-is-my-name 14 June, 2014 @ 11:36 am    

    Hi MafiaCub. The hands-on Lords demo on this year’s E3 was both PS4 (9 kiosks) and PC (3 kiosks).
    I can only assure you that there was no smoke&mirrors and that there is no shame. You can check how the game looks on PS4 by watching one of the live demos we did during the show (twitch, gamespot, ign, spike…).

    Tomek Gop.